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  1. Doomed

    Trade timer

    I have been asked to reduce the length of the trade button activation time on this door entry syste, but I'm blowed if I can figure it out. Any help please.
  2. M

    Stick to your own trade

    A friend wanted me to do a side job for her. She wanted some light switches swapped for chrome ones. I said well bit back logged with work at the moment but will get to you in the next few weeks. I sent her a link to the switches she needed stating to make sure they were two way as they were...
  3. S

    Working before joining trade association (SELECT/NICEIC)

    I am currently employed full time with a medium sized contractor in glasgow, scotland and am aiming to go self employed at some point in the next year. However my 2 preferred trade associations want you to be trading 6 or 12 months before theyll sign you up. The question is how does that work...
  4. B

    ECITB knowledge trade test

    Hi all, Does anyone here have any sample questions from the ecitb knowledge electrical trade test ? Ive got to pass it on wednesday but I havent got a clue what to expect Thanks
  5. M

    Planning on joining the trade as an electrician!

    Hi All, I'm 26 year old, I currently work in hospitality in a managerial role, and I hate it. I've been wanting to get out for ages but unfortunately with having a mortgage and all sorts of bills to pay it`s quite difficult. I don't have any experience in anything else. I`ve been working bars...
  6. M

    Thinking about pursuing the trade. 17 y/o HS junior

    I am a high school junior. My family has had a huge push for me to go to college since I was a kid. Specifically an engineer. I'm not against it, but I can honestly say there is nothing I hate more than school. I am a 4.2 student and 31 on act as a junior. I have already taken calc 1. But I have...
  7. PedroF

    Newbie in the forum and trade

    Hi all Just have completed my electrician training course with Tradeskills4U and im looking for an opportunity to work as an apprentice to get some experience and hands on the job. My professional background are logistics, for the last 20 years, however im kind of fed up with it and would like...
  8. Lister1987

    UK Trade shows and the like...

    Seen a few mentions of ELEX now and as a newbie to the trade (and tradeshows on general), how many are there and how often are they, or is ELEX the only one?
  9. Dan

    Annual (or bi-annual) events for the electrician trade?

    Just wondering what some events are in the trade. Some that happen often enough to shout out about them a bit. Then I'd consider meeting up with some of you at one or two maybe. Now the wife works for the business too, we can kinda offset and whatnot. Make a bit of a weekend out of it maybe...
  10. J

    Checka trade / My builder

    I am thinking of joining either checkatrade or My builder to drum up some business. Has anyone had any experience of these and do they work Regards Jerry
  11. E

    Time for a new Electricians' union?

    Is it time a skilled trade like ours started our own union? Not part of Unite, not Unison, or any of the other other general unions but something that only accepts skilled C&G qualified sparks into membership?
  12. westward10

    Trade pics for your enjoyment.

    It is often said on here we criticise others work without having the conviction to show our own work. We have Dodgy Trade Pics For Your Enjoyment so let's show the other side. No job too small or to big, before or after let's see 'em. I can change the header if someone can think of a better one...
  13. L

    Introductions: Looking to get back into the trade.

    Hello everyone. I qualified as an electrician in 2003 but only worked for a few years before doing a bit of travelling. One thing led to another and I never worked as a sparky again. I am currently taking steps to get my gold card (just passed the ecs h&s and have the 18th ed course in 2...
  14. Cableguy337

    Need advice about getting into the trade

    Hi Guys I am currently looking to change careers at the moment. I have done my level 2 and level 3 City & Guilds at college. But I have been finding really challenging, trying to gain experience. Would I be right in saying the only way to get into this line of work is an apprenticeship? or if...
  15. FatAlan

    Trainee Getting across ceiling joists from below - tricks of the trade.

    In the day and age of ..how many downlights can we get into one house, I'm intrigued to know what tricks / techniques folks use to install multiple downlights into an existing ceiling in replacement of a central pendant. In particular, once having located the joists, how do you get the cables...
  16. S

    New to the Trade, there's more spiders than I expected.

    G'day, I'm Phil, newly qualified after an unexpected medical discharge from the Army at my 20 year point. I'm bravely/stupidly going out on my own, I know a lot of you don't like us "do a 5 week course and I'm a sparky" types but I do have 20 years of vehicle mechanical and electrical...
  17. C

    Best website to Purchase Texecom / hikvision if not in the trade?

    hi there, As the title suggests i am after an alarm and cctv system, but i am having trouble purchasing the products i want as i am not in the trade a lot of websites only sell to registered installers not end users? any help would be much appreciated hank you =]
  18. T

    Brexit for the electrical trade

    Does anyone know Brexit is going to affect the electrical trade?
  19. D

    Minimum set of qualifications to trade/work in homes?

    I get different answers to this every time. Some say you *have* to be a member of an approved trader body (NICEIC etc), some say you only have to have the regulations (now 18th) and even a diploma is not absolutely necessary. What is *absolutely* necessary? If you job in homes, which body...
  20. M

    Trade Skills 4 U qualifications?

    Hi all, I am looking at the 2 courses below and wondering what it actually means in terms of getting a job. City & Guilds 2365 Course Level 2 & 3 Diploma - https://www.tradeskills4u.co.uk/courses/2365-course Bronze: Domestic Installer Course -...
  21. L

    How to get into the trade

    I’ve been trying to get into the trade for a few months now, I’m studying electrical installation at Bedford college. I’m 23 currently an office manager in retail but looking for an apprenticeship that doesn’t pay pennies or a mate/improver job. I am a very practical person and the theory side...
  22. bahum

    Stereotypes of each trade...

