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    Last two motoring questions - honest!

    Why do some drivers, on a 2 way road, stop if they see an ambulance or fire engine coming towards them. They are not in its way, no need to stop or even slow down. The other one is when you pull in to a petrol station, and there is a queue for the pumps for cars with fillers on one side, but no...
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    Good evening fellow electrical pals, I was on a ban but not anymore! I hope you havent missed me too much!
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    Metrel Eurolink Pro Software - Anyone have any idea how to use it?

    Alreet Chaps. As always everything has happened at once, my NICEIC inspection date has finally come through after being messed around for months and then my MFT has blown up. My spare MFT has no calibration cert so i have bitten the bullet and been and purchased a new MFT.. A Metrel MI 3125...
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    customer stupidity

    Didn't think I would be turning a job down all too often, but this just takes the biscuit! I know they say A jobs a job but I like to have a certain standard to my name! Got asked too install spotlights in a new kitchen, when I said ok floor above will have too be lifted to allow routing of...
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    Fault current

    Can someone explain why fault current is higher when your zs is lower trying to write down reason but struggling on what to put
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    pricing prestige homes

    Evening all, would like to gather other sparks views on pricing large Victorian town houses in sort after areas in London worth 6m plus, I usually charge 200-250 per day in Kent for your average house adding a few days in case of problems or changes etc, I've been given the opportunity to price...
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    new am2

    hi everyone, i am to take the am2 exam next week and ive seen that in the am2 you have to fill out an EIC fully is this correct?
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    OLCI honest review and why they let me down

    In my opinion OLCI have not lived up to there word when selling me this course! I cant give an honest review on this forum as OLCI complain to the owners to have it removed! However if anyone would like details and my frank and honest opinion about why in my opinion they havnt lived up...
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    socket outlet on a lighting loop..! (6 amp MCB)

    Crawling around a loft today.. found a surface mount single gang socket outlet powering a TV antenae booster.. So I was preparing myself for the usual conversation about the fact that its not to regs etc etc.... however when i looked at it closer, I saw it was wired from the loop in the same...
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    Plastic conduit

    Hi y'all, was doing some 20mm plastic conduit last week and was luvvin it:) I was doing set bends over me knees, and using rubber gloves to warm up da pipe. Does anyone use anything else to warm da pipe up? What do ya clean ya pipe up with before cementing.?? Love to get high on da...
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