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  1. Tony Reidy

    Hi thought i'd introduce myself

    Been a sparks for over 25 years did my apprenticeship mainly in London area. worked on various large projects including the NatWest tower, nursing homes and Industrial and commercial units. Nowadays l spend most of my time "house bashing".
  2. Vortigern

    Retiring next year and thought to start selling off some larger items

    Hilmor pipe bender £250 Boss tower working height 8m £800 Van Vito high top 2010 reg long MOT £4000 I have put these on gumtree right now. As I am retiring next year. May still do little jobs but cutting out the bigger stuff. Happy to stop running all the time to keep up. Think I might start...
  3. buzzlightyear

    would you have thought they would have done this

    been to a job to have a look at a garage ,where a customer told me is needs sorting ,had a look in the garage and the board hang of the wall. the customer has just moved in ,and nice new consumer all rcbos for all circuits .now the C88p hang of the wall in the garage is feed from the ring...
  4. MDJ

    Well I would have never thought it----

    --But I felt in agreement with the PM today, the way the Europeans have treated us has made me angry, fluck em, lets go out hard and fast and take our chances, and next time the Germans invade the french lets let the french fight their own battle.
  5. littlespark

    ...and I thought Ikea light fittings were bad

    Hi all. Got asked by a customer to change a couple of pendants in his house to something he had bought from Next. Nice enough metal twist design. Fragile glass globe shades and you get the shade retention ring tightener for those with chubby fingers. Mounting bracket has holes that match the...
  6. Vortigern

    Thought this was funny, if it works that is.

    Ah no it doesn't shame it was funny though
  7. suffolkspark

    LOT20 - just thought id start a rant

    LOT20... what an absolute joke that is all....
  8. Pete999

    Hope this works, just thought it may interest Guys who experienced tool thefts

    Gmail - https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?pc=en-ha-emea-uk-bk&shva=1#inbox/1621e3802c0228bc
  9. Dave Rudderham

    Random thought - Level 3 EAL.

    So I'm well on the way to completing the second practical assessment in the EAL L3 EI course. Me being me, and the tutor saying "We don't normally switch the neutral in the UK" I decided (with permission) to adapt the assessment and move the neutral conductor out to the DIN rail. I've drawn out...
  10. Dozer 73

    Minimum wage and freddo's , food for thought

    Food for thought The Freddo theory In 1999 minimum wage was £3.60/hour and a freddo was 5p This means you could buy 72 freddos with an hours wage Now minimum wage is £7.50/hour yet freddo's are 25p , meaning you can only buy 30 freddo's with an hours wage For the continuum of freddo...
  11. Pete999

    Just a thought regarding cables of a past era.

    Just a thought really, there have been several posts, where Guys have been asking, what type of cable is this, that or the other. Now is it just me or do members think we are coming to the end of an era whereby some of the younger Electricians/Domestic Installers, have not seen or heard of the...
  12. Pete999

    Just a thought on RFCs

    After reading a post yesterday regarding a Timber House Install, got me wondering, someone mentioned, can't remember who it was, and asked has anyone ever wired a RFC in 4mm2 cable, now I have never gotten involved in all this fancy Timber all insulated structures, so I asked myself the...
  13. sparkdog

    Ed China leaving Wheeler Dealers ?

    Looks like Ed is leaving Wheeler Dealers as new production team want to cut corners or something.Had a video clip of it appear on my mobile phone. Not exactly made my day.
  14. Vortigern

    60947 or 3871

    Hi just wanna check these, I think they are 60947 any dissenters? Sorry its sideways.
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