1. T

    Micc tails from meter cupboard

    Hi all,been to look at flat today and it requires a new Consumer unit. Its an old porcelain type of fuse holder and shield and some of them are damaged. The flat is in one of these 60's built blocks with a meter cupboard on each floor. In the meter cupboard is the service head, meter and an...
  2. S

    UK Fuse link

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me more about a fuse link (I came across several in a communal cupboard today) . Was not expecting this and immediate thought was Bodget and Scarper had been here. Best described as a brass link similar to a piece of galv pipe inserted in place of a BS88..hence my concern!
  3. B

    Electric metre cupboard

    Looking to run some power to my shed, my metre cupboard is opposite my shed 5 metres max, I have a smart metre and DNOs isolator, if I replaced the DNOs isolator and put a new 3 way metal unit in there so I’m changing the isolator like for like and then I’ll just feed an MCB from bottom of...
  4. RapsterUK

    Kitchen under cupboard lighting wiring

    Hi all, we recently moved into a house that has a recently fitted new kitchen. One thing that was never finished was the under cupboard lighting (under the top cupboards to light the worktops) We were told the wiring was already there and connected to an existing switch. There is indeed wiring...
  5. Midwest

    Chemical Cupboard

    Not so much of an electrical question, moreover if anyone has any experience in swimming pools and dosing of chemicals. Place I work out has a spa. It has a swimming pool and jacuzzi pool. It has chemical dosing pumps, which are closed in separate closed cupboards. It’s been open for about 3...
  6. Lister1987

    Domestic Gas & Electric Meter - Same Cupboard?

    So just been to view a new place as me and the brood are on need of a bigger place and noticed a few things that concerned me, unfortunately I didn't think to get piccies; As title, gas and electric meter share the same cupboard and are more or less on top each other - Regs regarding this are...
  7. K

    Under cupboard lighting - help!

    Hi all, I bought a Taylor Wimpey new build and had under cupboard lights put in the kitchen. 3 years on and the first one has gone out but when I unscrewed the casing to see how to change it, I am completely baffled! Can anyone tell from the pic what I need to do/buy to change this, or do I...
  8. J

    Domestic Help with plug sockets in cupboard

    Morning everyone... I posted on here last week regarding an earth wire I found in my cupboard and got some really good advice which work... Essentially... Pulled a floorboard up and got some slack to tack it to the wall.. Which has worked a treat. My next problem is 2 socket plugs on either...
  9. J

    Domestic Under cupboard lights installation using socket mounted under cabinet

    Hi all. Some advice sought. I have 2 lights under my cabinets they plug into the wall sockets below them. I now want to hardwire the lights as i got a new cooker hood fitted and the spark pulled the power cable out so its now accessible to use. Previously it was hidden. So it looks like a...
  10. A

    Domestic Lighting circuit through airing cupboard

    Hi I am running a new upstairs lighting circuit and need to find a route down to the consumer unit which is in the cupboard under the stairs. The easiest and least disruptive route would be via the airing cupboard, in trunking, then under the floor from which I can drop down through the ceiling...
  11. Darrin Brand

    Wet room with a meter cupboard !

    Hi guys , new here and looking for a little advice . I went to see a job ( consumer unit upgrade ) and when I had a little scout round I found a wet room that had been stolen from the end of a garage . The spur and lighting were all outside zones but the room itself was 2.5 x 1.5 m and at the...
  12. G

    Bonding of main cupboard

    HI all, just need clarification on bonding of a mains cupboard please. Setup is Mains cupboard 2mtrs wide and 6mtrs long 10 cutouts feeding 10 flats , has meters then tails to cutout then 25mm concentric to each flat 5 water tanks are in there and cables from flats feed the immersion heaters...
  13. F

    Adding a socket in cupboard

    Hi, this burglar alarm is not required, can I disconnect the burglar alarm and connect cable to a double socket instead? Thanks
  14. Amateur

    FSU In Bathroom Airing Cupboard

    Hi all, first post on here but have been visiting the site for a while. Here goes as it seems to be a bit of a grey area this one! - In my bathroom there is an airing cupboard with a full size solid door on it at the end of the bath which houses the combi boiler. Originally the combi was...
  15. i=p/u

    Under cupboard lights

    What yous all using for under cupboard lights , and is quick fit Depth can only be 30mm and length 300mm and don't want to be strip light if can help it, Thx
  16. C

    Socket in airing cupboard

    Im currently doing a EICR report they have a socket in a airing cuoboard which used a to have a shower pump plugged now has the vacuum.charging. the distance from the bath is well within zone 2 but is in a seperate cupboard what C classification would you give this?
  17. H

    CO Detector Placement

    there's a boiler in a cupboard in a small bathroom. Would you install CO in the bathroom outside the cupboard, or would you install just outside the bathroom? In bathroom it should be outside of all zones etc, just access from above is very limited.
  18. B

    Domestic Adding socket to radial

    Hi as above i currently have a Radial from CU in cupboard that powers one socket (powers 13a heater) outside the cupboard can i (DIY) add a new socket inside the cupboard between CU and existing socket? The intention to have a socket in that cupboard to power a chest freezer Thanks for any...
  19. ye oldie sparks

    Domestic Easy C/H programmer change today

    So I thought, arrived at the house and found the plumber had moved the boiler to the loft(not a problem), the customer required the programmer to be moved from down stairs to upstairs outside the airing cupboard. I thought okay looked in the a/cupboard and found the connection box for all the...
  20. rolyberkin

    Kitchen First Fix

    How do people put in feeds to under cupboard lights? I would normally run T&E to a slim pattress or small white project box mounted on bottom of eye level cupboard to joint to the lights, interested in what others do?
  21. D

    Do I need a certificate?

