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  1. J

    How’s work today ? My beer keeps getting warm

    Having a tough day. Can’t even be bothered to look at the Greek installation work
  2. Bob Geldoff1234

    Sat the 18th Edition exam today

    Well sat the 18th today and passed top of my class(8 people) with 90% so I'm happy with that:).Most people on my course got between 70-80%.One lad only got 60%:( I did find the 18th exam harder than the 17th in which way the questions were worded.Also there seemed to be trick questions put in...
  3. D

    Bizarre fault today immersion timer

    got a phone call from my brother at about 1.30pm to say his immersion timer had caught fire and completely melted. I thought he was exaggerating so popped round to take a look. And yep it had completely melted into a big ball of moulded black sticky plastic...:eek: This timer was fitted when he...
  4. Murdoch

    137 years ago today .................

    This was published: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/4880587647f58c9ea9e015838/files/7e1caafb-d492-499e-b193-428b0a001906/20190417134425.pdf And then think of the monster it is now ..........
  5. B

    Tested a mobile home today and sometime you just wonder why!

    Tested mobile home today and you sometimes just wonder why
  6. Top Cat

    Got a new toolbox today!

    Got the sort with loads of compartments in the lid of the box with a clear plastic clip on lid to keep it all safe and tidy. I spent 3/4 hour sorting all the different size box screws, M4 sizes, nuts, bolts and washers, socket fuses etc, etc, it looked brilliant! Then I opened the lid of the...
  7. D

    Advice on Job i went to today

    Good evening. Any advice what to do in this situaltion would be very much appreciated. I was called by a landloard who lives in Denver . She rents out a property in east London. She asked me to issue a cert for the flat. I asked id it was an EICR that she needed and she said ' yes please, as...
  8. MFS Electrical

    Ordered myself some new toys today

    :mad:Here’s one for all you tool tarts like myself. I seem to be liking Dewalt more and more these days..... a wise investment if I do say so myself since I have about 1million dewalt batteries somehow :eek: Was very impressed with the combi drill in this kit had it for years before it burnt...
  9. Andy5678

    Mad Friday Madness starting now

    hope everyone enjoys the winter festivities over the next couple of weeks. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do :christmastree::partypooper:
  10. HRM-ELEC

    Nice early Christmas present, 2391_52 passed today

    Nice early Christmas present, passed my 2391-52 today :)  Then it's the 18th next after the New year. Anyone know of any good trading providers in the North West? Cheers H
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    interesting convo with NICEIC today

    Had my annual visit today, passed so all good. Discussed when exactly i was meant to have the 18th edition, he said that actually i didnt need to do the course as there is quite a long window. As the NICEIC/Elecsa are allowing upto 2 years - yes 2 years for those already registered to get it as...
  12. SWD

    These arrived today.........

  13. G

    odd one seen today, three FCUs each for a 3KW immersion on one 6mm radial

    As title, Megaflo hot water cylinder has three 3KW immersion elements. Each fed from an FCU in 2.5mm 3093Y flex. On the surface all looked good. Initial testing showed no earth continuity on two of the elements. Closer inspection showed all FCU covers were loose. Further inspection showed...
  14. T

    TS Electrical Services

    Domestic, industrial and commercial NIC EIC approved electrician in Hastings offering a wide range electrical services to clients in the South East of England. From changing a simple light fitting to a complete house re-wire contact us today, no job is too big or too small. If you require...
  15. Pete999

    Pete's Videos New tester out today, make it yourself simples.

    New tester on the market, look out electrical test instruments!
  16. Vortigern

    Came across this little gem today, then got the sack!

    It may be a little hard to see but there is a Line and Neutral fuse in it. Advised Landlord it was potentially dangerous and needed upgrade advised contacting DNO for upgrade of cut-out. Landlord asked me to phone them which I did the DNO said they will be around as soon as possible to do a...
  17. 123

    Found this little beauty of and advert today, race to the bottom

    Ok, so it's from 2015, but seriously? Amazingly, the company still seems to be operating. @Risteard @Phil Thompson @Matthewd29 is this the kind of garbage prices we need to compete with? Company this advert is from is based in Lisburn.
  18. gnuuser

    really worn out today, heavy auto repair!

    had a very busy day today, I changed all four struts, ball joints, and control arm bushings on my old toyota highlander. beast of a job, and I am so glad I have the proper tools to do it. that being said I'm getting too old to be horsing on wrenches likes that. after getting cleaned up and...
  19. Iain Kay

    Is this installation considered acceptable today? (1-ring including oven and everything else)

    Looking for some advice on what I've discovered is the electrics situation in my rental property. I'll note that before I moved in here I made the Letting agents (LA) more than aware I use an absolute ****-ton of power. I told them I can and will be pulling 2,000-4,000 kWh a quarter (with gas...
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