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Hey guys,

Just after a bit of advice regarding the future. I'm a 30 year old career changer from Leicester. I've just completed my city and guilds level 2 and 3 qualifications (2365) and my 18th edition. I'm finding it very hard to get any sort of Electrical work at the moment and was looking for some pearls of wisdom from people already in the trade.
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Hi Dan, I would like to go self employed but I don't have the experience to do so, so trying to get employment to gain said experience.
Make friends with the managers at your local wholesalers and arrange to spend time early in the mornings at each wholesaler handing out your CV to the sparks coming in. Dress for work, have your tools in the back of your car, and be ready to go with anyone who needs help that day.

Not sure what others think, but you might be as well to register as self employed and as a sub with the CIS, and get some liability insurance in place so you can do self-employed or sub work, what ever comes your way. These registrations are free as they are with HMRC.
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Cheers guys really appreciate the advice. I've been contemplating giving up on the dream recently because It's been getting to me mentally and the qualifications felt like a waste of time but this has given me a bit of hope so thank you


or register with a few agencies. you'd also need to do the ecs h&s exam, then apply for a ecs card. this is essential to get on building sites.
I feel your pain! It's just getting that first one that's difficult, once you've done some work for a couple of firms and show that your keen and good they will have you back. It's just no one want to know when you haven't got any experience.

Pearls of wisdom: Don't say that you want to go self employed from the beginning. Just say your looking for a change of career and need the experience. Don't bend the truth about your experience either as it will quickly become apparent on site. Say that you are willing to do the chasing out and clearing up and all the donkey work etc etc and over time you'll get to do more stuff and gain experience.

As for contacting people I would phone them up or speak face to face as said above. Contractors are busy people and often don't pick up on emails very quickly. If they need some labour when you ask you may well get something instantly. Go on competent person scheme website to find the sparks in your area.

Make a list of 20 then phone them all in one go and I bet you get at least one potential. It's not fun but it's effective.

Also recommend registering for CIS and doing your ECS card so you have the ability to get onto sites. Much more likely to get sub contracting work than an actual job and for your purposes it may well suit better.

Best of luck
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Thanks you for the advice I will definitely take it all on board and use these recommendations
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