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  1. T

    Power LED string lights with base socket adapter?

    Hello forums, Total novice here! I want to make sure I'm doing the right and safe thing when installing outdoor string lights. The specifications to these lights are included here: The issue I am having is how do I power them? I would like to be able to flick the backyard patio switch to turn...
  2. N

    USA 277 Volt lighting. Y system. I have a string of lights out in a hallway.

    277 volt Y system lighting circuit. A string of lights out in a hallway. Have 277 to ground on both my hot and my neutral. Have only 15 volts between my 277 hot and 277 neutral. This was discovered Friday afternoon, Co. does not pay OT so its my unwanted challenge for Monday. Will look at prints...
  3. J

    How does one HALF CUT solar module affect the other modules in the string when it is partially shaded?

    Hello everyone, I have a fairly technical question. I wonder what will happen to the efficiency of the PV system when we shade the bottom of one solar module (HCC) connected in series? Will the performance of the entire string decrease by half because only the top works in this module? Isn't it...
  4. P

    Festoon, string lights how good are they

    Evening all. I just wondered if anyone had knowledge of these types of lights. I don't want the cheap outdoor Xmas lights but proper lighting harness. I've seen the cost for 50m around £125 without lamps. I'm wondering on their durability as I wish to use them for my garden on festoon poles
  5. C

    One string or two?

    I'm relocating a 16 panel system from a field onto a barn roof. Currently, there are 16 panels, wired as two strings into an isolator. From the isolator there is a two core 4mm SWA which goes underground (about 150m) to the inverter in the farmhouse where it's wired into one of the inverter's...
  6. T

    How long is a piece of string (silly pricing question)

    Afternoon all, I realise that this is very likely a silly question but I'm only looking for a very pricing guide from a professional. I moved recently and as a result no longer have a garage. I'm building a workshop which I eventually want to get connected to proper mains electricity rather than...
  7. M

    LED string lights conundrum

    The 8 way controller stopped working so I removed it, I thought I would just have static lights, the transformer is at the plug, supplies 3v. The control box had 2 wires in from the transformer and 2 wires out for the lights. I joined the wires with a connector block hoping that would do the...
  8. C

    Replacement panels for a defunct manufacturer

    Afternoon all We have a couple of damaged Day4Energy 240w modules to replace and so far as I can tell this company no-longer exists. Well not in the same form as it did a few years ago anyway. A new company has taken up the technology but are not producing these panels. They have suggested...
  9. W

    Larger 6kWp+ domestic install before the FIT cut

    I'm not an electrician, just a householder (though do work in an area given a kick in the family jewels by government decision last year). I am technically minded so want to understand that proposed systems are worth the spend. I have a decent south facing roof space that can take around 25-27...
  10. S

    Building Control Issue

    We've just installed a new 3-phase PV system onto a rebuilt community centre, where the pan is to bring in a new 3-phase supply. The new supply has been delayed, and the clients want to get the building up and running. We can easily use a single phase conversion kit in the DB to provide power...
  11. S

    Can some body confirm my 3 phase PV design?

    Hi so i want to install the following over a three phase supply. South roof - 35 degree pitch. 14x Renesola Virtus 2 250W. One string (???) East Roof - 35 degree pitch. 8x Renesola Virtus 2 250W One string Total of 5.5kW. Inverter is to be SMA Sunny Tripower 5000TL-20 G59 installation with...
  12. U


    Hi what sort of dc voltage could I expect on 16 panels x250watt'.
  13. S

    GFI fault showing on Power One Inverter

    I have a nominal 4Kw system comprised of 16 REY solar panels arranged on my roof with 11 facing south east and 5 facing south west. it is now 11.15 am and the Gfi (Ground fault indicator) LED is still illuminated. The total generation (FIT) meter is showing a red light which means that no power...
  14. G

    Hyundai PV Panel Array - RISO test help

    I have two 8 panel strings laid flat on a flat roof connected to a Power One inverter. One of the strings is showing a RISO of 0.5 mohm or less. The cables and connectors are all dry and intact, so I think is is a faulty panel. The voltage test doesn't identify the actual panel. If I take off...
  15. M

    Solaredge - Waste of Money

    Next week we are removing a solar edge system that has been on test for just over a year alongside an SMA inverter with an identical system. The Solar edge solution promises "25% more energy" yet delivers less and costs more. Thankfully we have none of this product out with our customer...
  16. M

    Strange fault on DC string ?