    What stereotypes do tradesmen and people in general have of each trade. Particularly interested in welders since you don't hear about them that often.
  23. R

    Want to get back into the trade after 25 yrs out

    Hi all. I completed an apprenticeship via the CITB way back in 1992 (C&G 236 part 1&2 + JIB AM1), I think it was the 16th writing regs at the time. My employer at the time apparently “liked” me a lot and decided to have me managing/supervise the contracts/jobs instead of being on the tools...
  24. BruvDunk

    Is the Youtube generation helping the trade?

    Recently been watching a few Youtube videos/ blogs of sparks filming their day to day stuff. Just wondering about if this is good thing for the trade? Surely it gives the DIYers some more info on carrying out stuff that should be left to qualified folk.. Any thoughts ?
  25. Nuno Gomes

    New on trade - Looking for advise

    Hi I finished my 2365 level 2 and 3 recently and I´m trying to find a work/trainee program as a Mate or improver. However, and after applying dozens of jobs (part time, full time, Temp, in my area, all country), I´m getting not even an answer. Can anyone give me any advise ? Tia Nuno Gomes
  26. J

    Looking for a start in the trade, Kent based. (Lvl 2&3 2365)

    Hello guys, I’ve recently completed my C&G lvl 2&3 2365 and I am looking to get a start in the trade. I’m 35 and my experience is very limited but I am at a stage in my life where I can put in the hours and I would like to learn from experienced electricians in either a mate position or as an...
  27. S

    Thinking of getting back in the trade Southampton

    Hey guys, A number of years ago I completed the first year of a city and guilds course (2360 I think) and passed with a distinction, did my 16th and then got a job working as an elctrical and mechanical engineer and stopped college. After a few years some things went wrong, the company went to...
  28. M

    New to site, but not the trade!!

    Hi everyone, I’m new on this site, but started in the trade back in 1981 Looking at the interesting subject of EV chargers and the impact of BS7671 : 2018 is having regarding not using PME and installing earth rods at the load end. Thanks guys
  29. P

    New to the Trade, level 2 + 3 C & G 2365 + 18th Edition.

    Hi all, I need some advice on my next move. I took the opportunity to train towards becoming an Electrician and have so far got my City & Guilds 2365 level 2 + 3 and my 18th Edition. I have been looking at improver and mates jobs but they still seem to want experience. What is the best way to...
  30. M

    **Wanted** Trade buddy Co-Worker Reading Berkshire

    Hi there, Fully qualified but only 2/3 experienced taking on some fairly difficult jobs working alone. Learning very fast but I could really do with some local guys/gals to team up with from time-to-time. Ideal person would be on top of their theory & regs with a good standard of workmanship...
  31. A

    * My First Trade Show *

    I went to my first 'trade show' today at a local wholesalers (Edmundsons Bournemouth). Whenever people had mentioned them in the past I envisaged a massive exhibition centre full of wideboy sales reps in suits trying to peddle their wares, and I had so far avoided them for fear of having to...
  32. Gavin John Hyde

    Apparently we are the most trusted trade!

    This story came up on the news app on my tablet, apparently 80% of people in some which survey trusted electricians the most... We rank above plumbers thankfully... Makes you wonder then who they surveyed? As if we are so trusted why do so many people have funny eyes that go a bit crossed eyed...
  33. Kjb Electrical

    Is Check a trade worth it?

    hi all, ive recently started a business so trying to spend my pennies wisely, I can understand checkatrade from a legitimacy point of view but im interested in how much work you can expect to generate from them as an advertisement platform?
  34. Leesparkykent

    ERG, Lom maintenance and any other name they trade under are on watchdog

    Any one who's been not paid by this company may wish to watch it.
  35. littlespark

    Free gift for opening trade account

    Just opened a trade account with Howdens and was offered a Milwaukee 18v multi tool like this FOC Milwaukee M18BMT-0 M18 Multi-Tool I'll confirm the specs when I pick it up, but are these tools any good? I am assuming it comes with a battery and charger
  36. Nobbin

    Back to the trade after a loooong time away.

    I was wondering if anyone else had been away from the trade for an extended period? And what they did to get back up to speed. I have managed to get work subbing for a company who say they will help me but still think I need to brush up on my theory side. When I started back in 1980 things were...
  37. T

    Safe isolation of supply's for trade test

    Hi all. I'm currently a 4th year apprentice waiting to undertake his trade test this week. The part I am sitting is safe isolation and I was looking for some advice regarding the test. I have attached below the information I have been given. I was just wondering if somebody could confirm for me...
  38. T

    Fica / trade test. Fault diagnosis and rectification

    Hi all I'm a new member to the site. I am a 4th year apprentice in Scotland who is going to sit his trade test soon and I was looking for some information regarding the fault diagnosis and rectification part of the assessment. I know there are only 4 faults that will be presented to me in the...
  39. D

    Guidance on correct qualifications for entry into trade

    Good evening, I am completely new to the forum, hence on this forum. I am currently a serving Fire fighter and have been interested in the potential of becoming an electrician as a career change in the long term. What I really need is the correct information on what qualifications are required...
  40. El Davo

    Experience needed, new to the trade.

    Can anybody point me in the right ditection for gaining that all important work experience? Finding it hard to catch a break. I live in the West Midlands and would be happy to offer some free/cheap labour if it means I can get some experience and a foot in the door to the trade. I am 25, hold...