1. Gavin John Hyde

    Should the original installer pay to fix this?

    I am getting more and more work on the EV front now, Called today by a customer, told the charger keeps tripping out during a charge. typically an hour or so in. Been happening on and off for last year, but last month or so, Been happening every other night when charging. He had called the...
  2. B

    New build 2nd fix after original contractor gone AWOL

    As the title really....been asked to 2nd fix a couple of new builds....original contractor no longer available, I don't know why. 1st fix completed, everything plastered up... Somehow these houses need to be completed, but I'm not signing an EIC stating that I've first fixed when I haven't...
  3. Dan

    Top Gear is on! (The original one, not the one with Clarkson)

    Top Gear is on! (The original one, not the one with Clarkson) advice reviews and feedback 2017 And it's actually quite good I like the team they have on it. Well done on reviving it IMO. But now we have two shows the same lol Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in...
  4. Dan

    Update: Mark the best reply in threads as the best answer to the original question

    Update: Mark the best reply in threads as the best answer to the original question advice reviews and feedback 2017 I've added a feature to the forum that should come in handy. When a person posts a thread to the forum, we often get many answers as replies, and for others viewing the thread...
  5. D

    Quick question about 12v parking buzzers

    Hi, just joined to get the definitive answer to this conundrum. The parking speaker in my car is really quiet, so I bought a 12v DC buzzer from Maplin to replace it. The Maplin buzzer doesn't work when connected to the car, but works if powered direct fom the battery. The voltage at the...
  6. akwoody2

    Condition Report Questions

    Morning, Following issuing a condition report iv been asked to rectify all codes. Once done do i re-issue a condition report with nothing in the observations and add a side note to day its been rectified or do i reissue it with the observations with a side note saying all of the above has been...
  7. Marvo

    Offroad Project

    Overbudget by an enormous amount and the project took 4 months longer than planned but it's finally finished. It turned into a mad scramble (excuse the pun) because I have a 4 day trip in the Karoo planned over the Christmas holidays with some buddies but finally I road tested it coaxed it...
  8. M

    LED Strip in back of van

    Had some LED strip (tape) left over from a recent job so thought I'd put it in the back of the van as the lighting in there is frankly awful. Connected it up to the lamp terminals so it would work when the doors open and on permanently with the switch as per the original lighting. All works...
  9. A

    12v socket fed from an ignition live - Ford Fiesta

    Hi all, I'm looking at installing a 12v socket that is fed from an ignition live, rather than the original socket which is a constant live. What's the best way to do this? I've read that the only way to do this, without cutting into original cabling, is to get an "add a circuit" piggy back...
  10. E

    230v 3 Phase Help

    Hi Gents We have to install the following 230v L1 L2 L3 and earth, router/cutter controller 230v L1 L2 N and earth, router/cutter connector 230v L1 L2 L3 and earth 7.3kw Vacuum pump All of the above have US 3 phase connectors and the router/cutter itself is from the us I'm guessing we...
  11. M

    Makita 24V battery

    Hello I am down to my last 24V battery now. Has anyone had one of the copy's off fleebay. Are they any goods. Drill is in good working order so begrudge getting rid of it but seems only choice due to original battery prices.
  12. D

    Installation cert went missing

    My electrician had been filling in an installation certificate in a house and finished it. It was for a complete installation . He left it in the house which was still a bit of a building site. When we returned, the certificate had been lost by the customer. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  13. C

    help 3 phase

    hi, i have a garage iam renting but i only have 1 double socket and need more, i also have 2 car lifts that need a 3 phase supply,ihave a grinder with a 4pole red plugwith nowhere to plug it in, now the big problemis that thelandlord has said i can get the socket circut re done to incorpuate...
  14. G

    Old style switch mechanisms available?

    Does anybody know if there is a product you can buy new that can replace the original mechanisms in switches like the early crabtree and Britmac ones? I have several where the cast housing is perfect but the switch itself needs replacing!
  15. D

    pre victorian wooden building

    Hey guys, im starting a project where the building structures are as described above but at some point (possibly original) rendered on both sides. This is new to me and I would be really grateful of any info you may have for me. It is a high street and the owners would like brackets fixedto the...
  16. S

    Moving DNO/Company Head

    Went to look at a job - basically they've been ripped off by a building firm. They are planning to convert the front bedroom into a bathroom - trouble is it currently contains the DNO s fuses and the meter etc. the original contarctor told them his sparky was going to move it 6m into the...
  17. dexy

    For Sale [North]: Megger mft1552 brand new never been used

    Hi Folks, I have a Megger MFT 1552 for sale, it has never been used, the tester is still sealed in the original packaging, the accessories are also sealed in there original packaging, it has the original calibration certificate from Megger. This Multifunction tester is on the market for £500...
  18. Dan

    Porsche Speedster 356 Replica - Built 1973 - For Sale

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace If anybody is interested in my Speedster. I'll do a good discount for cash ;) ;)
  19. Top Cat

    VAT listed building

    A while back i had to do a job at a grade 2 listed building. The owner said the work was zero rated but could not show me the listed buildig zero rated certificate. To be safe i phoned the VAT office, after a bit of discussion she said get a coppy of cert and it would be ok to be zero rated if...
  20. C

    Solar FiT costs half original estimates, Barker admits

    solar fit news | Solar FiT costs half original estimates, Barker admits 5th March 2012 Energy Minister Greg Barker has announced the revised costs of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme for solar electricity will actually be half his department's original estimates. In a written...