    Working in Wales yesterday, 9 255w panels and 1 SMA 2000HF Inverter. So we have 1 string of 9 panels in series. The roof was like this with each letter corresponding to a panel. [A]-[B]-[C] [DORMA WINDOW] [D]-[E]-[F]-[G]-[H]-[I] ABC panels in landscape, the rest portrait. All panels at same...
  17. S

    mastervolt xs4300

    Had a call today from a customer of ours saying his pv system was underpreforming. Ok so i went round . System is 2xstrings 8 panels per string xs4300 inverter. 1st thing i did was check the dc voltage on the inverter it was displaying 105v dc 6.8amp and 800watts So i thought somthings not...
  18. S

    Eversolar 4000TL inverter issue

    Hi, Problem arisen with a solar pv system installed in December 2011. Eversolar 4000TL connected to 16 250W Suntech panels (1x string) Worked fine until 3 weeks ago where a problem has developed in bright sunshine, inverter makes a loud clonk and cuts out. Reads error code: UAC failure...
  19. P

    A PV question from a UK installer in Australia

    Hi All, I'm Dan. Totally new here. I worked as an electrician in Manchester doing solar and basic HVAC before moving for a stint in Australian PV. Here a few years now. Happy to swap stories / prices / knowledge etc. Background to why I have signed up for this forum: I have been wanting to...
  20. Davehaywire

    testing dc cables

    well that was fun! very limited testing of dc turned up at job this morning a field of solar panels to test 5 mins instructions off we went carried out irpos to earth array neg to earth array polarity isc with test isolat voc managed to test 1 string pair on 50 invertors not bad for first day!
  21. M

    European installation standards for US based installer

    I'm looking for some input on minimum installation standards for an installation that is a hybrid of US and EU equipment for an installation I am working on. The project is located in a Caribbean island that uses 230/400V 60Hz. My solar training is all US focused although I am originally a UK...
  22. J

    sma overvoltage

    Hello, i am new to forum just need a bit of advice, installation of a 3600tl sma inverter going in to lockout overvoltage first thing in mornings been ok up until nw 3 months old, panels are 250 x16 on single string is this the problem should it be 2 string has shown up to 630v dc max at moment...
  23. P

    solar edge vs string inverters performance

    HI We have installed about 12 solar edge systems and not one of these systems have outperformed our sma string inverter setups. Although there are variables which will influence the results we have 2 installs relatively close to each other, same tilt and orientation 16x yingli 250 pandas. The...
  24. richy3333

    IP rating of shower pull cord

    Found a shower pull cord switch within zone 1 of a shower. Can't tell the manufacturers details so can't ask them. So does anyone know what the general rating for these switches are? (Thought I saw something posted on here once, possibly by Spin?). Either way not a great installation and it was...
  25. R

    Power One 3.6 OUTD Inverter will not start in the morning - Riso fault

    My installation has 2 strings. Sometimes the Riso test fails on one string - showing a Riso of less than 1 Mohm. Therefore it fails the start sequence. I have had the supplier inspect this after a failure and he has diligently checked for water leaks, fretted insulation etc. and he has remade...
  26. L

    Panel Performance Issue?

