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  1. Idpost

    Tool insurance (20 characters)

    Can anyone recommend a good tool insurance provider. Preferably one that is stand alone to PL and vehicle insurance? Thanks Ian
  2. O

    Fire alarm engineer insurance queries

    Hi there unsure where to ask so i have joined this forum hoping someone will know. I am currently employed by a large firm as a fire alarm engineer for the past 10 years mainly service and small works including emergency light service. I have completed many courses over the years and am Bafe...
  3. 4

    Insurance page form not scrolling

    It is not possible to scroll down the form in the insurance section so it cannot be completed and submitted for a quote. Unless I m doing something wrong ?
  4. R

    Advice on working on site - ltd/umbrella and Insurance

    So I have seen a few jobs, that say you must be either Ltd or Umbrella and also have insurance. If anyone could give me advice on the best way to go about setting up that would be great.
  5. A

    Domestic AFDD, Building Regs and Insurance

    Hello all. New here so i may get flamed if this is covered somewhere else, but I've been scouring google for ages without any conclusions. I'm of the understanding now that AFDDs need to be installed in certain locations, sleeping accommodation being the one I'm interested in as it constitutes a...
  6. R

    Public Liability Insurance

    I’m looking at getting my Public Liability sorted, whilst I wait to get a Mates job. Can anyone recommend a company please?
  7. E

    Advice needed regarding insurance work

    Hi. We’ve recently suffered a house fire that has written off our kitchen and damaged most of our house and we’re in the process of having it repaired. The electrician has been and inspected and found that the wiring is not in line with current regulations. They have proposed that they install a...
  8. Davisonp

    Run on indemnity Insurance.

    I have got a job and am closing the limited company which I and my wife set up and are the only directors. Do I need run on Indemnity Insurance? Is it worth considering or not practical for someone who did predominantly household repairs? Thank you for any advice.
  9. Murdoch

    Car insurance for young drivers

    My son, who is just 19 has just received his insurance renewal and its £524 Not bad I think, but as he's shortly to start a full time job/ apprenticeship I told him to make sure they knew about his change of status from "student" to "apprentice" and he also needs a higher mileage too due to the...
  10. P

    Car insurance pleasant surprise

    For as many years as I can remember I have had to change my car insurance provider as the annual increase was so much. Last year I went back to CIS after a break of several years, and paid £366. I've just received this year's renewal notice, and instead of the usual jump of £300 to £400 it's...
  11. rolyberkin

    Pli Pi & Van Insurance any pointers?

    I have had a bit of a year for finding professional insurance but have again decided to renew with Arthur J Gallagher (Through Stroma) at £260 all in for Pli, Professional indemnity and employer liability. Van insurance is a different matter and I am getting quotes from £260 odd to £1100 on a 66...
  12. sevuk

    Insurance, specifically professional indemnity

    I'm insured with Direct Line for Public Liability, they don't treat church steeples as a hazardous location which is useful to me. However their professional indemnity insurance doesn't appear to cover doing any electrical installation condition reporting, which is part of what I do. Any...
  13. Vortigern

    Woud you mind checking out our Electricians Insurance section

    Yes I woud, it annoys me that you can't even spell, so if you do business the same... Anyway I did check out your insurance and was surprised at how high the premiums were compared to your competitors. Rant over.
  14. J

    cheapest place for van insurance

    wheres the cheapest place to go for van insurance
  15. Murdoch

    PL and PI Insurance renewal

    So got my renewal notice last week from my insurer .... so I logged onto their system and got a quote for about £36 less then my renewal Very unimpressed...... My insurance broker is Simply Business, and the insurer is maltings Suggestions please Thanks.
  16. W

    insurance public liability temp

    hello im a final year apprentice doing my portfolio.i do electrics for the council.I know a electrician who's doing alot of commercial work and my company has allowed me to go with him for the next few weeks as i asked for my portfolio.All i need is to be insured when i looked around its only...
  17. C

    Insurance inspection following fire

    Hello guys a surveying company has requested and EICR be carried out on a house following a fire which has been isolated to the bathroom or so it appears. The aim of the inspection is to develop a scope of works that will bring the house back up to a safe and fit for purpose standard, my...
  18. Vortigern

    Rip off insurance deals with the insurers on this forum no surely not (NOT)

    Just thought I would try our friendly forum sponsor insurers. Quoted me twice the price nearly for my van insurance. Did not bother with PI and Indemnity or that will probably be another double thier money offer. Anyone else tried a quote from this forum and was it good. They must think us dumb...
  19. C

    Public liability insurance stories

    Hello chaps I am renewing my insurance and would like to know of any stories which ended well with regards to any claims... if so can tell me your insurer. touch wood none so far on my front but there will be a day, i am skeptical as £60 notes for 2 million i find very hard to believe if things...
  20. M

    warranty insurance for PV

    hi all just to let u know today logged in to register a job with ec.. ... workmanship warranty & the price has gone up from £22.00 to £49.00 & another price increase for June sometime another 12%. Obvisouly big increase just glad we are at plot 16-36 & would have been nice to be at 36 but there...