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  1. A

    Hi guys new to electrical but I was wondering how can I feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house

    Hi guys New to electrical but I was wondering how to feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house, has a outside rotary isolator switch thanks
  2. CokeCanBrad

    UK Am2 Breaker Selection

    Hi I want too do my AM2 In the future. I want too know the breaker selection for the circuits in the AM2, an acceptable answer (for me.) will be from a recent am2 Passee (successful candidates only.). The circuits are as Follows:- D.O.L Starter, with motor. Carbon Monoxide Detector Ring Final...
  3. O

    USA Wiring Mishap - Wondering How Much I Destroyed…

    I'm a DIY kind of guy, and was never really fond of household 120V/240V power before, until I had a friend who used to be a journeyman help me understand enough to wire up my house we are completely renovating. So, after putting some walls and trusses in place, and running conduit all day...
  4. OnlQQker

    I Was Just Wondering What You Thought About This?

    I was speaking to an electrician last year. He told me he'd gone round to a job where bell wire had been used to power sockets, the consumer unit had no cover on it and the cables showed signs of deteriorating. He told me because they didn't want to pay to have it all put right he just walked...
  5. J

    UK I was wondering what other Sparks offer standing out from other local competitors? Be good to hear and share to better ourselves 🤗

    I h e been installing emergency lights with Fuseboards that’s are in cupboards, under stairs or just anywhere awkward, on the same lighting circuit as the floor the boards located. many years now on kitchens I’ve been installing all fused spurs into the back of one kitchen cupboard leaving...
  6. H

    need a capacitor across relay contacts to arrest arcing. wondering about type and value ?

    wondering what capacitor type and value across relay contacts at 7amp ac load to avoid arcing
  7. R

    Wondering what panel and breakers I can use to replace this old federal pacific?

    Would a Square D Homeline 100 Amp six Spot 12 Circuit Panel work? With six 20amp single pole homeline breakers?
  8. N

    Fire Safety Accreditation

    morning all, I've been asked by a land lord to carry out an inspection of a fire alarm system in a block of flats. Just wondering if you need to be accredited by anybody? For example, you can carry out EICR without being a member of a governing body, so was wondering if this was the case. Any...
  9. C

    Main bonding

    Just finishing workshop,no external services to bond,but wondering what to do with the steel framework,this is not continuous & main beams/rafters to the building are wooden,ceiling panels are corrugated plastic. Wondering do these need bonding,being they are not bolted or connected together.
  10. D

    Is a mains interlinked fire alarm required when renovating property?

    Evening all..just wondering if it is a building control requirement to have a mains fire alarm installed throughout the property when an extension has been built or walls knocked through to make a kitchen/diner etc. I have worked on a loft conversion last year and the building control officer...
  11. G

    Considering a career change

    Hello I am a new member here thinking changing career. I was wondering if you guys here would have any advice. I have a Bsc(Hons) in Marine Science and I've been working in fish farming and research for a few years now. I'm bored of looking after fish though and want to move into the...
  12. A

    On site guide amended zs value sheet.

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can help. I was wondering if anyone has a link to the new on site guide zs values as I have misplaced my sheet and can't seem to find the post that was on here and can't find it on the iet website any more. Cheers. all the best ape
  13. W

    Guidance Note Books

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any one uses the IET guidance notes 1-8. I mostly refer to my regs books or on site guide and I'm wondering if they are worth buying?
  14. S

    testing what a nightmear

    hi im just wondering if any one can give me some advice please, I have recently become self-employed electrician, I am just wondering about testing my work. I havnt completed my 2391 yet but hoping to in the future, I have heard about these nicec green test sheets that can be used I was...
  15. P

    Voltage Optimisers

    Hi I've been asked about intalling VO4 single and 3 phase optimisers but I have also been looking at the Marshall Tufflex voltis and just wondering if anyone has discovered any pros or cons with either. The voltis seems to be a bit better as it reduces it by a percentage rather than a set...
  16. markc123

    Work Clothing.

    Just wondering what websites you use to get your own personalised workwear? Im looking at ordering some new tops, as mine are abit worse for wear now. Have got mine previouslly from ebay - however i was wondering if anyone knows of any decent websites or even ebay sellers that do decent value...
  17. B

    Powered conduit draw/feeder

    just wondering does anyone know the name of powered conduit mole heard some people talking about some guy they saw using one to take a draw through existing flexible conduit due to not being able to push draw through and was wondering what they are called. cheers
  18. C

    earth referance board

    Was wondering if any one could help me with wiring of an earth referance board. Have got 6 erb in different rooms supplied with a 16mmearth daisy chained between them from main riser. Each room has general sockets and power in it. How do you wire these circuits that are between rooms to the...
  19. B

    Courses for the unemployed in Manchester also thoughts on cedia and cai courses

    hi there i was wondering if anyone has had success in getting funding for courses or if people have got a course funded from another training organisation. i'm currently, bankrupt, unemployed, over 30 at college (evenings)doing my 2330 lv2 about to enroll on 3rd year, done 2382, but want...
  20. Luminous

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Does a cert have to have NIC/Elecsa logo on it?

    As the title says really. I've copied out the cert into photoshop using the same font as my company, put my logo on it etc to match all my other paperwork/livery etc. I've put my logo where the original elecsa one was, but was wondering do I have to have the elecsa one on at all? It still has...
  21. T

    Sma 17000tl multi functional relay

    Hi, Im Currently installing my first g59 install. I am using Sma 17000tl inverters and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the multifunctional relay. I understand under g59 you need a g59 relay and was wondering when you set the parameters on the inverter whether this is suffice or do...
  22. F

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Hi people got my on site assessment with niceic on the 7th of June was just wondering if I pass am I registered with them the next day or does it take a while to get you on the system? Just wondering as I'm advertising in local mag and it's getting printed on the Friday 10th but I want there...
  23. sythai

    JCC LED strip light..... does anyone know please ?

    Just pricing up some bits... and was wondering if anyone has fitted any of these before? JCC Lighting: ragoza (IP Version) As I was wondering if they can be cut down to size ? The reason being it will be going into a couple of recesses, I know on the non IP rated version you can... but not...
  24. S

    Lighting circuit, alternative to the old junction boxes?

    Hi all I was fitting a new cu to a house to use as part of my part p assessment and it has ended up as there was no cpc on the lighting circuits I am having to rewire all the lights and install bonding ect. as this is going to be used for assessment I was wondering if there is a better way than...
  25. sythai

    central heating controls....

    Hello there.... Hope someone can advise me correctly here. Have got to do the control wiring for an 's' plan.... havent done any heating systems for years. Just wondering what regs are regarding the following.... Megaflow and programmer are going to be up on first floor, boiler is down on...
  26. P

    sockets in a basement

    Hi wondering if anyone can help? Are you able to put floor sockets in a basement. really appriciate any help
  27. D

    Prison Trade Tests ?

    Hi everyonel. I have a job interview next week with HM Prison Service for the post of an electrician and this involves a trade test . Just wondering if anybody has ever taken one of these and if so whats involved. It would be nice to be forewarned if possible. Many thanks .. Jon
  28. mrloy99

    1 watt gu 10 LED

    I was wondering if anyone out there has used these and what they think about them.1 watt led with gu 10 base.I'm not sure but I take it they have an inbuilt transformer? They appear to save a huge amount of power running at only 1 watt as opposed to 50watt halogen.I believe they are available...
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