    I had 3.96Kw system installed along with a mastervolt K5500 inverter last November. We had various issues with performance and the system apparently tripping out the mains, which in the end was rectified by swapping to the non rcd side of my fuse board, but at the time, the electrician who came...
  27. P

    DC ISOLATOR (faulty)

    Anyone had a DC isolator arc out on them? first time today switched on array and smoke poored out plus the conacts arching out big time!!!!all rated correctly replaced it and all was fine but (bit of a wake up call :) supplier said he supplied thousands and never had a prob so JUST ASKING out of...
  28. T

    Relationship between AC Watts generated and DV Volts

    Hi I'm interested to know what the relationship is between the two scales on these graphs; AC Watts generated and DV Volts. This is the last two days output from our 20 panel 4kw installation. Can anyone explain it in plain English? :)
  29. S

    Fault finding issue help please

    I have installed two strings of eight panels on a single story building. The top row of eight seem to be performing well. But the bottom string performs only about half to two thirds of the top. Midday results yesterday which was sunny ....... String 1 240v and 1113w String 2 261v and 493w...
  30. L

    Start up voltage

    How does one determine the optimum start up voltage? I have a 3.6 kwp system in two equal strings into an Aurora 3.6 OUT inverter. Facing SSE with a little shading.The inverter comes with a default start up voltage of 200v. I think each string can be adjusted independantly down to 110v.Sensible...
  31. S

    A couple of IR testing questions

    Do you carry out AC IR tests with generation meter (elster) connected ie from inverter to disconnected conductors at the board, or will this damage the meter? I've been linking it out but apart from the test not being true to the installation it can be a pig if the meter is in an awkward spot...
  32. M

    SSE DNO FIT potential problem 16A

    I have a quote which I would like to go ahead with, but with the proposed cut off with fits, will the below system have any problems with SSE DNO and how would I complete the application form to ensure no problems as there is no space to state two invertors. or would it be safer to reduce by...
  33. E

    Solar PV Surge Protection

    Hello This is my first post, I am hoping someone can help. I am aware that we need surge protectors/string controllers for large solar pv systems, however I have been informed that for any install over 3.78kWp we need them. Does this sound correct? I know there is quite a lot of confusion...
  34. P

    Number of panels per string

    Anyone help me I have 14 235w rec panels on 2 strings 7 per string but the inverter doesn't click on under normal light levels because of the voltage isn't enough per string can I put 8 panels on one string and 6 on the other to bump the voltage up for the inverter
  35. P

    How do you wire your panels?

    I can't really find anything on this and it wasn't taught on the course but do/should you... 1) Wire the panels so a big loop is formed on the roof from +'ve to -'ve or 2) Wire so that the loop is kept small and the +'ve/-'ve follow the same route around the panels using more wire and a bit...
  36. I


    Hi All, Has anyone commissioned a solaredge system? I need to establish how to measure the string short circuit current (Isc) for the commissioning sheet. Has anyone done this? Thanks - itty
  37. W

    Sunny boy software

    Hi, Im trying to match an inverter to 9 Suntech 190 24AD+ Mono panels. It wont allow 9 in one string but will allow 2 strings of 4. I'm trying to get it to show 1 string of 4 and 1 string of 5, is this possibe or am I not using the software properly? TIA Woko
  38. M

    Balanced strings in parallel

    I am designing a 2.3kw on roof pv sytem at the moment but am having trouble sizing an inverter, for 15 modules in 3 parallel strings, so the easy option is to go for 14 mods in 2 strings. The question is could the strings be imbalanced? ie 1 string of 8 and 1 string of 7 in parallel, thus...
  39. W

    String fuses?

    Hi I'm getting confused about the use of string fuses. In the dti guide 4 or more strings in parallel require string fuses to be used in the design of a system. In certain sma inverters, for example the tri power tl8000 they already have string fuses built in. There are 4 d/c inputs on...
  40. SolarCity

    10000TL inverter - 3 phase output and number of strings

    Does anyone have any experience of the SMA 10000TL inverter? I was wondering whether the number of strings had an effect on the 3 phase output of the inverter. For example, does the array need to be arranged as 3 seperate strings?
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