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    ElectricalOM - Import from Tysoft EasyCert Video

    Watch how to import an electrical installation certificate or condiction report from Tysoft EasyCert, to create the ElectricalOM schematic model. Register for a free trial here: electricalom.com/site/free.php
  2. C

    How To Sync Easy Cert

    Hi all, i have 3 devices were we need to sync the easy cert certificates, i want to be able to create a certificate on 1 device and complete it an another etc. Ive looked on the help part of the easy cert website but it doesnt help much. Any help is much appreciated? Thanks, Carl.
  3. M

    EasyCert alternative

    I need some software to do my certs on and would like to know what alternatives there are to EasyCert? The software is great but as a sole trader the licensing is a bit of a joke/rip off. What options are there out there? Cheers...
  4. N

    EasyCert Issue since software update

    Hi all, wondered whether any other EasyCert users had encountered a problem when they saved a certificate as a pdf. Since the recent software update I found that the pdf showed a misalignment for the test equipment serial numbers - inserting a zero below them. I have contacted EasyCert and they...
  5. Dean House

    Look for advice of Easycert

    Hi, Just recently joined and looking for some advise/reviews on the Easy Cert software Thanks
  6. Andy78

    Problems with easycert licence transfer

    Hi all, just a quick cry for help in case anyone has been in the same situation. My old PC went kaput lately so I have purchased a new laptop to keep me going and for on site use. I need to transfer the licence from my old copy of easycert to my new one on my new device as well as transfer the...
  7. sythai

    EasyCert help please....

    Morning all :) Trying to find on my EasyCert an EICR certificate template, have domestic only? Any idea where it should be please. Haven't renewed my care package for a little while, so when I phoned up 'matey' wouldn't give me any advice. Did manage to get out of him it should have been on...
  8. R

    EasyCert Software Licenses

    Hi, Just a quick question for anybody that uses EasyCert. The website doesn't seem clear, does anybody know how many licenses you get when you purchase EasyCert Pro? If it is only one license then unless I'm reading it wrong is it not better to purchase the CD-rom package at £14.99 and the...
  9. nicnic66

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Crap-Cert

    I know this has been touched on but the Stroma e-cert software is SO basic its driving me mental!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Its doesn't remember ANY...

    Official release of ElectricalOM Electrical Design Software - Check out some of the new features

    We are pleased to announce the official release of ElectricalOM, and we think you're going to be very pleased with the results. ElectricalOM continues Modecsoft's proud tradition of creating robust software for the Electrical Engineering industry. The team has been hard at work through this...
  11. dc-electrix

    Easycert - export schedule to excel/word etc

    Hi, Hoping someone who is familiar with Easycert can tell me how to export a DB schedule to excel/word. Apparently its been added as a feature in a recent update but I cannot for the life of me find how to do it. Any ideas? Otherwise I will email tysoft tomorrow for the answer.
  12. carl9254

    Fire system condition report books

    Hello, Do a few condition reports through out the year on fire systems in factories etc, and I used i certificate I found online but to be honesty it's not much good. Does anybody know of any books I can buy online or a link to a PDFs I can print off? finding it hard to find something. thanks
  13. M


    Hi all Well it maybe time for me to join the modern world and hang up me pen. What software do you lot recommend for producing all the relevant certs
  14. D

    App for testing

    Hi, Iv got an android smart phone and am after an app to input periodic inspection reports for elecsa. Can anyone recommend some proffesional looking software that would do this on an android system. Cheers Dan
  15. K

    Any advice on certification software?

    I'm after a new certification software as I've been using the Napit desktop software, my free trial is up and don't really fancy paying for the renewal. Anyone using anything better? personally I think the Napit one is rubbish but I haven't had much experience with any others. Any help...
  16. Midwest

    Certification Software 2013

    I've recently passed my first scheme provider (ELECSA) assessment and I'm considering what certification software to go for, so hopefully you guys will be willing to share your experiences, I couldn't find a sticky/poll. I realise this is a regular question asked, but as technology moves with a...
  17. N

    Easy cert on windows tablet

    hello im looking at purchasing easycert to run a windows pc in office and also to use a windows tablet in the field whilst doing inspections and i cant seem to find out if it will work with a windows tablet and sync together ?
  18. infinity

    Multiple boards at origin & Easycert

    Just testing a commercial property which has all original equipment installed from a 100A BS3036 isolator to Main DB. Then 3 more DB's have been added before the switch fuse via Henley blocks. I use easycert and was wondering what anyone else does in regard to listing the arrangement. Would you...
  19. F

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Easycert or Niceic

    Hi people, I am looking at dropping the pen and paper routine and moving to electronic certification. What are the differences in the above two? Also I tried phoning easycert but had rubbish reception so couldn't hear very well, how much does it cost in full including vat for there elec certs...
  20. Midwest

    Meggar 1730 on site 'Software'

    I'm thinking of buying a Meggar 1730 on site, but I'm just wondering on the compatibility of the software with someone like ELECSA. I take it that the Power Suite software will record your test results as a finished certificate, but would ELECSA approve these instead of their certificates? (As...
  21. P

    Domestic Certification software

    Could anybody tell me if I as a domestic installer with the NICEIC do i have to purchase there certificate software package, or is there an alternative?
  22. S

    Certification software

    Hi all, sorry if this question has been asked before. I am currentlly using Formfill's free software to do my certificates, but was think of buying the Pirform sortware of the elecsa site, is/has anyone used this, feedback would be much appreciated, thanks.
  23. C

    Megger 1553 on site or Megger 1552 + EasyCert

    Hi all. I am considering a megger 1553 on site. Yes it comes with software for completing certificates but I would also require either smart phone or PDA (as dont want to be hauling laptop around). But my other option is to just get the megger 1552 and get a third party software like...
  24. B

    Software (certs / pda's)

    Okay chaps, I'am looking for something to form fill electrical forums with pda's (bog std ipaq'a cause I've a draw full of 'em) got referrals or links for us?
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