1. sythai

    Been struggling a bit today! Cat5e SWA

    Hi Guys After bit of advice please as we don't do much data normally, tend to sub it out. Had garden building this week which we'd run in SWA cat5e in and decided to terminate and test ourselves. Put a click RJ45 socket at each end and tests failed, tried with hager RJ45 and same issues. On...
  2. Mike Johnson

    EV Scam today 03/02/2024

    I wondered how long it would take, received this in my e-mail this morning, funny I don't have an electric car? THIS IS AN AUTOMATED EMAIL - Please do not reply, as emails from this address cannot be replied to. Thank you for using DVLA online services We want to inform you that your vehicle...
  3. DilogGroup

    Electrical Wholesaler Award - Voting closes today I think

    Voting closes for the Electrical wholesaler awards today if you didn't already know... You can vote on their website until midnight I think. There's a bunch of great candidates this year but you know who's the best, wink wink
  4. G

    How much solar power generated today?

    Hello Our 4kW solar system generated 4.4kWh today (Sunday 13/03/23) compared with our neighbour’s 6.4kW system which generated 19kWh. Clearly, even taking into account the systems’ size difference, our neighbour’s system appears to have massively outperformed ours. Both systems face, more or...
  5. Moley

    USAF B52 bombers are out today

    I've been tracking 2 USAF B52 bombers (reg 61-0018, serial 464445 and 61-0003, 464430). Both took off from the UK today, flew up over Denmark and Sweden and are now circling at around 11000 feet over the east coast of Sweden. Looks like the USA are trying to send a message to Putin. Bloody big...
  6. newfutile

    Amendment 2 is out today

    BS7671 amd 2 has now been published
  7. Raptor0014

    UK Had a weird CPC reading today

    Doing an EICR today and had an odd, lower than expected, resistance reading on a ring final CPC. r1 = 0.21Ω rn = 0.21Ω r2 = 0.18Ω R1+R2 = 0.09Ω I was expecting around the 0.35Ω for the CPC but was quite surprised to see the reading I got. As this was the supply to a kitchen ring I could see...
  8. robd

    Is anyone else having NICEIC cert problems today please

    Hi all, sitting here losing the will to live waiting for pages to load on just wondering if it is just me, was also so bad thus morning that I had to give up. Thanks
  9. R

    I tabbed my regs book for my exam today

    But one has fallen out. I saw it in my Van this morning just sitting there on the floor. I'm at work all day and then I'll be going tonsit it so I'm not gonna have a chance to go through the regs book to 're assign this bloody tab If i show you the tab I don't suppose anyone would no what...
  10. DPG

    18th Regs exam today

    Morning all. Passed my C&G 2382-18 18th regs exam this morning - 95%, which works out at 57/60 correct, so I 'm chuffed with that. There were no questions at all on EVs or SPDs, despite the practice exams all having them. I guess the computer picked other things from the pool. Happy Thursday ?
  11. littlespark

    Picked this up today

    I got this from my daughters landlord... must have given up doing PAT on his own properties appliances... Any idea on value? I’ve got an Ethos one from CEF a few years ago that I inherited, and for all the PAT I do, it’s enough. Kewtech kt73... supposedly with all leads, but I’ve not checked yet.
  12. D

    In the news today ... tesco fined for electrocution
  13. Stevie g

    EICR today Mains smoke detectors interlinked

    Good evening all 3 buildings : 1 Gf flat and 1St fl flat year 1915 2nd 6 flats year 1980 3rd cottage year 1900 They are separate buildings probabley 2in between them, 1 landlord owns all, I ve done EICR on 1st building and 1 flat in 2nd building and found that the mains smoke detectors are...
  14. S

    Went to a job today and noticed a length of metal conduit going across a pathway. The metal conduit is not earthed.

    I just wondered what people’s thoughts were as to weather it should be earthed being an extraneous conductive part? It’s fixed to the concrete floor and if there was a break down in insulation there could be a potential difference. If you do bond it could it be introducing a risk? 1598092922...
  15. littlespark

    And today started out so well.....

    Adding another socket to an outside bar in someone’s garden. A little rain but nothing too bad.. Ran the cable, hammered a couple clips in and I hear a buzzing.... Wasps. Hundreds of them. The banging must have woke them up. ive been stung about 6 times on one hand. 3 on the other. Surprised...
  16. S

    UK Fuse link

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me more about a fuse link (I came across several in a communal cupboard today) . Was not expecting this and immediate thought was Bodget and Scarper had been here. Best described as a brass link similar to a piece of galv pipe inserted in place of a BS88..hence my concern!
  17. G

    Spent a few hours stripping today

    Spent a few hours stripping today Hate all those part rolls of x cable have bean on the shelf for years so the wife and I spent a few hours striping hopefully it will be worth something
  18. OnlQQker

    So I'm In A House Today And I Notice A 30ma Rcd On The Wall

    It feeds an outdoor socket. On the comsumer unit is a 60ma Rcd and everything is covered by this. I'm just wondering if the 30ma Rcd would trip before the 60ma Rcd trips (if that makes sense) It's just my mind wondering about stuff, the chap who owns the house said it's never tripped out, yet...
  19. Ruairi Hansen

    Gas bonding

    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thought is on this. I was out looking at a job today and noticed the main gas pipe is not bonded at the meter but has a 10mm earth at the boiler is this a code c2, c3 or nothing?
  20. S

    UK Got a call today for a fuseboard that was arcing

    Came in to the property to hear a loud buzzing, dawned my face sheild and gloves and went straight for the main fuse (pulled), After taking to the customer he said , the dno was out 30 mins ago stuck a label on the board saying do not use , forgot to actually isolate the board, went away then...


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