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  1. J

    Hi there, Fisher and Paykel dishwasher Dw60FC6X1, has a blown resistor on the control module. Can’t recognise the bands!

    Blown resistor, how do I work out what it was to replace it?
  2. R

    How to get my ambient surround to work?

    Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta mk8. I brought some ambient surrounds 3 for my car expecting they may work as on the website it states it only works on the st fiesta. I wired the positive and negative direct to the battery as stated, I then wired the indicator cable to the right and left indicators...
  3. A

    Why current sensing resistor is so tricky ?

    Hi I didn't understand why when i short the current sensing resistor , the psu/adapter become unstable (voltage dropping and noise) and forever, even if i restore the original resistor !!
  4. C

    LED Lighting

    Hi,Im just a fresher as design engineer. While browsing, I read that 330ohms resistor has to be placed parallel across an LED light, can someone tell me if it is necessary and why?
  5. S

    Rewiring fuel resistor relay

    hey :) i have a fuel resistor relay that a bloody melomy has chewed, it also chewed a hole in my battery and made it leak. i have attatched photos, just wondering if anyone could help me out with which black wires go where to attach the plug back onto the relay? much appreciated if anyone can...
  6. N

    Problem with too much wattage.

    Hi everyone, Starting off; i'm new here, because I have a problem with a light sign I made. The sign has 15 25Watt lights, and burns very bright. I was looking to put a dimmer on there, but i cant seem to find a dimmer which can handle 375Watt. Also it burns way too bright on its own. So I was...
  7. O

    Help with small lifting motor wiring? Where does the other end of this resistor go?

    [/URL][/IMG] On opening up case wire came free where does the resistor connect to? Apologies for unprofessional diagram I did it to try to understand it myself
  8. dogsknob

    Homemade loop checkbox

    Hi to all, This is my first post, I thought I aught to contribute as I often dip in for the wealth of information and interesting debate, please excuse me if this is in the wrong place or already been done. I had a hour or 2 spare so with a handfull of bits from the van I've put together a...
  9. uksparks

    Pyronix alarm triggers

    Hi, I have and regularly install Castle Enforcer alarms by Pyronix. i have a question and hoping someone may know. how can I trigger an input from a third party device, so for example how can I close a relay on another device or put a 12v feed in to an input on my alarm? i want to be able to...
  10. T

    Hi... need some help with this circuit connection

    Hi everyone. My name is Tim and I need some help. I am looking at a motorised pack I am using to clean windows. I want to add a variable resistor, I think they are called potentiometers. I am wondering though, where should I put it and what value should I get? I think maybe 100 OHM? Hope the...
  11. D

    Domestic Touch sensor light switch

    Firstly, I understand normal domestic electrics, but not electronics. I have a 240v 'capacitance touch sensor' light switch, see I LumoS Luxury Crystal Glass 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On/Off LED Light Switches | eBay The blurb states a minimum load of 3 watts. It works perfectly when used to switch...
  12. telectrix

    fluorescent dimmer...... help...

    not come across one of these before. it's dimming 2 x 1200 recessed florries.( 4 tubes each ). the actual dimmer switch has Lin and Lout, but also has 2 terminals + and - wired in telecom cable. ( so elv ). . don't know what's gone as lights don't work. tried a 1K dimmer, but then lights flicker...
  13. R

    techincal knowledge needed

    Hi am an electrician with the following dilemma. I've installed 9 dimmable led's on a led dimmer but the minimum load of the dimmer is 60 watts. The lamps are 4.5 watts and only have a total load of 40.5watts When I dim them down they do so far then they begin to flicker. But when i install a...
  14. N

    Domestic Jcc led7 lighting

    Hi Guys, im after some advise. I'm currently completing a job where I have installed a vast amount of Jcc led7 Downlights. The client got trailing edge dimmers which I have found out are made by varilight. The have minimum wattage of 40 watts which in some rooms is causing the light to turn off...
  15. W

    What's that light called??

