1. C

    Domestic Help! Is this wiring correct?

    I’m having my house extended and they have run a grey 2 core cable with black and red wires coming out of it ( but no apparent earth) to all the downlights and I think the same or similar to the sockets and light switches. Is this correct wiring? I read something about red and black being old...
  2. A

    Help needed, is this correct?

    I have a two 32mcb in the c/u. I thought one would be for the upstairs sockets and one would be for the downstairs sockets but they are not. both require switching off to cut off power off to both upstairs and downstairs sockets!! is something wrong with this? each 32mcb has only one live...
  3. P

    Finding correct plug cable?

    Can anyone advise on how to find out the correct detachable UK plug cable (amperage, wire gauge etc) for electrical items where you don't have the original cable for comparison and the manufacturer of the item doesn't publish the specs for the original cable? I had previously thought these...
  4. T

    Correct Lock Off Device for 4 Pole Main Switch

    Hi all & thanks in advance for any feedback. Could anyone tell me the correct Lock off device used to safely isolate a 4 pole main switch? I'm not 100% sure if the isolation device with the prongs is the correct device to be used or if another lock off device is necessary. Pics attached...
  5. Chris Bawden

    Help with correct material

    Morning Everyone, Wonder if anyone can help advise. I am soldering multiple out rated IP67 led strips. They will be going outside. When I cut them, I need to seal them . I believe I need a non conductive silicone sealent (clear). And also a sealent which won't damage or corrode the PCB...
  6. Cupa

    Domestic Wiring up an induction hob - wanted to sense check if what I'm doing is correct

    Hi guys, I have a new induction hob which I'd like to wire in. I have already wired in the oven and grill into the kitchen using a length of 4mm 3 core heat resistant flex and that is working fine. Back of the hob shows the following diagram: Based on the above schematic, I plan to wire in...
  7. Davehaywire

    correct order of testing- digital copy

    hi I dont suppose anyone has a digital copy of correct order of testing i can just print off by any chance? thanks
  8. B

    Pir motion sensor correct type

    Hi I have a fluorescent light fitting for a suspended ceiling (600 mm x 600 mm) it is wired to a 240 volt supply I was thinking of introducing a pir motion sensor, so as to cut my electricity bills etc I would like a sensor to have the following features: 1. 360 degrees 2. 240v 3...
  9. J

    LED's - Selecting the correct driver for lamp

    Hi, Could someone please tell me what has happened and please advise: I recently modified a large 5x halogen bulb lamp bought from 'Next' to take G4 LED's. I selected appropriate 3W LED SMD bulbs and got a 20W LED driver to run the 5 bulbs. There is no dimmer, its just on a foot on/off switch...
  10. S

    Who does what? How to get the DNO to correct old works.

    Hi To explain: Victorian house split into 3 flats Supplied via single ph service head in the hall then straight into 2 x 3way service connectors, cant see the cable, service connector is right up agaist the service head, From the service connectors is one 16m single insulated tail going to a...
  11. D

    dumper dynostart wiring - finding correct diode-help required please!

    Hi, I am new to the forum so firstly hello all. I have a basic understanding of auto electronics but have encountered a problem that is beyond me and need your help. I am retrofitting a dynostart (startermotor/generator) to a dumper engine that was previously hand-crank start. It is a Hitachi...
  12. R

    Finding the correct cable table

    A lot of these mock exam questions are not specific about armoured or non armoured multicore cables, flat twin or not etc, the correct table to use can be a bit of trial and error until you get the correct answer for Volt drop for example.
  13. Marti

    What is the correct voltage for Tasering students? Is it in the 18th?

    Admins - you know what to do if this post is unsuitable - blame the plumbers ;) There is a point to my factious thread. Last few weeks of my level three. Mature students in class, all self funded. Folk are wondering in late, whinging, delivering assignments at the last minute et-cetra. The...
  14. D

    Guidance on correct qualifications for entry into trade

    Good evening, I am completely new to the forum, hence on this forum. I am currently a serving Fire fighter and have been interested in the potential of becoming an electrician as a career change in the long term. What I really need is the correct information on what qualifications are required...
  15. A

    Cooker supply 12kw correct cable size

    Hey guys I’ve run a 6mm for a cooker, runs about 10metres. The customers has changed her mind on the cooker and gone for a 12kw range. Went back today to finish off and saw this lovely surprise. I know you have to take diversity into account. But for my peace of mind. Would 6mm 32a MCB be fine...
  16. J

    Correct cabling for flat consumer unit supplies

    I'm after some advice please guys.. I've got a job where the builder is converting a shop and flat above into 3 separate flats. There is currently just a 100a single phase supply into the shop on the ground floor. I have requested a new three phase supply to be installed, which will be located...
  17. A

    Which Amperage is correct?

    I need to work out the amperage concerning a light. It is an IKEA single LED spot clip on light. The wire from the light plugs into a transformer plug. The details on the plug are as follows. PRI: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.05A SEC: 7V 0.43A 3W I fully understand the equation and calculation...
  18. D

    Correct transformer for 12V waste water Pump.

