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  1. L

    Megger 1730 won't complete IR dead test at any range

    As title, playing with test rig and running through dead tests; conductor continuity passes fine but if I try and do any range IR test it just won't have it. I've tested the dead short to verify leads are ok and they are, I can't figure out why it's not running the test, it's a dead rig so no...
  2. M

    UK xpelair simply silent illumi shower fan complete

    Hi, buying simply silent illumi shower fan complete . Electrician says there is no connections via ceiling rose. Can it be connected through ring main. Thanks
  3. Pete999

    ACT Gold battery tester complete with case

    As title £150.00 Pm for details.
  4. T

    Complete dwelling refurb inc re wire query

    Hi all New here. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum! I have a query regarding what will and won’t be possible with regard to a property I own in the north east. The 3 bed semi is empty and being completely stripped out of all finishes and all services inc water and plumbing. Right back...
  5. Pringy

    New member - made a complete mess of installing light fitting!

    Hi I’m Paul I always thought I was reasonably competent at doing the easy stuff until yesterday when I tried to put a new light up, this is the first fitting I’ve tried since the house was rewired (by professionals, not me lol) and the wiring at the fitting seems to be some sort of loop. As you...
  6. P

    Complete Noob looking for for some advice

    Hi all, I am a 25 year old currently looking at changing careers from working on the railway to becoming an electrician, but with the one small problem of not know where to start. I have looked into paying for courses however with no experience in the field and the costs of these I'm not to sure...
  7. M

    want to complete nvq on the path of least resistance !

    I have everything except nvq and am2.Maybe half of photo evidence for portfolio.What are the best companies to go for that will do most of the work for me. I know I have to get the photo evidence.Its putting it altogether and time.i am doing the nvq at college and its begining paid for but to...
  8. M

    want to complete nvq

    I have everything except nvq and am2.Maybe half of photo evidence for portfolio.What are the best companies to go for that will do most of the work for me. I know I have to get the photo evidence.Its putting it altogether and time.i am doing the nvq at college and its begining paid for but to...
  9. Pete999

    Pete's Videos How to become a complete tool tart

    Get started with Firefox - An overview of the main features | Firefox Help -
  10. Edtwozeronine

    Can anyone point me towards a complete installation method table

    I have one in the OSG and I have the BSI IET (size of a yellow pages) regs book. I found this too: I've chosen A for air tight conduits in the concrete wall of a...
  11. B

    Going self employed, with level 3 portfolio to complete

    Hi guys, I've just finished my college course, with my portfolio to start/complete. So could I work for another firm as an improver or self employed subby, and finish my portfolio? Due to a change in circumstances I need to be in a job earning more money but I want to finish my apprenticeship...
  12. S

    Help with cat 6 socket

    Hi I've had a company come into my work and wire in some cat6 sockets , however they haven't returned yet to do the ends of cable rj45 plugs . Now the sockets they have used are wired in exact order of colours shown on picture attached. However I'm not sure if this is a or b wiring and would...
  13. R

    Next qualification? Currently on level 3

    Hi, I am currently doing C&G2357 level 3 at college but finding the course is going slow and there isn't much coursework to do outside of the set hours. Are there an courses I can start before I complete my level 3? Looking at possibly a HNC/D but not sure if I need to complete my level 3 first...
  14. A

    is this normal or are these cowboys?

    I've just had electricians in to do a whole house rewire. I think his intention was to have 4 guys on the job but as it turned out they always seemed to be away on other jobs. In the end they rushed the work to get finished on the last day. The guys attitude is that the job is complete but the...
  15. jaydub

    Types of electrical work out there

    Hi guys, Just about to qualify as a sparky, last couple of months of all the relevant C&G courses, AM2 coming up etc etc. My question is, what else could I go on to do with all my electrical qualifications? As I'll be honest, I hate my job at the moment, do mostly domestic and a bit of...
  16. Lou

    A.D.Teal Electrical

    A.D.Teal Electrical offers a complete and reliable electrician service covering Anglesey and Bangor, North Wales... Home improvements from fitting an extra socket to complete re-wiring All work fully compliant with current legislation Free visual safety check if you think you may have an...
  17. BigSim

    MWC or EICR

    Hi all. I normally get a lot of remedial work from the other guys who carry out the EICRS. Some of the faults might include untraceable circuits, which after a bit of investigation can normally be found. Now, when I find these circuits then I inspect, test, and complete a separate EICR...
  18. S

    Zulu Electrical

    Zulu Electrical has over 10 years' experience within electrical and building maintenance, they will cover any job from a household socket to the re-wire of a full building. Zulu Electrical is a member of the NICEIC. Fully insured and qualified, they strive to provide their customers with the...
  19. F

    2365 2/3

    Been reading for days alot of the posts and obvisouly staying away from zero to hero courses is the 2365 lv2/3 suitable for household jobs? Would i have to get an "electrician" to certify what i have done? Im More interested in becoming more competent for DIY than making a career if that was to...
  20. P

    Trainee saying hello to all on the site

    Hi all my name is paul and I'm saying hello to all on the site. I am currently taking a level 3 city and guilds 2365 course at oaklands college Smallford near StAlbans in Hertfordshire. I have successfully completed the level 2 2365 last year whilst working for my current emplyer( non...
  21. S

    How To Get A JIB Card.

