1. B

    Can’t work out what’s going on

    Old 2D light today being changed to LED. 2 black cables going to neutral and 1 red cable to live. turned off light switch and removed old light and the 2 black cables were still live and all other lights on this circuit all knocked out. Can someone explain what’s going on
  2. I

    Going to Level 3 course skipping Level 2

    Hi All, Has anyone done 2365 Level 3 without doing Level 2 first? I'm thinking of going to level 3 straight away. The reason why is that I have some experience being doing PAT Testing for nearly 10 years and providing domestic electrical work mainly minor ones and qualifications I achieved...
  3. Lou

    Anyone going to UK Construction Week from 8th to 10th October 2019

    We are going to be popping down on the 9th to meet with @FIXRADIO before their awards later in the evening. (Have you nominated anyone? If not you can here) Are any sponsors or members going to be there? It would be nice to say hello :)
  4. S

    whats the requirement on cable tray going in riser cupboards

    Hi Guys I have a block of 9 flats 3 floors ,ground ,1st & 2nd.6" cable tray going from top to bottom x2 .LV and HV.The contracts manager is insisting on the tray stopping between floors and a 4" pipe with a fire collar around it to go through the flooor.Is this correct. Please help!!!!
  5. J

    Going rate for newly qualified Electrician?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to move companies and one has gotten back to me and asked what sort of hourly rate I want, the problem is, is that I don't know what would be a fair price to say as I'm not sure on the going rates. I've been qualified for a couple if months, a van will be supplied...
  6. happyhippydad

    Keeping your van going past 200K?

    I have an Ex AA Renault trafic, 08 plate. It's done 180,000 miles and I am the second owner. Pretty much nothing has gone wrong with it over the 6 years I've had it. I've had it regularly serviced. I've spent perhaps £1200 on it getting it racked out inside very nicely and also deadlocks so i'd...
  7. T

    Going digital for VAT

    Is anyone a small company like ourselves (me and my mate) who just are over the Vat threshold and is forced to stop doing simple accounts and forced to spend £20-25 per month on this digital platform?
  8. terry1969

    going solo

    hi everyone. been working for firms for a while now and had enough so thinking of going on my own, i am already registered etc so do a few privates etc, just any good advice before i jump in. thanks in advance terry
  9. littlespark

    Tell me if this is going to be an issue

    Don’t bite my head off, I’m not used to installing radial circuits. Just the odd spur, or an rfc if new circuit. Between being Sunday, man flu and an early alarm... my brain has stalled. A while ago I ran a spur from 32A rfc direct from the mcb to supply a new double socket in my hall. Only...
  10. J

    Going self employed

    Sorry for long post in advance After some honest advice about making the leap from being an employee to being my own boss, Been working as a spark for nearly 12 years and feel I've amassed a decent amount of experience and knowledge to have a crack myself, I've always worked for companies from...
  11. P

    Anybody got any work going in and around the birmingham area i am an improver

    Anbody got any work going for an impover in and around the birmingham area?
  12. S

    Electric boilers - how is this going to work.

    ? Thinking ahead a wee bit here, it looks like lots of people will be switching from gas combi boilers to electric combi boilers over the coming years. Most of the electric boilers seem to be around 12kW, while most of the gas boilers I've seen even in flats and small houses seem to be 30kW...
  13. M

    Going back to employment....

    Guys, I have been self employed for 5 years now, and TBH im not sure its for me! Too much going on, spend the evenings/weekends doing quotes/invoices/certs/paperwork, customers constantly bugging wanting things done yesterday. Anyway one of my biggest customers which is also my favourite...
  14. L

    Domestic What’s the going rates for the below instalation

    Hi just starting out working for my self after 10 years on the rail and I’m at a total loss at what the going rates are I don’t want to go in to high .I have been asked price up to Run a supply to a Bar in a garden, but due to the location of the distribution board in the house It would be...
  15. T

    Am I going mad or am I not????

    Just want a sanity check here. Is the following made of leather or not? I bought these as leather and when they wore on the piping my daughter and son in law brought to my attention (better eyes than my old eyes) that it is not leather. Go back to company send photos and they are telling me this...
  16. L

    Hi there guys, my name is Keith. I am now a retired electrician.

    I am going to do some work for a friend,on a new buid building, just 4 rooms and a utility room, for contractors or holiday, on his land at the rear of his pub. Solar panels on the roof and a supply from the pub, which has just had solar fitted. I see now as well as the new regs dist boards, I...
  17. L

    What's the going rate for a decent plasterer daily rate?

    Hi, I got my house that needs skimming. 2 guy's have come out to quote job. According to them job should take 5 days. Price one guy quoted for just labour is obscene. More than an electrician. 1400 for hallways both upstairs and downstairs. Knocked down to 1100. 10×14ft bedroom, without...
  18. J

    What’s going on with this radial

    Called to a property which has just been sold to do an EICR The sockets down stairs including the kitchen were on a 16a 2.5 radial the issue being the Zs for the first couple of sockets were about average readings but the last few and the sockets in the kitchen went from 0.90 ohms to 1.19 ohms...
  19. B

    What’s going on here then?

    So, I’ve just had my living room plastered and the plasterer asked me to loosen the dimmer switch for him. When I went to put it back on the wall I He-Manned the screws back in and broke the lug on the left hand side of the pictures (as an aside are these available to replace or am I going to...
  20. sham

    Stroma Certification Scheme NICEIC prices going up, thinking of going with stroma.