    I recently bought a 12V Whale Gulper 220 waste water pump to remove water from a shower on the groundfloor of my house in Germany (no way to gravity empty the bath/shower.) I am after advice on if I have the correct 240V AC to 12V DC transformer. The pump is a diapragm pump and the instructions...
  19. B

    what is the correct sequence for locating faults?

    i'm a bit confused with this question, it doesn't state what kind of fault so the question is open to a broad spectrum, i'm aware the first point is speak to relevant people regarding faults but after that it could go so many ways. am i missing something here? i'm reading through the nvq3...
  20. D

    Circuit that displays correct P-N-E on a small portable distro board

    Hi All, I am designing a few small single phase power distribution boards for stage use. A 63A CeeForm inlet will supply multiple 16A CeeForm outlets Between the I/O will be a dual pole breaker > a RCD > then individual MCB's for the 16A outlets. There will also be a panel meter displaying...
  21. Doomed

    being thick

    16mm 3 core swa single phase clipped direct outside (shaded) on a 63 B type 60898 Do I really mean that the maximum length is 68m, or am I being really thick tonight? Trying to look at a way of providing more power to an outlet pillar that happens to be the furthest point from the supply cabinet...
  22. 247 handyman

    How to check if a fuse feeds a ring final or 2 radial circuit

    Hi guys. I need to check if I have a ring or 2 radial running from a fuse. I have an old wylex fuse box in which someone has put a blue 15amp fuse in a red 30amp carrier. If I disconnect the 2 cables and check for continuity of the 2 lines then the 2 neutrals will this tell me if I have a ring...
  23. B

    110v pat testing adaptor wiring

    What is the correct way to wire up a 110v pat testing adaptor
  24. A

    10kw Rangemaster Cooker Installation

    Hi, I have been asked to fit a ringmaster cooker and wanted to confirm everything I plan to do is correct. I'm sure it is would just like to double check on here if anyone doesn't mind answering. The rangemaster cooker draws around 10kw max, which works out at 43A. The manual asks for a 45A...
  25. M

    Help with earthing arrangement for generator on off-grid PV system

    Hi everyone. We are doing an off-grid system for a small log cabin. It consists of a 6kVA SDMO generator as back up to a small battery set and 4.5 kWp solar PV array with a 3.0/4.4 kW Sunny Island. The problem I have is the generator has a floating earth. After some research I was going...
  26. P

    Commercial Tragic IR fail on EICR

    Hello all, I could use some help here: I was recently asked to do an EICR at a small warehouse/office unit. The installation was, to put it mildly, less than satisfactory; with multiple C1 and C2 conditions. However, of greatest concern to me were the insulation resistance readings I was...
  27. V

    need a help for the fuse type please

    anybody know whats the fuse type for this isolator switch? put one up while ago, customer called and asked to replace with motor rated ones. save me a trip to the site, really appreciated.:yes: Square D Twinbreak 100A TPN Switch Disconnector Fuse
  28. dlt27


    Hi all, I have done a few EICR's before however could do with a bit of advice on what codes you more experienced guys would give these observations; 1 Old 3036 DB made up of wooden base/back. (C3?) 2 Underszed main bond. (C3?) 3 Cooker switch mounted 18" above cooker (C3?) 4 Mutiple cct's in MCB...
  29. P

    switch wire I D

    hi guys, just having a debate over switch wires not being marked up, one guy says its a code 3 one says if you don't understand what the cable does and where it goes you should not be in the fitting in the first place. care to comment guys
  30. D

    Rcd not tripping

    I'm stumped, fitted new cu in one bed house today RCD would not trip using test button or on test. The only time it trips is when a load is put onto socket circuit, or the socket on the cooker isolator, no faults have been found during testing. Its a TNC-S system ze of 0.16ohms IR of >999 on...
  31. A

    Possible Job For Tomorrow

    Reported as occasional trip of an RCD. Leakage current noted 2.5A when cooker switched on (which is on a 30mA RCD). Could be interesting.
  32. D

    2395 revision books

    hi all As anyone bought this book prior to doing the course, I have has a couple of there books before found quite good. Periodic Inspection & Testing Level 3 Award - NICEIC Direct
  33. S

    Connection of 2 convector heaters using armoured cable on a radial circuit

    Evening Gents, Im looking for some advice, I have to connect two convector heaters on a radial circuit - I will be connecting each outlet via fused spur flex outlet, I was going to use a 3x3 adaptable box to terminate the one armoured then connect in singles to fused spur...
  34. A

    3 phase problem

    Hi all This is probably very easy but for the life of me I haven't been able to discover the answer and solution. Three phase taken to a tpn fused isolator, then taken to a sub meter and split to three spn consumer units (each being sub metered again) The neutral has been taken to a Henley...
  35. rmaynard

    Domestic Thoughts needed - Battery back-up

    Iv been thinking about a way to keep the lights on during a power cut and have come up with the following idea, it will be mainly used in domestic properties, iv included an automatic change-over, im picking up a ups today and am going to trial it at home, just wondering if anyone has any...
  36. J

    Rcd fails test.

    Hi, I've been installing a new shower, using a shower consumer unit complete with rcd. All the tests passed, r1 And r2 were 0.23 ohms, insulation resistance was >299M ohms, polarity was correct. But when I test the rcd I cannot get it to trip. It passes when the test button is pressed but will...
  37. J

    Assignment guide

    Hi, i am really struggling to find the relevant books and guidance notes to complete my assignment at Level 3 - 2365. Can anyone please help.
  38. V

    Is my wiring setup okay?

    Hello All, First post. So, I have designed the following setup: The question is, does it look okay? The RCD FCU is on a ring main, using 2 cores for earth from the FCU to Outdoor socket box. Cheers...
  39. F

    Domestic Calculating Voltage Drop on a Ring main

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to the industry and have sat and passed all the relevant exams to become a Domestic installer. I'm a little stuck with one of my pieces to be assessed by NICEIC. I'm doing a full rewire at my dads house and would like to check that I'm calculating the cable volt drop...
  40. D

    Is this a plausible wiring diagram for a 12V DC timer?

    Hi, I want to wire up a 12V DC timer (CN101A) to turn an appliance on and off. I have the found on the internet the following wiring diagram for the timer and not being too experienced I was wondering whether it will work if I make the connections as shown: The timer does not show + or - so I...
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