1. R

    Trade Skills 4 U waste of time?

    I'm 24 and looking for a career change into the electrical industry. Could anyone advise me on the practicality of undertaking a fast track level 2 course with trade skills 4 u? I'm by no means expecting to be a fully qualified electrician by the end of this, I'm hoping to get the level 2...
  2. someconsumer

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Complaint? Waste of time.

    Honestly... I speechless at this story. The NICEIC have just washed their hands of a valid complaint. Ever heard of a new build property with 7x C2's, 5x C3's and 6x FI's? I own one. 2x electricians (both Napit and NICEIC) said major problems including C2's. EICR produced with pictures -...
  3. J

    What to do with electrical waste from jobs?

    Hi all, Bit of a boring one for you!! I had been working for the same company since i qualified 15 odd years ago. I have now left and set up my own business its it has dawned on me that I have nowhere for the general waste generated by jobs to go! For the company i have just left we had a...
  4. Vortigern

    I always thought heat pumps were expensive waste of time

    We have just done a new build and put in a heat pump. 6kw supply. Insulation galore. I don't think it's gonna work.
  5. 8

    House has a lean to with a metal clad box and plastic double switched socket adjacent to a waste water drain.

    A lean to with a metal clad box and a plastic double switched socket fitted to it adjacent to a water drain for a washing machine. Obviously I am not happy with it so thought I would fit a BG weatherproof IP66 as a direct replacement; thinking I had to remove the flex I pulled some 2.5mm T&E...
  6. James

    Plastic waste

    Plastics are great insulators, as sparks we use them a lot. do we take enough time and care of this waste to ensure our grandchildren and there grandchildren will have the same privileges as us? such as being able to eat fish that are not full of toxins, the list can go on but i am not going to...
  7. A

    2396 is it a waste of time

    Afternoon all I have been doing some research over that past few days and frustratingly the JIB will only grade me as a Labourer! I have:- C&G 2360 Part 1 C&G 2360 Part 2 (minus science) C&G Level 3 BS7671 18th edition C&G NVQ Level 2 Installing Electrotechnical Systems C&G 2392 Level 2...
  8. B

    Wiring for waste pump help

    Hi, anyone that could help me work out some wiring for a 3 phase waste pump and valve wiring? Will consist of RCD, MCCB, Contactor, Power supply unit, Logic relay and Meter controlling the hours, would be a help thanks I have pics so can send through messages
  9. R

    Waste of £600? Am2 exam failure? Or am I worrying

    Hi guys, Sat my AM2 today and yesterday overall I think it went well all bar one quite bad mistake. When running my cables in (singles) from the CCU to the DOL starter I didn't bring a Neatural. I completed my dead test on the circuit using on each phase to Earth and obtained my highest R1 + R2...
  10. JK-Electrical

    Got £349.00 Plus VAT To Waste?

    Jeez ..... this guy really gets on my nerves. He seems to spend more time making videos than he does working. And that bloody voice ...... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Here he is waxing-lyrical about a piece of kit that will set you back just under £420.00. I wonder...
  11. D

    Correct transformer for 12V waste water Pump.

    I recently bought a 12V Whale Gulper 220 waste water pump to remove water from a shower on the groundfloor of my house in Germany (no way to gravity empty the bath/shower.) I am after advice on if I have the correct 240V AC to 12V DC transformer. The pump is a diapragm pump and the instructions...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Waste carrying licence, do we need them?

    I got pulled over today by the council waste management jobsworth otherwise known as the Bath branch of the Gestapo. It seems that I should have had a waste licence to take my scrap metal to the scrapper! As until it arrives at the scrap yard and is processed it is waste and i should have...
  13. M

    Well that was a waste of time, God help them!

    Dutch referendum: EU to press ahead with visa-free travel for Ukrainians | Politics | News | Daily Express
  14. F

    A waste of time

    Changing a consumer over today no problem there 2 an a half hours to do few hours testing and then a waste of time which was my own fault up grading earthing to water and gas gas no problem water intake rear of house all down stairs laminated flooring so have to go around house through garage...
  15. S

    Waste disposal unit jammed.

    Hi All, Waste disposal unit humms for a few seconds then trips the reset button, tried all advice on forums, reset button, allen key method but with all my strength cannot budge in either direction, feels as if it is welded solid, nothing viewable jammed in it, any new advice please or am...
  16. U

    Bonding of cast iron toilet waste??

    Has anyone ever bonded a cast iron waste pipe? and if so what were the circumstances? Can u buy some kind of freaky long bonding clamp? As it states in the regs not to join two clamps together.
  17. sparks55

    Waste Carrier Registration

    I see we all have to register as waste carriers with the environment agency just in case we get stopped carrying scrap from rewires
  18. Deleted member 19807

    weee directive & smoke alarms

    Hi, I am working on a contract to replace a number of smoke alarms in domestic properties that are past there replacement date. can anyone shed any light on who/where the old smoke alarms should go to comply with the weee directive? I have a waste carriers license and am aware that i should...
  19. M

    Solaredge - Waste of Money

    Next week we are removing a solar edge system that has been on test for just over a year alongside an SMA inverter with an identical system. The Solar edge solution promises "25% more energy" yet delivers less and costs more. Thankfully we have none of this product out with our customer...


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