1. M

    Communal area fed from flat EICR question.

    Apologies if this is a regular question. I've been asked to quote for an EICR for a small block of flats, converted from a house. 3 x houses, terraced together, each has 2,3 or 4 flats inside, probably in the 70's/80's, with some signs of alterations. I've been asked to provide an EICR for the...
  2. H

    EICR Communal area limitations

    Hello, Looking for a bit of guidance here. Asking from Landlords perspective. To carry out an EICR of the Landlords communal areas, would the inspector include all the sub mains to the individual (3) Flats, which originate from cupboard in the communal area? Would the inspector include fixed...
  3. M

    Eicr communal boards

    Hi guys I'm having major works being done on our flats by the council. There is no periodic inspection lables on the boards in communal areas. How many years is required between each periodic test?? Council said it an be up to ten years??? I sure it was no longer than 5. Any advice would be...
  4. D

    Regulations/requirements regarding communal lighting

    Hi, I've just bought a new build flat in a 8 storey building. The communal lights from floors 1-7 are permanently on as well as two staircases. The ground floor is the only floor with PIR's installed. It's such a poor design and I can't see how this can be allowed in this day and age. In no...
  5. Thomas Simons

    Domestic RCD Protection for lighting within communal parts

    I'm due to start working in a building which houses lots of flats over 6 floors with 2 internal communal stairs. I'm due to replace 13 ceiling lights per floor/stairs from a halogen bulkhead to a ELD 17w LED microwave/emergency bulkhead. Each floor is fed from a Square D B6 QOE MCB on a 3...
  6. U

    Flat communal stair lighting breaker box key

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find a key that would fit a lock like that shown in the attached image? This sort of 2 prong lock is on an electrical cabinet in our communal stair and houses the circuit breakers for the lights. I want to cut the relevant circuit so I can change the...
  7. T

    Leasehold Flat with Communal Electrics Issue

    Looking to sell a leasehold flat that I've owned for a couple of years. The problem is what to do with all of the electrics? Fuse Box: Ancient, uses bakelite fuses and it's in the communal hallway. I'd like to have this upgraded but am I right in thinking that an electrician would want to go...
  8. B

    Communal Area EICR code

    Hi All What code would you give for an old Wylex Consumer Unit with a wooden backing, located in the escape route of a communal area? I was leaning towards a C2 but don't know if I'm being too harsh? Thanks
  9. 1

    eicr communal areas

    Hi all some advice would be much appreciated please when carrying out a eicr in a communal area for landlord supply lightning and power on the report section main bonding conductors as I'm aware you hardly get a gas and water supply for communal areas would that mean I put na in the boxes? The...
  10. E

    No incoming fuse

    Hi, I own a flat, and the electric supplier want to replace the meter as its really old. They have sent round two different guys to swap the meter but couldn't proceed as they say they cant isolate the power. Ive attached some pictures of the board. Indeed there is no main fuse not that's...
  11. M

    Using a domestic EPC for a PV system connected to a communal supply only.

    Does anyone have any experience of this ever being acceptable? The situation is a PV system is to be installed on a block of flats. My client has been told by an energy supplier, via an installer that a domestic EPC for a flat is acceptable to go with a fit application where the PV is to be...
  12. M

    communal testing

    Hi all Soon i will be testing communal installations, which will be corridors, lounge areas, kitchens etc, is done alot of testing on domestic installs but none on communal, i know i will be up against 3 phase incomer supplys, ryefield db's, emergency lighting etc, can someone give me a...
  13. C

    Meter taisl & main fuse to change or not to change

    Hi All just did a EICR at a cafe with 2 * flats above. Separate supply for the cafe to the flats! Flats supply is split feeding a CU in communal hall cupboard which also feeds one of the flats via some mcb final circuits & a MCB distribution circuit to a CU within the flat! The other flat is...
  14. A

    A quick question on certification and notification to Part P scheme.

    For example you have a ryefield board with 3 phase incoming cable split into 5 fuses for each meter. 3 meters are 3 flats, 1 for communal area and 1 a small shop unit. Now does ryfield board counts as a shared supply between all of them and therefore should be 5 notifications of each property...
  15. L

    5 flats....1 EICR??

    Evening fella's, I'm doing a building tomorrow which contains 5 one bed flats, the building is number 1 on the street, would one EICR surfice, defects could be split into the different flats , or should I do 5 EICR's!
  16. O

    Communal Heating System - bonding

    Been to look at a job today in a council property where there are about 6 flats which are all heated by a communal heating system. Only had a quick glance at the board but couldn't see any obvious equipotential bonding. So my question is, if you can't bond at gas entry as its in a different...
  17. H

    incoming 3 phase

    hi everyone 3 phase mains coming into building split 1 phase for each of thee 3 flats. now 2 flats are converted into one and rewired my question is do i still use 2 phases for 2 fuse board to balance the load or do i use 1 phase and leave another one unused any thoughts well appreciated
  18. S

    Communal flats, smoke alarms

    Hi all, I need help... I have spoken with fire officer today regarding smoke detection in 3 storey flats.... The flats have a smoke and heat in each of them... The supply authority haven't brought their service in yet but I'm assuming they will be bringing 3 phase into building.... FO has...
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