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  1. buzzlightyear

    stick another light on

    today I dont mind sticking up 3 wall lights but when a plaster has plastered round 2 of them not take them off the wall ,one one was not even straight ,so before I had but the lights up I needed patch up .what a day ,I will back tomorrow to finish off when dry .
  2. FatAlan

    Domestic Stick to TT or go PME?

    Ok, so you have an old non RCD protected domestic installation on a TT earthing arrangement. Would it be preferable to upgrade to PME if available by the DNO or stick to TT and protect with up front 100mA RCD if the Ze was ok via the rod?
  3. J

    Fluke volt stick 1ac version not 1ac e

    My old fluke volt stick is no longer with me it went missing today and i've looked everywhere, so i went to get another when they brought it to the counter it's the UK version 200 to 1000v my old one was 90 to 1000v, they told me they only the sell genuine UK version. I've looked on line for a...
  4. H

    Naughty Naughty no one will notice stick it in here !!

    Let's just stuff it in here no one will notice !
  5. MerlinGremlin

    MCB or RCBO

    Got sent to a job today for an outside lighting issue, basically to cut a long story short I'm taking the new supply from a different DB so will be installing a new circuit to feed the time clock, so I put down for a Type C 20amp RCBO as the lights are wired in 2.5mm cable and LED floods. I got...
  6. Midwest

    On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2008 Wiring Regulations, incorporating Amendment 3:2015)

    Boring thread. I decided to give in and purchase a copy of the above publication. Give in, in that I understand there are a couple of errors in it, rectified by errata sheets etc. I see the IET site has the ISBN as 978-1-84919-887-5. Does anyone know if this is the latest print? I understand...
  7. telectrix

    amd 3 or not.

    so tempted to stick 2 fingers up. fully loads BG dual RCD CU ( plastic) £30. from sel direct. bargain .
  8. U

    Believe it or not, I joined to ask a question about a fuse....!!

    Dear Everyone. I myself am not an electrician, that's why I'm here. I've got a Baby Belling style cooker that rather spectacularly blew its plug fuse a couple of days ago - took out the entire plug circuit. I've got the plug sockets working again, but now of course I have no cooker! Is it...
  9. H

    Domestic Pricing

    The house in question has all carpets lifted so easy access for running cables. So here's what I've done and to do. Materials were £500. 1. 17 spotlights wired and fitted. 2. 10 additional points in kitchen (sockets, fused spurs, cooker switch) walls chased, conduit installed and wired. 3...
  10. M

    Volt Stick Tip.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMfvyVmSrnA Tin hat on. Entertainment for this evening lol.
  11. G

    Domestic ispect and test

    Hello All, I currently work as an industrial technician. I was thinking of diversifying a bit and looking at maybe doing some inspect and test work for domestic certification and small installions i.e board changes and the likes. I am already 17th edition trained and looking to complete my...
  12. uksparks

    Defibrillator Installation

    Hi, Got a phone call today from a local WMC (no not a MWC), a Working Mens Club, amongst other things they want me to do, they said they want power to a defibrillator they have just got. Just wondered if there were any special rules that I may need to stick to for one of these? Its not a...
  13. i=p/u

    Rcbo or mcb

    Pulled in cable tonight for a 2kw water heater, under sink in a shop tonigh. The cable is run in attic ,then PVC conduit surface down wall . I am certain I can install just an mcb as its all on surface and won't be touched by anyone bar myself, agree and give me confidence or shoot me down ..
  14. i=p/u

    Water heater thermostat ...

    Goooday all... How do you test a water heater stat is doing its job or the correct way of testing it. My hot water would take your skin off for ages but as the cupboard is getting cleared out/ cleaned up thought I'd sort it. heres what I'd say but could be easier or safer way of doing it...
  15. Midwest

    NICEIC Certification Scheme New Cloud-Based Certificate System by NICEIC

    I want to get a new software package for my certificates. I'm registered with Elecsa. I've posted on here before, and been advised about Easy Cert, PIRform etc. I've now seen that NICEIC haved developed a 'Cloud-Based Certificate System'. Allegedly, there is no set up costs or software licences...
  16. J

    Laptop keyboard replacement

    I need to replace my laptop keyboard I think as my clumsy missis spilt her brew on it then a few keys now stick whilst others don't work at all or stick on where can I find the exact model number or make all I know it's an acer
  17. B

    Who can work out this one!!

    Ok here is a fault I discovered today which is a bit of a headscratcher Was called to a house today to look at problem with upstairs sockets, the customer was saying that they were working intermittently so first thing I did was get the volt stick out for a quick check. There was one socket...
  18. S

    Can I sell this on ebay?

    Selling this for a friend. I can stick my finger through the grills and touch the live elements, obviously not legal! Is there a get out clause I can put in the ebay ad to absolve myself from any responsibility? Passes E cont & IR tests.
  19. N

    Thanks a bunch DNO

    Got a call to day customers property thats let with no power , get there to find a BG notice of potenially dangerouse situation L E reverse , consumer unit disconnected by BG tails left tapped up so property had no electricity , now you can imagin what my customer thought !!! didnt do my job...
  20. Q

    DC Volt stick

    Like the name says, do they make a volt stick that can detect DC?
  21. A

    Domestic rogue eletrical voltage

    volt stick picking up voltage on pipes,radiators and walls. there is an rccb on the installtion and it is tripping when you test it but not in the normal conditions with this volt stick situation.any ideas please.
  22. B

    Volt sticks...

    ...handy in certain situiations but which make/model is most reliable?
  23. R

    Dividing showers by 240? Whaaaaa?

    It's been mentioned on here, though I don't know if it's a bit tounge-in-cheek, that showers can be divided by 240v when rating. Is this true? And if so, how come?
  24. S

    decent voltge tester?

    Can anyone recomend a decent voltage tester that actually works? ;) cheers.
  25. Amp David

    CU Circuit Schedule

    I know it is possible to buy circuit schedules to stick on or near the CU unit, but do you have to use a dedicated schedule, or would a copy of your test results placed in a plastic wallet do the same job.:confused:
  26. F

    what works?

    Hello all some of this will probaly be repeated stuff from other threads(i have looked back already) and some of it might help others so here goes anyway. Advertising, flyers, websites etc just wondered who found gained best results.Im working on the website got it free for 2 years with 5 web...
  27. C

    Volt Stick Strangeness

    We got called to a house today for a minor works job. TNC-S system, all electric night storage heating and immersion heaters. While we were there we noticed our Volt Stick was lighting up on the pipework and cylinder in the airing cupboard. The pipework was not live as we had been lent against...
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