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  1. S

    UK Data Cables Running in ACO Drain

    Hi, I am a surveyor and we are currently managing some refurb works on a property. This property has an old Clipsal lighting system and a wired network installed in the past. This isn’t specifically electrical, so I don’t know if I am allowed data questions in here. I am sure there is plenty of...
  2. Sumer321

    Car battery drain

    Serious power drain on battery on Audi 80 1992.30 mins after turning engine off no battery power won't start.ALL main components seem fine.After turning engine off a humming noise comes from back of engine ?this stops if I disconnect negative terminal on battery.Could this be causing power...
  3. O

    Lithium reverse drain

    Hi all, diy newb here trying to clean up the electrical on my sailboat. Current power storage consists of 8x 130Ah lithium batteries, which are charged by the alternator and/or an 815W PV solar array via Xantrex C40 charge controller. In rewiring my house branch breaker panel, I accidentally...
  4. Sumer321

    Audi 80 92 2.0 l serious battery drain

    Audi 80 92. 2.0l. Serious battery drain in the morning tried to turn but not enough power from battery.jumps easily runs ok stop turn off then turn on same problem.won't turn .bought new battery same problem.alternator checked no problem mechanic says it's charging battery ok.any help would be...
  5. L

    The Plot Thickens ... (mystery parasitic battery drain)

    Hi Folks, Got a bit of a mystery on my hands and it's so far left 2 RAC techs and a local garage absolutely baffled. 10 Days ago I bought a used 2004 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TCDI, drove great, everything worked great, smelt nice so of course I bought it happy as larry. Suddenly one morning without...
  6. dksanders

    SWA in drain permissable?

    Hi All, I've been asked to get a supply for a car park PIR light across the car park entrance from the existing light. The only way across would be by running the SWA cable in a drain that runs across the driveway (see picture). Is there any reason that I shouldn't do that? I can't think of...
  7. G

    battery drain help needed

    I have a 2004 Peugeot Boxer van, converted professionally in 2014 to a very high standard by the previous owner. I have a major issue with battery drain. The battery power decreases over about 3/4 days to a point where there is not enough charge to turn over the engine. So far, I have replaced...
  8. polo1

    Domestic Wet pants catastrophe

    Ok, so I've been asked to check a possibly faulty lower immersion element. Sure enough, it's gubbed. Fortunately I had a spare the correct size in the van. Drain down a massive cylinder, but can't get the element shifted. Not insured for hot works, so ask the letting agents to organise a...
  9. J

    something is sucking my battery down!!!!

    Someone please help,i have a 99 f150 4.6 v8 and my guages went crazy one day,my lights Went dim and then my truck i thought is was alternator,i was wrong but i put a new alternator and new battery On it anyways.(thank god for warrantys)something is still drianing my battery.i pulled...
  10. J

    Audi battery intermittent drain

    Audi A6 – 2007 Since I bought the car 2.5 years ago at a main Audi dealership it’s had an intermittent battery drain which I’ve tried all sorts to trace. It’s getting steadily worse and none of the ‘standard’ techniques have traced it yet, mostly due to the intermittency of the fault. The...
  11. E

    Unexplained Battery Drain: Ford S-Max

    I've just had my first encounter with unexplained battery drain on a 2010 reg S-Max (2L Petrol Turbo). Car was last used on a Thursday afternoon, and battery was dead by Sunday morning, registering just under 6V on a meter. The lights were not left switched or left on overnight. The AA came...
  12. E

    Domestic Drain on battery

    I have a Renault Megan Authentique 1.4 petrol 52 reg. it is used Mon-Thurs for work. I find that come Mon mornings the battery seems flat & wont start unless I use a jump start. I have changed the battery but to no avail. I am told there is a leak or load on the battery which runs down over 3 -...
  13. W

    Outside junction Boxes, switches

    Hi all Is it ok to fit conduit into the top knockout of an outside...
  14. J

    Internal to External PVC Conduit

    Hi all, Some help is required, I am currently trying to run network + 12v cable out to my dog kennels (for cctv cameras) and have a slight problem working out how the conduit should be installed correctly. The run is only short but the cables must exit mid way up and in the middle of an...
  15. RWJ

    Tonights rogue traders, £801 call out.... I'm becoming a plumber

    Rogue Traders Tonight call out to unblock a drain £801!!! They quoted £125 per hour which "wasn't too bad" apparently.. I think we're in the wrong game.... OK £801 was a bit steep but as the program said £125 was reasonable. We haven't been on a domestic call out for ages. They would rather...
  16. S

    Commercial RCD Nuicance tripping (HELP)

    Have a senario where a 30mA trip cuts out whenever a Commercial dishwasher starts the electric pump in its initiation cycle.This equipment is on a radial circuit insulation tested and sound, the Dishwasher has been checked by the installers with no faults. If this cicuit was isolated and set up...
  17. S

    plastic conduit

    is it ok to use plastic conduit outside. will it be waterproof? cheers
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