    Has anyone considered moving to Stroma, or have you already done so. I've had an email from NICEIC saying that they increased their prices. Therefore I am considering moving to Stroma. Also, Stroma say they do not have an issue with third party certs, as NICEIC told me that they do not allow it...
  21. C

    Advice on going it alone

    The company i worked for just went into administration . I was all set on trying it alone and have a couple months work lined up, obviously things could change. I have a mortgage, 2 young kids and wife whose not working. Ive had an offer at a mechanical firm who want to start M&E and have...
  22. C

    Ring main,going going gone

    My tutors told me to use this as a rule of thumb and you shouldn't go wrong, for a ring final circuit "1 roll of 100m cable = 1 ring final circuit", if that's wrong I stand corrected, but my tutors swore by this rule of thumb. Found this remark on another forum,using 100m, that ring main ain’t...
  23. S

    What is going on with my signal!?%$£*

    Hi. I live in a 10 year old semi which came pre wired but had no aerial in the loft or outside. In facet no-one on this estate has them outside. I fitted one of the ones below (exactly the same but a four splitter output version, still powered with a power supply) and also bought one of the...
  24. N

    What is going here then?

    So i am doing a new wiring job and all my cable is testing out fine. However the customer wants to put 2nd hand brass chandaliers up which i said could be an issue on IR tests if they are really old or damaged. Sure enough i have come to fit one and it tested at 0.96M live to neg. So i opened...
  25. M

    What do we thing is going on here.....

    just came across this whilst needing to change to a different light fitting. Gave up trying to what is what, and stripped it right back to work it all out, it was incoming feed, two out going feeds and a second switched feed to a wall light. The “Loop” was not Perm Live, this was in a...
  26. J

    Going hourly wage in Kent

    Evening all, Just about to do my 18th edition and was wondering what the going rate for a on the cards newly qualified electrician in Kent is? I have 5 year prior experience, Level 3 Electrical installation, NVQ Level 3 and AM2. TIA.
  27. Gavin John Hyde

    Screwfix live is it worth going?

    Had an email about this screwfix live show this weekend in Farnborough. Has anybody been and is it worth going? These things used to be great as you'd get loads of freebies all they seem to offer now is 10% in screwfix which you get if you ask anyway on a big order and a bag of random free bits...
  28. D

    light keeps going out

    Hi there, I'm looking for advice about a problem I keep having in my bungalow. The light in my bedroom keeps failing. It happened last year, the electrician put it right but it's happened again so I think there may be an issue that the electrician missed. I'd like to ask if anybody has any...
  29. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Going Self Employed NICEIC

    I have recently qualified and plan on going self employed in the near future. if i wanted to sign off my own work am i able to register with NICEIC without having my inspection and testing cert or does this not apply as i will have covered it in my apprenticeship? and be able to certify my works...
  30. Timbo

    FFX tool show - anyone going?

    Starts tomorrow. Kent showground near Maidstone.
  31. J

    going to try a 'pro' alarm install

    Finished 1st fixing my brother and his misses new house last week! Wired for intruder alarm too only installed 2 alarms before both being a budget honeywell one with global tamper! This is the diagram I drew to help me wire those (attached) I am looking to install a slightly more pro install...
  32. S

    Thinking about going abroad to work

    Hi there, I was thinking about going abroad to work and was wondering if one of you's could help with the best way to go about it ? Not to bothered we're would just like to try something different ? Any advice and tips appreciated Thanks
  33. Pete999

    When is this carp going to stop?

    s the title says
  34. T

    Triple light switch makes ticking noise - even after I replaced it. What's going on here?

    Hi all I'm just a DIYer, not a trained sparky. The triple light switch in my kitchen was making a ticking noise. By elimination, I found it was the middle switch. I didn't like a switch making a noise, so I just replaced it, only to find that the new switch also makes a ticking noise and again...
  35. L

    Domestic Recessed Light going out after 20ish seconds...

    I'm led to believe a failing recessed bathroom light I have is usually due to the thermal protector. However I see none in my lighting circuit; the bulb connects direct to an IBL 5002 50VA transformer. My question is then is it likely the transformer that is faulty and can I replace it with...
  36. J

    Any Electrical Work going in Liverpool ??

    Afternoon lads ,just wondering if anything was going as my job is finishing up on friday so looking for next week ,have my Gold card/ 17th,asbestos awareness etc ,tools & insurance & CIS registered ,so if anyone has any work going please PM me on here cheers
  37. sparksburnout

    Negotiations going as expected....

    Well, it seems our "friends" in the EU are conducting the "negotiations" in the manner I thought they would. Get your wallet out UK or we are not even remotely interested in talking about anything, rattle right out of the pram because we have had the audacity to leave their useless club. So...
  38. R

    What is going on, surly this clown can't be for real?

    Quoted this job Friday for a board change, customer has shown me the work completed by the last electrican. He has used 10mm clips for the 2.5tne that comes direct from the sockets.
  39. E

    DIY electrical device-im going to use this device the same way as shown in the video

    Hello.How can i make this device as shown in this video?What DIY tools do i need?The device is shown in this youtube video:
  40. MerlinGremlin

    House rewire prices going rate

    Evening all, I've been asked to quote for a 4 bed large house rewire, but I've not done a rewire for a number of years and not sure what the going rate was! In total there's going to be 32 double sockets, 46 led down lights, 12 switches, boiler supply, cooker supply x 2, 4 lighting pendants, 8...
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