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  1. V

    Need help identifying this starter motor

    Numbers on the body read: 270300, probably a 12v but could be 6. any information would be appreciated.
  2. G

    Wiring a fiat starter motor

    Hi all Newby here in dire need of advice I have managed to lose the wiring order on my fiat fiorino van starter motor I have 3 wires 1 Goes to alternator 1 goes to battery and 1 goes to either ECU or ignition Battery has 12.97 volts (its Fine) The battery definitely connects to the empty...
  3. E

    Starter Electrical Diagram

    Hello Everyone! I'm a French new member and I would like to have a STARTER electrical Diagram which include : -Solenoid -Electric motor Can you help me ? Thanks you!!
  4. Lucien Nunes

    Motor starter / static phase converter repair

    We've had a few threads about phase converters recently. Here's one I repaired on Monday. It's a little box that takes in single-phase 230V and feeds a 3-phase motor wired for 230V delta. It includes a manual 'soft' starter and overload relay. Unlike the units in the other threads, this one...
  5. V

    Need help identifying this starter motor

    Not sure what this fits, its an old thing possibly 1930s??. its a lucas and the number on the body is 270300, it has 10 teeth on the pinion. its a 12v. would appreciate any help given.
  6. M

    Ford Transit petrol/lpg No starter motor no fuel pump no spark ?

    I have a 2003 ford transit petrol that has just had a replacement engine fitted The van was started and ran for a few miles without any problems I stopped the van and went to get a coffee when i returned to the van it did not want to start, thinking it was just fuel and a flat battery i went...
  7. Adam_92

    Setting the overload on a direct online starter

    Hi I’m sitting my AM2 next month and have found out that you need to set an overload on a direct online starter motor circuit. I have tried asking my supervisor and assessor,tutor at college not one of them have given my a straight answer.. Is this the formula? Its 3 phase so formula is...
  8. V

    Anybody know what this starter motor fits??

    Any ideas would be appreciated
  9. V

    Can anyone help to identify this starter motor?

    11tooth, M35J body , not sure what it fits.
  10. S

    Sequential reversing starter for metal detector conveyor

    Can't seem to find any standard circuit diagrams for sequential reversing starter. The metal detector conveyor has manual mode and automatic reversal mode. Need to prevent the conveyor from going backwards during false signals or anything else while the conveyor is standstill. It should reverse...
  11. C

    Help Wiring Motor - Reversing Starter

    Hello Chaps I have inherited a motor with no starter. I have therefore bought a new switch but i am struggling to connect up. I would be very grateful if any forum members could give me some advise should they be familiar with this setup? It is a single phase motor, and i am trying to add a DOL...
  12. dlt27

    Swimming Pool Starter Help!

    Hi and thanks in advance. I have been called to a job to look at a faulty starter for a swimming pool. The starter apparently has never worked and swimming company has agreed to pay for it to be fixed ( there electrician has had 2 goes already). The starter is supposed to be wired so that if...
  13. Soulsurfer

    DOL starter / contactor

    Hey all, I have a couple of jobs to look at which one is apparently not working right as is a single phase supply through a D.O.L starter / contactor for I think a borehole pump and another that is running a fresh air ventilation system and is now tripping out ! The thing is I've never needed to...
  14. B

    12 volts out when Engine Start

    hi, I want my car stereo can power when the engine start, not when the panel lights turned-on. in short I want the car stereo power when there is an engine acceleration. with that wiring I can also top other wires for example my dc electric fan. what are your ideas? suggestions?
  15. T

    Control Panel Star Delta Starter

    Hello all. I’m after a bit of advice. Daft question I’m sure but when wiring a star delta starter in a panel is it necessary to use the electrical interlocks, i.e for the coil of the delta contactor, would you take the wire through the N/C of the Star contactor first?
  16. jaydub

    DOL Starter / Contactor questions...

    Hi guys, I have very limited experience with starters and contactors as my work has always been domestic and have not once come across either that I've needed to work on. Until now... I have been asked if I can update a swimming pool control panel and I think I have the general idea but am...
  17. Simon-0116

    3ph star delta starter motor drawing high amps

    Star delta starter / motor problem. Starter starts runs as should on bench with no motor connected. Getting 230v to e on all 6 uvw 1s and uvw2. 415 u1 to v2 etc etc. But nothing 1 to 2s. As expected. When motor connected up. (Single speed) it takes 3a in start on all . Drops into run fine but...
  18. david dutton

    Will 240V fluorescent tube starter work at 110v?

    Hi, I'm a novice looking for advice. I need to replace the fluorescent tube and starter on my American pinball machine. The current tube and starter operate at 110v The tube is a F18T 8CW which seems to be available in UK so I've ordered one of those. The existing starter is a UL brand with...
  19. Vortigern

    Your starter for a bonus of ten no conferring

    Hi your favourite poster of the month calling again. So everything works fine except 1 unit out of 12 on the call button. I repeat everything else is working fine except the call button on one unit. So the sharper eyed among you will see the white/blue is drifting around with nowhere to live...
  20. Jon Russ

    Need Help At Four Stroke Combustion Engine

    Hi, I’m making a training tool/website to help people learn about engineering, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. I was working on 3D model of an engine and labelling parts etc. but there is one piece whose function I do not known (see below image). I’ve asked around but no one I know seems to...
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