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  1. J

    Power Consumption of Solenoid Valve

    I have a 24VAC 50-60Hz solenoid valve that has a power consumption of 125VA (Pull in) and 12VA (Hold in). This is connected to the output of a 230v to 24VAC transformer, however the secondary side of the transformer has two 75VA rated power outputs and the solenoid valve is only connected in...
  2. happyhippydad

    Advice regarding inrush current please?

    I have just fitted 5 x 200w LED floodlights on the same switch. I fitted 3 yesterday all worked fine. However the owner said they tripped once after I had left, no further info as to if they tripped immediately or after a while. I have just fitted the last 2, the MCB is tripping immediately...
  3. D

    Dealing with Inrush current from ded driver

    Hi, Newbie here so please bear with me if I haven't provided all the details. I am not an electrician but my dad was and my cousin are so I know a few things. My dad has retired now but my cousin is qualified and will do the work for me when he eventually comes round. I need to have everything...
  4. Dobes_88

    Inrush currents and solutions......

    Good evening! Wanting to pick the brains of people more experienced in this field, approaching 2nd fix stage of an ongoing rewire where the client wants a shed load of lights throughout. What particularly worries me is the hallway and kitchen grid switches where there’s around 10-12 lights...
  5. J

    Powering on 10 Meanwell HLG 240 LED drivers.

    Hello guys. I have 10 x HLG-240 1400A drivers, which will run at 250W each. The problem is, I did not know about the surge upon starting each driver, apparantly I cannot start more than 2 drivers at once per UK plug socket... Please see attached. I guess I could buy 10 different plug in...
  6. Davisonp

    Measuring Inrush Current

    I am trying to find the maximum current drawn through a switchfuse circuit supply circuit (60Amp switchfuse). I have been told that there should be a large inrush current when some equipment kicks in, but I would like to confirm the actual inrush current. I have had a look at cheap current data...
  7. S

    LED volt drop- maximum LEDS on 6amp??

    First post all so go easy lads.... What's people's views on maximum amount of LEDS on a 6amp mcb lighting circuits?? 6w LED GU10s throughout. Wired in 1mm twin and earth. Maximum cable runs??? Nearly every spark I speak to has a different verdict. Should we still be considering if 50w halogens...
  8. S

    Electrical engineer looking for practical knowledge

    Hi All, I am a 26 year old Lighting Engineer with electrical background. As i started my career as a lighting engineer my practical knowledge on electrical aspects related to Industries, building design, Rail traction etc is minimal. I would like to learn more about the same as i am looking for...
  9. G

    Commercial Led panels

    Chaps, this guy has 16 x 40w led panels in his office. Now he wants them all switching by one occupancy sensor. But I'm concerned about the start up current, is there a sensor available that will cope? Or one that anyone can recommend. Cheers gents
  10. D

    LED inrush

    I'm going to look at a job this week at a warehouse which requires replacing all the existing 6 foot twin fluorescent fittings with LED versions. They've requested the fittings are kept as they're relatively new so will look to bypass ballast etc. Not sure on the number but it'll be a few dozen...
  11. A

    lighting circuits- Type B or Type C MCB

    What do you guys tend to use Type B MCB for lighting circuits but know that some use Type C even when the loadings are low. What do others prefer and why?
  12. J

    Commercial LED ceiling tiles startup current

    I have been asked to quote a shop fit out that will have 52x 45w LED ceiling tiles overall. they would like 12 switched at a time if possible, but on a previous job I only had 6 on one switch and had to use a 10A C-type MCB just to sto pthem tripping out on startup. I was thinking of wiring...
  13. J


    Testing existing installation, notice one circuit that supplies 10 * 30 watt LED lights has a 16 amp mcb protecting it. Change the mcb to 6 amp and it instantly trips, thought maybe I'm missing more light fitting on circuit. Used my clip on ammeter and it reads 1.7 amps, all dead tests and live...
  14. carl9254

    LED Floodlight

    Hello. Just a quick question. Got 8 140w led floodlights running on a B20 mcb. The lights come on through a mechanical timer but the customer says everytime the timer switches it trips the mcb. But they work fine when the manual switch on the timer is pressed. Can you run LEDs of a manual...
  15. G

    100m switch line

    I have to put 25 led down lights in a garage , customer wants them all on one switch line which will be 100 metres long. I'm going to use 1mm. Should I break them down into two lots of 14 ?
  16. i=p/u


  17. S

    Led tubes help

    Took down a 6 ft light fitting and replaced it with a 5ft LED twin fitting, I had to change the MCB from a 6a to a 10a MCB because the 6a keeps tripping off, Is there a big start up current on LED tubes?
  18. Z

    Type D 40A MCB upstream of BS88 63A Fuse

    Can anyone help with the time current characteristics of which will operate first? Essentially a 40A type D crabtree pole star fed from a BS 88 g 63A fuse. Looking at the time current characteristics I reckon that the BS88 would operate at a fault current of 500A for a 0.4s disconnection whereas...
  19. M

    Type c RCBO

    Hi all I have recently obtained some type c RCBOs, can anyone tell me if these would be ok to use in a domestic consumer unit, they are wylex and MK. Not sure if they would fit. Thanks in advance.
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