    Hi, I have a 6 gang grid plate, which has switches for my Fridge, Freezer and Dishwasher, and each has there own connection point around the kitchen for the respective appliance. I am wanting to move the connection point for the fridge about 150cm, and lower the freezer one about 20cm, and...
  22. A

    Consumer unit change

    Hi guys just wondering if someone can clear something up? Been to look at a consumer unit change, but old one is located in the meter cupboard. I have heard in the past that consumer units can't be placed in the meter cupboard. Just wondering as I am replacing and cables go there, can I just...
  23. M

    client does not want to pay? but work is not complete complaining??

    currently took over someones job on a control 4 system "huge home automated system" due that being an extra they paid my boss separate for this. alot of lighting has Big transformers which had to be put local to the control 4. doing this i had to make connections "wagos and tape" due to many...
  24. D

    Heating system question - new build

    Hello chaps, I class myself as having good electrical knowledge and good at my job. However, heating systems is something I have little to noooooo experience on. Anyway, I digress.... I've been asked to quote for a new build today and the only thing that fears me is the heating system. From...
  25. T

    Domestic cooker switch above new hob

    Evening chaps!! I'm after a bit of advice, I'm booked to do a job the weekend. The client has brought a new dual cooker/hob, the company who was to install it refused due to the cooker switch now being above the hob. I have not seen the job yet but apparently running a new 6mm to the correct...
  26. marksparky

    Isolators in a kitchen cupboard?

    What's your view on putting isolators a inside kitchen cupboards mounted on a surface box? I'd normally have them on show obove worktop but in this case the walls are being clad with composite stone. Is there any reason why this wouldn't comply with regs?
  27. D

    Running wires from upstairs down to the CU in the under stairs cupboard

    Hi All, I have a bit of a dilemma I need to get 4x 2.5mm T&E cables down from the landing into my kitchen cupboard and then into the under stairs cupboard where the CU is I am aware of the safe zones that are 150mm from ceiling and internal corners but does this apply to a slope or curve as...
  28. S

    CO alarm

    Boiler in airing cupboard upstairs, gas appliance in kitchen. Does this mean I need to install CO alarms at both locations or just 1? if both, do they have to be interlinked? Guessing I wouldn't be expected to install in airing cupboard so outside airing cupboard door on landing??? Thanks in...
  29. Pip

    Domestic Economy 7 RCCB Trips from 24hr Circuits Your Thoughts

    Hi Guys, Called out yesterday morning client has 2 x Wylex Boards with MCB's each has a 63Amp, 100Ma RCCB as the main switch on a TT System. Board 'A' is the main 24hr feed for the house, Sockets., Lights etc 8 circuits Board 'B' is the economy 7 night storage heaters. feeding 7 circuits...
  30. M

    EICR help please 6 flats in one house - shared CU's ????

    I have been asked to carry out an EICR on a property which is 3 floors and has been split over the years as follows. Ground floor apartment, 3 studios to first floor , 2 studios to attic conversion The property was originally one house, then converted into two flats then what it is now. In the...
  31. A

    domestic emergency lighting

    I was adding a circuit in a house recently, and above the db (located in a "livable state" cellar) was an emergency light bulkhead. I thought that was a good idea to have installed one (was done several years ago with a rewire). And wondered if it is becoming a common thing? Or if anyone has...
  32. T

    Question re Airing cupboard in bathroom

    My son has just bought a victorian house and I've been checking out the electrical installation. I'm happy generally about it but there are a couple of points I was not happy about. 1) The bathroom has an airing cupboard, with the usual hot water cylinder/central heating wiring...
  33. cprfenom

    Pump shower, immersion on plug tops

    Hi people I have been asked to have a look at a house where another firm has put a pump shower 3A and an immersion 3kW on plug tops. Now having looked at the regs I am of 2 minds... I personally do not like immersions being on plug tops as they don't like being loading for such long periods of...
  34. M

    Devi touch thermostat

    Can the Devi touch be installed within a bathroom without being in a cupboard etc. thanks
  35. C

    do I need an earth stake - metre is 25m from fuesboard

    Hi there, on a new build Im currently doing, they have decided to put the mains supply (metre etc near the front entrance, I have run a 25mm 3core armoured and have put an isolator in the mains cupboard, its about a 25m run from the mains cupboard to the mains cupboard, do I need any additional...
  36. uksparks

    Where did you say the fuse box was?

    Hi, Went to do an EICR today on a property to rent out, the sister of the homeowner was there, I said wheres the fuse box, its not obvious.... I looked high and low, everywhere, then thought, hmm I wonder if its in here... Anyway, the outcome was, I walked away and said you need a new CU and...
  37. S

    Moving Main Fuse

    Hi guys I am on a job currently where a consumer unit has been extended and moved from one cupboard under the stairs to another cupboard under the stairs to make way for a new toilet. Now the lady is having the meter and supply moved as well by edf, apparently you cannot have the main fuse...
  38. N


    Quoting earlier today for extra light in bathroom, checked CU, lighting is not on RCD half of board. Pointed out issue to client and discussed it, i.e. bathroom lights need to be moved to RCD protected circuit or otherwise RCD protected if I am to do the work, client says "Oh, the electric...
  39. E

    Fusebox located in bathroom

    Hello everyone just wondered what the regs are when consumer unit is located in the bathroom? does it need relocating? Thanks
  40. K

    DNO specifies fire-rated enclosure

    The DNO (UK Power Networks) has specified that the duct that will carry the DNO supply to a new SFH has to terminate into a 1-hour fire-rated cupboard. The duct will terminate in the basement, and the supply will be 3P 100A each. Which pre-made cupboards would meet the required specs, or if we...
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