    Hi. I have completed the basic courses that have allowed me to work self employed on domestic dwellings. City & Guilds 2392 Fundamental Inspection & Testing etc, Part P and the 17th Edition wiring regs. I am told I need to complete the level 3 NVQ in Electrical Installation. I live in...
  22. C

    certificating one circuit

    hi all. im new to the forum and have a quick question. i have applied to join the niceic domestic installer scheme after starting up on my own this month and have my assessment in a months time so id like this question answered. i am certificating one new cooker circuit added to an existing CU...
  23. C

    Help with stage 3 logbook entries

    H everyone I need help to complete my log book entries, I got made redundant and I am a bit rusty on how to complete them. Help would be much appreciated thanks.
  24. haptism

    Anyone ever worked direct for NHS

    Hi, ive got a possible job as a "electrical assistant" working direct for the NHS. I know the pay wont be great but Im hoping the scope of work there might be enough for me to complete a NVQ3. I was (before this possible job) going to get a mate job and complete the NVQ that way; so anyhow I...
  25. F

    Am2 for 2356

    Would it be possible to use the am2 as evidence in a nvq2356 portfolio?
  26. H


    Hello , this may have been asked before but have not stumbled upon it yet. I am studying electrical installations 2365 and wondered when i have completed nvq level 3 am i then an electrician . my tutor says yes " on paper " but when i check the course online it says succesful completion of level...
  27. happyhippydad

    condition report for outside socket install???

    Evening all.. I'm a bit stumped! I have been asked to 'sign off' a DIY outside socket install by the homeowner. Apparently they are being asked for a 'certificate' by the property developer who is buying the house. I have explained that I cannot give a MWC as I did not do the work. Can you...
  28. B

    Payment of works

    Hi guys would appreciate some help with this... Long story short rewired a 3 bed house owed £500 still job has taken builder for ever to complete and the client has been very difficult every step of the way. We had to come back to connect fans and some other bits and then found out that the...
  29. S

    Rcd & cert?

    Hi all, we have been asked to look at a job, company went bust. Poor install 5 x Rcd tests not complete we will be retesting all RCBO's, detailing all on an EIC but denying all responsibility on test cert for design and construction. Who agrees???
  30. S

    ECR Unsatisfactory

    Hi guys i carried out an ECR last week and it had a few category 1, 2 and 3. Obviously resulting in a fail which wasn't great news for the client. They said well there's no point in giving us an unsatisfactory cert and asked if I could do the works and issue a satisfactory grade. So iv since...
  31. Midwest

    Clarification on Minor Works Certification

    I'm sure this has been asked before, and I have done some searching here, but not quite sure how to phrase it to search properly. I have just completed some minor works on a property installed to the 16th, i.e. no rcd's on lighting. The client required replacement of existing ensuite lighting...
  32. C

    2365-02 equal to Part P or better??

    Hi all, I'm currently near completion of my 1st year 2365-02. I don't think I'm looking to a change my current occupation ( Paving & Landscape Contractor ) to 'full-time' sparky. So rather than doing another 2 years at college ( 2 evenings a week ) to complete the full 2365-03, I'm seeking...
  33. R

    Hello and training help please

    Hello to all, my name is Rob. I'm currently working full time (4 long days, not as a trade person) and the future isn't looking bright for the company so looking to train in a complete different career path. I'm looking at the college route doing the new 2365 level 2 and 3 then jumping over...
  34. A

    Seeking Advice - Considering training on a 2357 course

    Hello Chaps and Chapesses I appreciate this sort of question has been asked many a time and believe me I have just about read them all.. I hope you all are not sick and tired of the same questions but here goes. At 35, I'm considering a whole new career change. Presently, I'm in a white...
  35. G

    Old style switch mechanisms available?

    Does anybody know if there is a product you can buy new that can replace the original mechanisms in switches like the early crabtree and Britmac ones? I have several where the cast housing is perfect but the switch itself needs replacing!
  36. S

    EIC for complete install, need EICR

    Hi, I'm just completing works which included replacing the CU. Therefore I'm providing an EIC for the complete installation. Does the client still need an EICR? (they may be letting out the flat) The EIC obviously contains all the test results you would find in an EICR, probably more allowing...
  37. H

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Will i still achieve the correct qualifications to get a JIB card?

    Hi I started my apprenticeship in sept 2007 and left due to problems at work, I left in January 2009. I achieved my level 1 hand skills and did my 2330 201 exam. I am now back at college on a part time course 1 day a week with the other modern apprentice's finishing my level 2 (will take my...
  38. M

    What are the minimum quals/experience to work in the Afghan?

    Hi all, Can anyone please tell me what are the minimum quals and experience that a sparkie would need to work in Afghanistan? Also what sort of things would bar you from working there, ie criminal convictions, that sort of thing. Also how long is the vetting process, what sort of references you...
  39. T

    Complete management mcs qms

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