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  1. Jamie'

    Label Machine thoughts

    just wondering what are people’s recommendation on labelling machines? I’ve been looking at the following from screwfix: Aside from that one they jump to £80 and then to £170
  2. J

    Brother P-Touch label printer cartridges.

    Good morning ladies and gents. For those who use a Brother labeller, do you use genuine cartridges or compatibles? And where do you get them? Cheers.
  3. M

    to label or fault when carrying out EICR

    a question that i have to ask sorry if it seems daft in advance, when carrying out a PIR,EICR you come accross boards that dont have labels on them , do you put this on report as code 3 ? or do you just take the time to put a new label on the board ( assuming you have them to hand)
  4. D

    Heads up. Brother label printer. Half price.

    At screwfix. Good price if anyone is in need of one. Only until midnight. Brother PTE-300VP Hand-Held Label Printing Machine -
  5. the pict

    Label printer ideas please

    Time to get a label printer is there a favourite among the trade P
  6. G

    Brother 55 label maker, template?

    HI all, anyone got any mains consumer unit templates for the E550 label maker having a right game here getting it right cheers Grand
  7. polo1

    Widow(er) maker.....

    Came across this yesterday. Can you spot the problem? I've been fuming ever since I came across it.....what kind of muppet does this? Rant over!
  8. Leesparkykent

    Circuit detail label/sticker

    100 x Swift CD1510P Personalised Circuit Details Label - Does anyone have an idea how I would be able to write these up on a computer and print them off? Would look rough hand written IMO. Cheers
  9. B

    Megger 1700 tester opening

    Hi i have a Megger 1730 and need to open it up to replace an internal fuse. Does anyone know how to open the 1700 series testers? Thanks
  10. O

    Dual colour warning labels

    So do you stick them on CU? Are they necessary? Are they a waste of time and materials. Cards on the table - I think we should boycott them completely!
  11. bigspark17

    Test stickers on large EICR's

    Do you guys labbel every db with a next test date sticker or just at origin.?
  12. A

    Labeller recommendation?

    I'm looking to purchase a labeller for labeling Consumer units, patch panels etc.. anyone reccomend a particular model? thanks
  13. A

    Commercial DB labelling?

    Afternoon all, I have gone to look at installing an extra Socket on a radial circuit in a local cafe and the new DB which was installed by the another Electrician does not have one single label on any of the circuit breakers. The installation only took place in April and I cannot see any...
  14. M

    Commercial Office labelling

    Hi guys. I've just wired an office from scratch, my first one. Was wondering if it would pay for me to label each socket as for what circuit it is on or is that going over board? I know if I ask my boss he'll say don't bother because I know what he's like but I would rather make a good job great.
  15. S

    Enclosure Labelling

    On a site and I have had a disagrement with a guy who has fitted some acess control equipment. The control equipment is a wall mounted enclosure (plain white box with screw holding the lid on) and is fed by 230v by fuse spur. I'm telling him that it must be labelled with 230v on a yellow...
  16. L

    Commercial Labelling.

    Hi all, I've recently had an occurrence on a shopfit job I've just finished in Spitalfields where as usual I was the only trade who was beaten with a whip to finish by the hand over date which obviously turned out to be pointless as there were chippies & painters etc there in the following few...
  17. S

    Class 2 Light Switches?

    Hiya Guys, Ive got a customer who wants his CU changing, main earthing and bonding is fine but theres no CPC's to the two lighting circuits. Installing CPC's would be major surgery and I doubt very much they have the money to pay for it but they're elderly and have to call for help if one of...
  18. G

    cu change for assessment

    so guys i have completed a cu change for my Elecsa assessment on Wednesday. I have also added a garage radial circuit in conduit. am i right in saying i only need to complete an EIC and that will cover all the work carried out ? Is it also compulsory to stick a label on the cu stating date/...
  19. M

    Warning Lables on Grid Switch.

    I've been to an office block today to move some lights in a suspended ceiling and label the light switches with it's operation. There was a 12 way grid switch with 3 banks of 3 switches and an emergency light test switch. Each bank of switches was fed via its own mcb and on a different phase...
  20. H

    PIR sticker

    I've got my first assessment on Tuesday. I've installed 2 new circuits in a flat (light and socket in the loft) for the purpose of the assessment. I haven't touched the rest of the installation. I'm slightly confused by the requirement for a sticker recommending a date for the next periodic...
  21. R

    Inspection camera

    If anybody is interested, Aldi have inspection camers on special buy this Sunday. £69.99 with 3 year warranty. ALDI - Home page
  22. W

    P-touch/brother labelling machine upgrading

    my other p-touch standard labeller has finally given up the ghost and i was looking of upgrading to the PT - 7500VP electricians label printer, looks really good, is it worth the ££, anyone got one, or one of the others?
  23. M

    Domestic rewirable fuse type

    Hope someone can help. How can i tell what type of 3036 fuse i am looking at and what is the breaking capacity. This is to put on a periodic form. Thanks
  24. S

    Cable Labelling and Marking??

    just a quick one guys, what do you/have you used to ID or Label cables up with? need specifically for Data cabling?? been looking at Traffolyte Tags and DuraSleeve?? cheers
  25. T

    lighting circuit pre 1966 warning labels

    Can anyone help me on this? I have just replaced a consumer unit on a property that has no cpc on the lighting circuit (pre 1966). All class 2 equipment is fitted and NICEIC technical have been consulted along the way for my peace of mind. I need to apply the black on yellow warning sticker...
  26. B

    Amending a few PIR code 2's.

    Hi all, I've been asked to correct a few of the issues brought up by a recent PIR (the original contractor now has too much work on). The building is fairly modern and the electrics not too old, the question I need to ask is: One of the Code 2's that was brought up is - 3 gang switch fed by...
  27. P

    Labelling CU cables

    Is it preferable to label cables in a CU? Also if it is, what would an assessor want to see in this regard?
  28. D

    separation of 13amp sockets on different phases

    when separating 13amp sockets on different phases by 2/2.5m -the only concern is physical separation of the sockets and not leads and appliances? am i right in thinking any risk to customers/users from appliances on different phases is very small?
  29. C

    dis board template

    has any one got a dis board template they could email me? i havent got the time to make one up myself.
  30. S

    Labelling Earth Connections

    To what extent are you supposed to label earth connections? I usually only put safety electrical connection labels on the points where the earthing is bonded, i.e. on pipes, metal work, etc. At places like joints between tape and cable and at test points for instance I don't put labels. I...
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