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  1. S

    FYI: Saxby extended Warranty : Licence number.?..wot wot wot!

    When now registering to extend the standard 2 year to 5 year warranty.... They are asking for your "licence number" with NICEIC NAPIT etc or you do not qualify for the 5 year on some products (these were MW bulkheads) Is this not discrimination ? Does anyone know the real reason for this ...
  2. W

    Can you do a installation for family in Qld and not need a contractors licence?

    Can you do a installation for family in Qld and not need a contractors licence?
  3. G

    Convert to UK recognised electrical qualification

    Newly relocated from South Africa. Full 3 phase trade tested with a complete wiremans licence. Looking to get converted to a UK recognised equivalent.
  4. C

    Advice for using Future Skills International when applying for Australian Electrical Licence

    Hi Can anyone who is currently going through the process of getting their electrical licence with future skills international or anyone has already done it please advise me. I am currently at the stage of writing out the description of what work i have done for each employer and i have...
  5. G

    what Can a restricted licence holder do? And can’t do (south aus)

    What can a restricted licence holder do? And can’t do? (South aus)
  6. Andy78

    Problems with easycert licence transfer

    Hi all, just a quick cry for help in case anyone has been in the same situation. My old PC went kaput lately so I have purchased a new laptop to keep me going and for on site use. I need to transfer the licence from my old copy of easycert to my new one on my new device as well as transfer the...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Waste carrying licence, do we need them?

    I got pulled over today by the council waste management jobsworth otherwise known as the Bath branch of the Gestapo. It seems that I should have had a waste licence to take my scrap metal to the scrapper! As until it arrives at the scrap yard and is processed it is waste and i should have...
  8. C

    Electrician Jobs Nottingham Based Contractor: we have vacancies for Electricians

    Electrician required to work on Domestic - Commercial - Industrial properties , nationwide With a positive attitude, to fit in with our existing team Who is physically fit and a team player. Preferably residing in the local area Driving licence required We are looking for a permanent addition...
  9. S

    Work in Sydney, Aus

    Hi All, I'm a rencently qaulified spark with a good bit of commercial and domestic experience. I'm off to Australia at end of October and will be based in Sydney. Anyone working or been working out there? Looking for info on best places to find work, are agencies the go? How do I become...
  10. K

    Electrician Jobs Renewable Solutions Team - Electrician wanted to cover wales and north, s and y plan heating systems

    Electrician Salary :£27,000 Work Based: Cover areas in the North east, North West, Midlands and Wales. Your appointments are based in one area per day. Days of work: Monday to Friday 8-5 with optional overtime to increase your wage Role : A strong back ground in wiring a variety of heating...
  11. N

    BNO licence for Flats

    The local branch of SSEPD are saying that BNOs have to be licenced. Has anybody heard of this previously and if so who issues the licence. ie who do i phone.
  12. sajeel

    Smoke alarm

    Could someone please clarify regs on some alarm and carbon monoxide on hmo properties ? I have heard each room requires a smoke and co2 ? Also what is regs on using wifi inter link ?
  13. T

    Register with Sparksafe to bid on Council work in Northern Ireland

    No, nothing to do with an American boy band. It appears that there's a new scam surfaced in Northern Ireland, in order to bid on local authority contracts you have to be registered with Sparksafe. I'm waiting for a guy to respond to some questions I've asked him re minimum qualification...
  14. D

    Who can do a periodic( condition report) for localathority licence?

    I am a domestic installer with nic. I have my 2395. But am I alowed to do condition reports for local authority licence? I suspect I cannot as the nic certs are only available to approved contractors. Am I right. i am pricing up a job for 12 flats, the land lady wants them done so she can get...
  15. B

    BBC licence fee going to change

    MPs are finally listening and saying there is no long term future for the licence fee. The BBC have a future proposal to charge every housold a tax even if they dont watch live tv. Personally I believe the BBC have had it too good for too long.they make millions from brands and trademarks alone...
  16. D Skelton

    Level of qualification needed to obtain licence?

    I am genuinely interested to see what others thoughts are on this matter. Hypothetically speaking, the government disbands the current scam schemes and puts out to tender a GasSafe style system for electricians. Costs are lower, standards maintained, enforcement carried out blah blah blah...
  17. L

    question on how to obtain a licence as an electrician

    Hello, I'm sorry to bother you all, but I have a small question. First, let me give you some details: I'm not from the UK, I have a qualification as a Electro-technician that is valid in the whole EU and around the world and 2 years of experience as an authorized electrician in my country...
  18. H

    Working in auz

    Hi there was just wondering of anyone had any stories or info on working in auz, I'm 27 fully qualified sparks started pretty much from school so got quite abut of experience. I want to go to perth on a year working visa to see if i line it and then if i like it maybe try get sponsored and...
  19. G

    Driving Licence - Trailer Category B1+E and C1+E

    I thought I would mention this (B1+E) as I just got turned away from a job today as I don't have my B1+E on my driving Licence.....anybody who did their driving test before January 1st 1997 is fine to tow a trailer (grandfather rights) and anybody else who did it after this date needs to do...
  20. M

    Review my cv and cover letter

    Evening everyone I have attached my cv and cover letter,(ive left out my personal details an current company name)..I'm currently looking to apply to local firms as an electricians mate... I'd be grateful for any feedback,improvements etc.. Cheers Mark


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