    Ok, bit of a silly one here, but what are the lights called where you span them from wall to wall with wire which is low voltage and have down lights along the wires? Trying to find them so any links would be great!
  16. C

    Domestic wiring PIR to scantronic 9651PD

    Trying to fit a standard PIR using FSL conjnections method and cannot get the the resistance to change to 6K9 when PIR is activated! Can anyone help?
  17. Mark.W

    4 pole RCD

    Hi chaps Having quite a heated discussion with a colleague about a 4 pole RCD. He originally installed a 30mA RCD which now needs to be changed to a 100mA, however the N is on the opposite side. He seems to think that putting L1 into N of the RCD, L2 into L1, L3 into L2 and Neutral into L3...
  18. C

    LED 'Dummy Load'

    I'm having no end of issues with a current install. What I've got is two 3gang dimmer switches from Lightwave RF. Gang 1 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x4 Gang 2 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x6 Gang 3 - Auraled 240v 5w Warm White LED Dimmable Lamp x2 Gang 4 -...
  19. B

    Working out resistor calculations...

    Late at night....tearing my hair out....need help with working out resistor calcs. 230V supply....R1=70...R2=90 What is the value of a resistor which when connected in parallel with 70 ohm resistor will cause a total current of 2.4 amps to flow in the circuit? any guidence to push me in the...
  20. i=p/u

    old bt phones, bring bring

    i have a load of old bt phones which the ends are in old gpo chock boxes, can i convert these onto new bt connectors (431a plugs).. any info on these be grand thanks. merry christmas and happy new year. and my new years resoloution is not to kurse on open forums.. sorry phillip;)
  21. sythai

    Resistor across a dimmer... help please

    Hi Chaps, Hope someone can help me with the following. Have got a couple of wall lights on a standard rocker switch at present, with 2 x low energy lamps. These come to less than 40watts in total. Customer want to put a dimmer in that is rated from from 40w - 300w. Sure I've heard before...
  22. T

    test board resistors

    hi all, anyone have any idea what resistors colleges put in test boards to simulate longer cables for decent ring test results? cheers!
  23. E

    Need Help Working Out This Question!

    The Following resistors are connected in series to a 240v supply, 10ohm, 20ohm, 30ohm, calculate to power dissipated in the 10ohm resistor. How do i do this, and how would i do it for the 20ohm and the 30ohm resistor? Cheers Ed.
  24. D

    Dimmer buzzing

    Hi all quick question I recently installed 8 downlights 50w lamps low voltage. The problem is i'm getting a slight buzz at the fusebox when the dimmer is dimmed (400w dimmer) the breaker is a 10a wylex breaker tnc-s any suggestions would be great.
  25. U

    I need a dimmer capable of dimming 1500W for 3 x Chandeliers.

    Hi Guys - I'm trying to find the best solution for this - It has been wired recently but the installed 1000w dimmer has blown. This is on a single metal back box. The dimmer controls 3 big chandeliers switched altogether. Total load of each chandelier is: 480w. Total load altogether is...
  26. L

    1-10v dimmers

    has anyone got experence with installing these Apollo Lighting Ltd - DC/100 what cable should you use. I need to install four to supply four diffrent areas in a school class room, its a surface conduit job
  27. cbw

    3 way switching and low energy bulbs

    There are low energy bulbs installed on a standard lighting circuit, there is 3 or 4 way switching using standard intermediate and 2 way switches, all tests ok with no deviation to regs. WHY do the low energy bulbs constantly pulse at about 40 pulses per minuite, it looks like they are trying...
  28. H

    using voltmeter

    What will happen if we use a voltmeter to measure current in a circuit. I mean if we connect our voltmeter leads at different points on current carraying wire/coil?
  29. B

    intermidiate rotery switch

    hi all looking for a replacement dimmer type rotery switch but not dimming just an intermidiate type as existing has no markings any help
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