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  1. T

    Self Employed PAT Testers

    Would like to hear from self employed PAT testers. Have immediate work available in the London and Cambridge area
  2. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Testers, Tools and Bits

    Hi all, I’ve got the following for sale if anybody is interested: 1 x Fluke T150 £85 1 x Zircon XL300 £65 1 x Schneider QO116C10RCBO30F £45 2 x Ei650 £25 each 1 x Meggar PAT120 £350 1 x TIS1835 Ins & Cont Tester £175 1 x TIS415 Phase Rotation Tester £75 1 x Klien CL800 Digi Clamp Meter £165 1...
  3. E

    Multifunction testers

    Alright guys, looking to get some new testers, I only really work domestic, what do you use and why do you like it? Chhers in advance for your replies
  4. T

    To all you testers out there

    What number of circuits are people averaging to test daily in a commercial/ industrial installation
  5. Dan

    Multifunctional Testers - Which one have you got and how long has it lasted?

    Just wondering which multifunctional testers you guys have, and how long have they lasted? Cheeky plug: Multifunction Testers and Part P Test Equipment - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/multifunction-testers/ Hoping this becomes a handy thread for you all. There seems to be a massive price...
  6. H

    Electricians and testers wanted Co Durham

    Commercial/Industrial works ECS card Req On books or agency O/T available Immediate start
  7. P

    Electrical testers required urgently to carry out Eicr testing in stevenage and essex long contract

    Looking for electrical testers to carry out EICR testing in stevenage and Essex areas, high volume of works, price work, Applicants must be fully qualified, 2391 , must have own tools and transport
  8. duckie

    Testers for Homeowners (e.g. non professionals)

    Hi - Sometimes a normal person would need to check and test their electrical connections. There are testers which claim to help do this job - my question is are they OK to use as a starting point to figuring if there is a problem in the first place? e.g. socket earth wire not connected which can...
  9. gnuuser

    collecting vintage tools and testers.

    Im a big fan of collecting vintage testers and tools. anyhow i'm creating a museum exibit of vintage testers and once they are all together i will probably donate them to the museum. a while back i posted a vintage analog multi meter and here are two of the latest ive aquired. a vintage GE...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody heard of voltcraft testers?

    Dropped some old clothes and bits in charity shop this morning. Saw this on the shelf. Bargain price of £2 brand new in box. Not sure as to how accurate it is. But its only a phase sequence tester and seems reasonably safe.( I hope) It seems a German make given the packaging! Instructions also...
  11. R

    Advice on Voltage Testers please.

    I am building up my tool collection, slowly, we have done safe isolation, on our course, so I was looking to buy a Voltage Tester. But I know the Fluke ones have had a recall. But I have seen these two: Fluke T150 Voltage and Continuity Tester - Edwardes -...
  12. R

    Fluke two probe testers

    PRODUCT RECALL NOTICE FLUKE 110V VOLTAGE TESTER T110 We have been made aware of some isolated incidents with this product where the voltage tester could display a false negative result, which can put the end user at risk of electric shock. The product affected is: Code Product Description...
  13. J

    Domestic Detectors and testers worth buying?

    Hi guys, I'm starting to do a bit of DIY in our house - initially just replacing light fittings but am keen to do more and am looking for tools to check that the area I want to work on is safe. As this is just for DIY I don't want to spend a fortune but want stuff that's safe and good enough...
  14. oracle

    Fluke are recalling two pole testers

    Fluke Corporation has identified a safety issue affecting certain Fluke T110, T130, and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers (“T-Pole Testers”). As a precautionary measure, Fluke has decided to voluntarily recall all of these products and provide affected customers with new and improved equivalent...
  15. SparkyChick

    Fluke Product Recall affecting T1xx series voltage testers

    Please refer to this link for more information:- Important Voluntary Recall Information Regarding Fluke T110, T130 and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers - https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/support/safety-notices/tpt-recall Thanks to @Andy78 for the heads up on this.
  16. SparkyChick

    Fluke Product Recall affecting T1xx series voltage testers

    Please refer to this link for more information:- Important Voluntary Recall Information Regarding Fluke T110, T130 and T150 Two-Pole Voltage Testers - https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/support/safety-notices/tpt-recall Thanks to @Andy78 for the heads up on this.
  17. S

    Fluke SM100, SM200 & SM300 Socket Testers Voluntary Recall

    I know this is a little old but just in case you did not know. Fluke Electrical Socket Testers Voluntary Recall Information - http://www.fluke.com/fluke/nlnl/support/safety-notices/Fluke-Socket-Recall I'm keeping mine just in case it gets stolen...that'll teach them.;)
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Dodgy socket testers being recalled

    Saw a notice on screwfix that a batch of socket testers are being recalled. Might give a new meaning to the bang test if somebody uses one of the dodgy ones then...
  19. P

    Are Socket Testers Worthwhile?

