1. PapaKlix

    Towel dryer started tripping GFCI

    I have a towel dryer on an interior wall in my bathroom, wired off the last stop in my loop of bathroom outlets. This thing has been installed for 6 or 7 years without issue but recently the GFCI outlet that starts the whole loop started tripping and it got worse to where now I can't get it to...
  2. G

    Honda jazz 2006 plate is blowing fuse 3 7.5amp as soon as engine is started.

    Had new battery and alternator fitted. car will start and drive when battery is charged but because the fuse contorls alternator, power steering and dash. i have no charge going to battery, no powwer steering and no dials working. Anyone know what it could be? Can't see any damage to wiring and...
  3. S

    Started back into my photography after forced retirement.

    Having had to retire after 49 years, I have dusted down my gear and have renewed my interest in portrait photography. It took a while, but have now resigned to the fact I will not be returning to work as an electrician, and must say it feels great to be free. Just a few recent snaps.
  4. A

    What do I need to get started as a PV installer in New Mexico?

    Hello, I am very interested in becoming a Solar/PV installer in New Mexico. I have done a lot of research and am having trouble finding specific requirements in the state. I read that "New Mexico has no specific licensing requirements for those wishing to install solar power systems except that...
  5. T

    How the hell do i get started

    I've just completed two years at college doing Level 2 and 3 Electrical Installation, and throughout lockdown i thought getting some more qualifications might make me more appealing to employers, so i've grabbed myself an ECS card and completed BS7671 18th Ed. I've not really had any practical...
  6. F

    UK Hello. I saw a question related to the Rangemaster Kitchener 90

    My own problem is that when the grill is on, sometimes the mains trips which takes out all of the other units like boiler freezer etc. The individual trip for the cooker does not drop out! Does that mean there is a short somewhere? I suspect the switch for the grill as yesterday I turned it a...
  7. littlespark

    And today started out so well.....

    Adding another socket to an outside bar in someone’s garden. A little rain but nothing too bad.. Ran the cable, hammered a couple clips in and I hear a buzzing.... Wasps. Hundreds of them. The banging must have woke them up. ive been stung about 6 times on one hand. 3 on the other. Surprised...
  8. R

    USA Panel blowing bulbs and Backfeeding

    The panel has started blowing bulbs and shot fire back up in panel on the load side
  9. U

    Hi all I am on level 3 and have not yet started my design project welp have been told I need to complete at least 50% of it by tomorrow if I wannapass

    Anybody got any pictures of there drawings please help me thanks
  10. B

    Getting started / career change

    HI all, so another ‘getting started’ one I’m afraid. Basically I was made redundant from my job with an airline this week. Whilst working towards / saving for My pilot Licences. Given the current climate and outlook for the foreseeable i want to get into a solid career In something else I...
  11. T

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Mate in/around Coventry/West Mids. Trying to get started in commercial.

    Hi, Currently studying C&G 2365 Diploma Level 3 & 18th Ed (on hold due to Covid19 situation, one week left), looking to get into commercial jobs as a mate. Ideal location in and around Coventry and Warwickshire/West Midlands. Have been working with a local domestic electrician since Sept 2019...
  12. Lister1987

    Best clamp meter to get started?

    As title, budget of 100 arm. Ideally want something I can use as an earth clamp meter (assuming it's not just a clamp meter with better range.
  13. wsoppitt

    Guys/girls hopefully you can help.i do lots of work for this guy that has just started setting up a group of containers as a self storage business.

    Guys / girls hopefully you can help. A guy I do some work for is in the process of setting up a container self storage business. There is 1 main gate, he wants the entry to be keyless (fob entry) and also wants it to connect to network for remote operation. Any recommendations for a good system...
  14. D

    Fuse blows randomly

    Hello, thank you. I am DYI. Our daughter has home built in the 60s with fused service panel. One fuse has started blowing ; when a new fuse is put in, it will not blow right away, it can go for hours sometimes without blowing. It is a 20- amp fuse/circuit. On the circuit is a microwave and...
  15. Dan Job Of The Month Competition has started again Checkout the September jobs on Had 10 entries for the first month it has been back in around 10 months. That's not bad to be fair. :) So, for those who don't know, this is where a tiler will whack pictures of his job in a thread, and...
  16. S

    Trainee Advice on how to get started in the electrical trade

    Hey guys, Just after a bit of advice regarding the future. I'm a 30 year old career changer from Leicester. I've just completed my city and guilds level 2 and 3 qualifications (2365) and my 18th edition. I'm finding it very hard to get any sort of Electrical work at the moment and was looking...
  17. J

    SMD LED porch spots all started flickering at same time

    Hi hoping someone can help me... I have 3 SMD LED spotlights in my porch & all 3 started flickering yesterday- I have an on/off switch no dimmer & they had been working fine for over a year... Originally bought from B&Q but no longer sell them Why would all 3 start flickering at the same time? &...
  18. Lister1987

    Entry Level / Getting Started Torque Screwdriver

    Anyone got any recommendations for one? I've got all manner of normal VDE screwdrivers but don't have anything like this yet. Any preferences? Ones to avoid? Bottom, mod, top end of spectrum?
  19. S

    Returned expat looking to get started

    After experiencing prob the out arduous and traumatic time of my working life in Australia as a migrant I have returned to London to eel out my existence as a spark in and around London. It's looking fairly quiet out there although there's an abundance of half built towers dining the landscape...
  20. F

    Outside Led flood light has started to have a strobe effect when switched on

    Hi I have an led flood light just above the door on my shed. I went out to the shed tonight and as I switched on the LED flood light I noticed that it was acting out a strobe light effect. I switched it off then on again and it was strobing again... Anyone ever experienced this before and if so...
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