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  1. I

    Electrical sub contractors required London and surrounding areas

    Hi We are looking for electrical sub contractors to join our rapidly growing team carrying out commercial and industrial projects around the London area. fully qualified or improvers welcome. applicants must have the following: basic hand and power tools be available to make own way to site...
  2. C

    Electrician Approved Electrician wanted Durham/NE England - Full time at established electrical contractors

    Job Description Experienced Fully Qualified Time Served Electrician required to join our established, well known Electrical Contractors. A fully qualified, time served electrician is required for a wide range of electrical work mainly within the light industrial and commercial sectors. 37.5...
  3. Leesparkykent

    Exothermic welding contractors?

    Can anyone recommend a company? Have a new substation going in and got to supply the earthing nest for UKPN. Jobs simple enough.....120mm bare conductor around the perimiter with multiple rod positions to 2.4 meters, connections to rebar etc all back to a earth marshalling terminal. Only thing...
  4. D

    I despair at some so called "approved" electrical contractors

    My son and daughter in law have just bought a very nice listed building that has had electrical works carried out and certified by a few different electrical contractors. My gripe is the cooker panel switch, connected upside down, IE turn of the cooker main switch and the socket goes off as...
  5. Andy-1960

    Looking for Industrial Electrical Contractors in Wrexham

    Looks like we have just won a large contract in the Wrexham area and may be looking for some local labour to assist us on site. Start is within the next couple of weeks, inbox me if you are interested.
  6. N

    Electrical or Electrical Contractors

    Whats the difference? I see some people call their company, "Joe Bloggs Electrical", and others "Joe Bloggs Electrical Contractors". Is their a reason or personal preference? Any pros/cons of each? Thanks in advance.
  7. toplightco

    Electrician Looking for electrical contractors for retail and other commercial projects.

    We are a lighting (supply only) company making site visits to design and supply lighting to shops, stores and commercial premises in London and the Home counties around the M25. Typical jobs are to replace pendants with new ones supplied by ourselves, install track lighting, downlights, LED...
  8. Lou

    Craddock Electrical Services Ltd

    Craddock Electrical Services Ltd is a family-run team of electrical contractors based in the heart of Bedford. We are registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), for added reassurance. As members of the Electrical Contractors Association...
  9. Lou

    G J Nimmo Electrical Contractors Ltd

    Over 25 years of experience in all aspects of electrical fitting, inspection and PAT testing Commercial Installations, Hospital Installations, Domestic Installations, Periodic Inspection & testing, Fire Alarm Systems, Building Maintenance Based in Alloa, G. J. Nimmo Electrical Contractors have...
  10. Lou

    Gray Electrics (Stafford) Ltd.

    Welcome to Gray Electrics (Stafford) Ltd. We are an established family run business specialising in both domestic and industrial commercial electrical installations, maintainence, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and periodic inspection certification, locally and throughout the uk. With over...
  11. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Bogus NICEIC companies

    Hi Guys Could you give your views on bogus companies falsifying the NICEIC logo whilst working in London recently I noted many companies displaying the NICEIC Logo but were not registered contractors, IN FACT they used approved contractors and think it ok to display the logo ON THEIR BEHALF...
  12. C

    London Pay rates for Sub-Contractors

    Hey Everyone I run a company with around 4 sub-contractors (all self employed individually) that do alot of work for us. We provide a van, fuel, parking, the majority of the plant and all materials. So basically they provide the labour. Most of our work is in London and the surrounding areas...
  13. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic email

    Anyone else had email from niceic about not going on napits register? Apparently napit just want your details for marketing reasons.....lol, it's getting like a school playground with these scams.
  14. W

    *Warning* to Solar PV Sparks & installers

    Don't get involved with Apex Solar Systems/Green Deal (GB) Ltd, Chesterfield (same company) Cowboy roofing outfit with no experience or qualifications in the renewable energy industry, have gained MCS via third party approved contractors with NAPIT (should'nt be allowed). Sub work out to...
  15. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme **you are not niceic**

    Here is a list of company's/contractors that are falsely claiming to be registered with the NICEIC.
  16. E

    Domestic Can some one explain how it works

    Hi all, Ive been given an oppurtunity to meet a company that does all sorts of building works, from schools to local authority and businesses... Ive never had to deal with anyone like this in the past so i feel like a little fish swimming upto a big fish The thing i would like to know is...
  17. RWJ

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Part P Survey

    NICEIC is asking government to listen to its registered contractors over proposed changes to Part P of the Building Regulations. A comprehensive survey was sent out to NICEIC registered contractors and 1,500 surveys were completed and returned. Find out how the contractors surveyed view...
  18. S

    NIC Or Napit

    Hi, My company is currently registered with Elecsa to cover our Part P work, however we really prefer carrying out commercial work/testing etc Obviously most company's choose NIC registered contractors to carry out the said works, be it because there insurance requires this or because they...
  19. M

    work in your area

    i thought i would post this in this forum as im not really posting about a job or giving information on one! ill let the powers that be decide where it should go! i thought i would ask you how you feel what work is like in your area ( where ever that maybe ) over here in Northern Ireland...
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