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  1. M

    Blue Flame CPS

    Hi Guys My 1st ever post so please take it easy on me. Does anyone have any experience around Blue Flame and there CPS? They seem to be the cheapest at the moment and as I'm new to the game and it will be the 1st time ill be going through the CPS process any advice would be great. Cheers Andy
  2. littlespark

    Hot tub recommendation

    Does anyone have one? Or are they just the new fad..... the modern version of a trampoline. im looking for a non inflatable type, that’ll run off a 13A socket. I just don’t know where to look.... These Lay-z-spa type ones just look cheap
  3. J

    ICP/IDNO Recommendation in London

    I am looking to have a new 3 phase 200amp supply run to a house/flats conversion that is currently running off a single phase 80amp supply. UK power has confirmed there is a cable at our boundary that can be tapped and provided quotes. It is about as simple a cable run as you can get, around 5m...
  4. C

    Book Recommendation Electrical Installation for beginners?

    Hi there, As the title suggests i am looking for a book literally something like electrical installation for dummies. Since i have typed this in with no joy i was wondering if anyone could recommend a book or sort of Haynes manual type thing. I would like to install outside light, and light...
  5. S

    Three phase INDUSTRIAL fuse board recommendation

    Hello I have a small industrial unit with a messy distribution board. It has 100A breaker and around 10 circuits (lights, sockets, air compressor, three phase 16A fuse etc....) Can you recommend a quality new board from Schneider Havell or Hager?
  6. simpson93

    Looking for g4 recommendation

    Evening all, Im looking for a dimmable g4 under cabinet light which would be compatible with varilight transformer and v pro dimmer. Anyone can point me in the right direction?
  7. R

    GS38 Compliant voltage indicator recomendations.

    Hi all, Level 3 student here looking to purchase a GS38 complaint voltage indicator and could do with your recommendations please. I need a voltage indicator for safe isolation that is GS38 compliant so it can be used for safe isolation procedure and used on NICEIC competent person assessment...
  8. Midwest

    Track Lighting recommendation

    Never installed the stuff before, but considering it for a new property we've bought, where I can't trash the ceiling without her indoors getting the hump. It will be for the dining room part of a kitchen diner. I've seen there are loads of retailers, but it seems that apart from cheap tat...
  9. Soulcraft Electric

    Recommendation required: Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

    Torn between the Fluke 368 (pricey) and the Megger DCM305E. Anyone have any preference/horror stories? Default is "Yellow" but the price is scary...
  10. J

    Security Alarm recommendations

    First fixed for a security alarm about a year ago in my house and it's nearly time for second fix, I've only ever installed veritas r8's before, what do other people use? Are veritas a good brand as I have nothing to compare them to. I would like perhaps some phone app connectivity, the only way...
  11. J

    Comments on specification recommendation

    Hi all, Bit of a long post - sorry! Am developer/client on a residential project (new block of flats) where an engineer has specified some equipment, and was hoping to get some feedback from guys on the tools if you see what I mean?. Integrated LED spots (type not specified - to be confirmed)...
  12. A

    Audio Distribution System Recommendations

    Hi All, Was hoping if peeps can give me some advice. I have an upcoming installation, 5 bed house new build and the customer has requested for the full works, electrics, tv, sat, data in every room, 16 channel CCTV (possibly home automation) and lastly mentioned about an audio distribution...
  13. Dozer 73

    Conditional reporting , how in depth do you go to satisfy your recommendation

    Been sparking now 25yrs plus Did testing and inspecting 10 year ago Do a lot of new installation tests and conditional reports of our own installs once they are up for renewal , so don’t really have to put codes on any thing because it’s all usually pretty much up to current regs This thread...
  14. S

    Brass 45A DP switch recommendation please

    I need a 1 gang 45A DP switch in brass finish but the rocker switch needs to be brass not red like most seem to be. Anyone know who does these? thanks
  15. Baker1988

    Eicr, board change recommendation?

    Hi hope every one is having a good weekend. I have recently started a job with a can who do eicr's/foxed wire testing and as I have only been qualified 2 years and worked mainly in commercial new installation so I have not had much experian in domestic eicr's. They are starting to train me by...
  16. M

    socket outlet near a sink in a school science classroom

    I wonder if anyone can help? IM testing a school classroom and they have large sinks with RCd socket outlets above them. I'm sure this isn't right but can't find a reg. Number to prove my
  17. G

    Socket positions

    Hi, I have a question about socket positions that hopefully somebody could clear up for me. I am planning a kitchen rewire and looking at suitable accessory positions. I am aware that in most instances sockets are positioned a minimum of 300mm from the corner of the room. However I have...
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