    Another thread mentioned those plug in socket testers that use three or four LEDs to indicate wiring faults on the socket... Just wondering if these have any real value especially on a ring main? I can't see that they would pick up a continuity issue unless say both 1/c and o/g cables were...
  20. B

    New fluke testers needed

    Any have fluke T130 or T150 combi testers or any other brands that are any good have T90s but thinking of upgrading Thanks
  21. D


    Are there any that operate without the mains ( to the socket ) switched on ?
  22. M

    TIS Multifunction Tester for sale

    hi, apologises if i have posted this in the wrong place, first post. I have a TIS Multifunction Tester for sale. £500 ovno. Excellent Condition. Comes complete with test leads a new calibration certificate upto December 2017.
  23. J

    GS38 shrouds for Fluke T140 voltage tester

    Does anyone know where i can get hold a pair of shrouds for the fluke t140 voltage tester, mine came glued on when i got it years ago, when i pulled them off they cracked, it hasn't been used in a while only just getting back into the game so i need a pair to pass calibration. I've seen some...
  24. T

    Old time test instruments.

    This is what we used to use to test ELCB's and loop test with a moving coil meter.
  25. IainEngland

    Hello chaps

    hello chaps - Just thought I'd say hello, I'm pretty new to this field - hoping to complete the 2365 next year. As you can tell, I'm from the Rhondda. Looking forward to learning bits and bobs from you chaps on the forum. Thanks in advance (of any daft questions on my part) Cheers Iain
  26. I

    Best multifunction tester

    Looking to invest in a multifunction tester. What are your thoughts as to which are best, best value for money e.t.c also on buying testers on ebay. thanks
  27. L

    Megger LTW300 Series Earth Loop Testers User Guide V05 1108 (Nov. 2008)

    Official Megger User Guide for the LTW300 series of 2-wire Earth Loop Testers. Models LTW315, LTW325, LTW325, LTW425 Version 05 (November 2008)
  28. davegeezzer

    testing seaward live line testers - 2377 ??

    Hi guys I work on the railway maintaining the ticket offices and platform equipment, ive been approached to test DC live line testers...
  29. D

    Kewtech seperates and megger mit 230

    For sale set of 3 kewtech seperate testers:- -Kt35 insulation resistance tester -kt45 loop and pssc tester -kt56 rcd tester all leads and probes included. I have the testers in a strong toolbox that fits them perfectly. They are in very good condition with general wear on the cases themselves...
  30. 1

    Socket tester

    One of my jobs is to walk round and test all the sockets at the house were working in. I use my little socket tester that has the lights to show everything's ok. Or something's amiss. Well when I put it into the cooker socket the rcd protecting it tripped. It also tripped on another socket...
  31. L

    Fault or faulty testers

    R c d tripping in main c/ unit in house think intermittent fault on cable to garage.disconected at both ends my steinel testers show fault between all conductors.my mates fluke and insulation testers show clear ,i test with mine again and fault . So when I go to get new cable I buy new fluke...
  32. S

    alphatek 2080 calibration check box and megger cm500

    hi all i have a alphatek calibration check box for confirming accuracy of multifuction testers or individual testers. cost £200 a few years ago, will need calibrating but other than that is in near brand new condition. open to offers also a megger cm500 multifunction tester for sale with carry...
  33. B

    fluke T5-1000 case

    Hi all, I bought a set of t5-1000 testers 2 years ago without a case which I've since found out was a big no no! Any one know where I can buy a cheap but good case for them so I still have some testers left!! Cheers
  34. P

    megger or kewtech??

    Looking to buy a multifunction tester, which one?? Kewtech kt63 or megger 1550????
  35. T

    What exactly is required to calibrate a voltage continuity tester?

    My company does not allow us to use our own voltage/continuity testers. Instead we must use the ones they provide for us. They're pretty cheap but do the job well enough. I have had my testers for just over a year and the label says that I shouldn't use them after that time so I handed them...
  36. G

    socket testers earth loop impedance indicators

    can anybody tell me if these are worth using as a fault finding tool they claim lots on them,anybody used them?:icon3:
  37. S

    Wanted, calibration service

    Anyone know where I can get my Unitest insulation, RCD & loop testers calibrated in East Anglia (Ipswich)? Just trying to save on a bit of postage.
  38. M

    Robin are resurected by Fluke Group

    All electricians rejoice! Fluke group appear to have been listening to comments on forums like ours, lamenting the demise of the Robin testers. Robin testers are back on the market, new design testers marketed under the Robin/Amprobe banner. Lets hope this just the start of the changes...
  39. S

    The new job.

    Well i can now tie a tie, thanks for the diagrams Paul. I have clean finger nails. The onslaught begins 2 weeks on Monday, The trainees have got a long induction programme to go through. Anyway spent 2 days sorting out the workshop tools, equipment, work stations, stock etc etc, and there is...
  40. S

    fluke 1653

    Hi all, I am looking for a set of instructions for a fluke 1653! i dont suppose anyone has a copy do they? Have trouble understanding how to use the f buttons to get the correct readings Thank you advance for any help reagrds
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