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  1. yung_kio

    UK Best trade for job security.

    Hi, I am 17 years old and my main goal was to become an electrician. But I have been hearing from people that becoming a gas safety technician is better or renewable energy. I don't want to make the wrong choice. I just want to get into a trade where there is always work available and good...
  2. T

    Returning to the trade

    Hi Folks , Just looking for a bit of advice as I'm looking to get back on the tools so please bare with me if this is a bit long winded. I'm a time served electrician and worked mostly in the commercial / Industrial area for 12yrs including my apprenticeship and was generally considered to be...
  3. D

    Help with qualifications please - returning to the trade

    Hello All, I did a 4 year apprenticeship, finishing in 1994 with C&G 236 parts 1 &2 with AM2. I worked for a few companies and then went in to the security systems side of things for many years. I want to work as a one man band electrician, call outs, repairs small jobs etc. What do I need to do...
  4. D

    I Need Work Electrical experience in Manchester

    Hi everybody! I am certified but looking for experience to gain ECS card. Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6-8 hours voluntary work. Please call 0770 20 80 226. Regards Dimi
  5. PattD98

    Is an electrical fitter a electrical trade?

    I am an electrical fitter by trade, my EA says an electrical trade person should get paid more, but offers a higher rate of pay for an electrical license, just wondering if an electrical fitter is recognised as an electrical trade
  6. R

    Trade Skills 4 U waste of time?

    I'm 24 and looking for a career change into the electrical industry. Could anyone advise me on the practicality of undertaking a fast track level 2 course with trade skills 4 u? I'm by no means expecting to be a fully qualified electrician by the end of this, I'm hoping to get the level 2...
  7. timhoward

    SBS Trade consumer units

    Thought I'd give one of these a go. Very easy to order and they build the board for you in the order you want. Next day delivery was free. First impression is that it's very solid and the front comes on and off easily. (So much space!) When I fit it, if it doesn't look too rough I'll post some...
  8. felix1288

    How to get into the trade whilst re-training

    Hi, I’m an adult learner, just completed my level 2 and 18th edition. How do you get into the trade? Every mate/improver job I see you need experience, own tools etc. It feels like no one is willing to give you a chance or even respond to you.
  9. G

    29 year old looking to get into the trade

    Hello hope someone can help. I’ve read a few posts on the forum of people in similar situations as myself but never given me the answers I was looking for. Currently trying to get into the trade but as is my age it’s a little difficult to find any sort of paid experience. I have a little...
  10. Dave Appleby

    Trade sparky

    Anyone had problems with Tradedsparky? Ordered a photo cell unit last Tuesday morning on next day. Card was charged immediately. Nothing by Thursday so I mailed and got a response saying that they would check. Nothing back. Called Friday morning was told they would call back, nothing...
  11. W

    Progress in the trade

    Posted a a year or so ago just after my trade test wondering if it ever gets any easier, was stressed being out on my own dealing with faults etc. A year on feel a lot more confident, find myself going into faults and knowing what’s wrong before I’ve even got there. Don’t get me wrong loads of...
  12. The apprentice

    FICA (sottish trade test)

    Hi there was wondering if anyone has sat the fica recently in Scotland which is the trade test
  13. B

    Trade insurance & EV charge points

    Afternoon all, and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but a search didn't bring anything up. Just a quick heads up to anyone installing EV charge points (or other "non-standard" energy technologies); I was confirming PL/PI cover with my insurer today (AXA) for evidence needed by my...
  14. R

    Returning to the trade

    Hi folks, newbie here, been out the trade for over 10years off the tools, was working in a chemical plant as an operator. Left 3 years ago and was doing various things, taxi etc. Need to get back into sparkying to keep the wife happy ? would be mostly domestic stuff working on my own for...
  15. G

    Convert to UK recognised electrical qualification

    Newly relocated from South Africa. Full 3 phase trade tested with a complete wiremans licence. Looking to get converted to a UK recognised equivalent.
  16. Doomed

    Trade timer

    I have been asked to reduce the length of the trade button activation time on this door entry syste, but I'm blowed if I can figure it out. Any help please.
  17. M

    Stick to your own trade

    A friend wanted me to do a side job for her. She wanted some light switches swapped for chrome ones. I said well bit back logged with work at the moment but will get to you in the next few weeks. I sent her a link to the switches she needed stating to make sure they were two way as they were...
  18. S

    Working before joining trade association (SELECT/NICEIC)

    I am currently employed full time with a medium sized contractor in glasgow, scotland and am aiming to go self employed at some point in the next year. However my 2 preferred trade associations want you to be trading 6 or 12 months before theyll sign you up. The question is how does that work...
  19. B

    ECITB knowledge trade test

    Hi all, Does anyone here have any sample questions from the ecitb knowledge electrical trade test ? Ive got to pass it on wednesday but I havent got a clue what to expect Thanks
  20. M

    Planning on joining the trade as an electrician!

    Hi All, I'm 26 year old, I currently work in hospitality in a managerial role, and I hate it. I've been wanting to get out for ages but unfortunately with having a mortgage and all sorts of bills to pay it`s quite difficult. I don't have any experience in anything else. I`ve been working bars...


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