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  1. F

    LED Equivalent of 400W sodium

    I have a riding ring(for horses) that has a number of 400W sodium bulbs.One needs replacing so I want to replace with LED. Color does not matter. What equivalent would I need and what type of fixtures for flood lighting? Thanks Fred
  2. LewisM

    Newlec NLMB Range Equivalent

    Hello, I know it's not ideal but does anyone know of any suitable equivalents for Newlec NLMB circuit breakers? Thanks Lewis
  3. D

    copper equivalent of steel

    Does anyone have the copper equivalent of a two core 16mm SWA to hand? Or the minimum SWA 2 core CSA in which the steel would be equivalent to a 10mm copper conductor? Don't have the info to hand. Thanks.....
  4. Walklett

    Looking for a improver job or equivalent.

    Hi all. I'm just looking for work as a mate/improver/apprentice across Liverpool, Chester area I've finished college and I've gained lvl 2, and 3 and also have 17th edition and just under a year's experience.
  5. P

    Equivalent to mem 404elhnc

    Hi guys is there a replacement equivalent to the mem 404elhnc. Thanks Peter
  6. C

    P21W/5W LED Equivalent Recommendations??

    Hi Anyone replaced their filament P21W/5w bulbs with a red LED (canbus ready) equivalent? I'm looking to replace the brake/side light bulbs with red bulbs and indicator bulbs with amber LED equivalent bulbs. These are going in a cycle carrier hence I require coloured bulbs as the lenses are...
  7. D

    Vistalux mcb equivalent

    Evening all...just wondering if anyone knows of an equivalent mcb to the obsolete Vistalux AUB 1 range?? Cheers
  8. gr7

    700W High Bay

    Does anyone know where I could get hold of a 700W high bay fitting? I need the circular type with a reflector to replace a faulty unit. My customer is not interested in converting to LED at present, just wants the failed unit replaced.
  9. U

    DEWALT Flexvolt 18v-54v batteries

    Been looking into these batteries from dewalt standard 18v battery but has an output equivalent to 54v. Bloody expensive but they look like they will last ages and produce some serious output...
  10. S

    Cost of low voltage lighting..

    Hello - I am,as you will notice new here. I hope that I can get some definitive answers that are clearer than I get on-line and talking to 'those who talk the talk but know little'! I have given up on trying to correlate teenage girls and their complete lack of understanding why light switches...
  11. T

    Advice Regarding Part P And Becoming A Domestic Installer

    I currently have city and guilds level 2/3 2330. And I understand t that I'm not fully qualified yet for my gold card till I get my full nvq! Also I'm about to do my 17th edition and have been working as an improver/Mate for the last year. I'm pretty comfortable regarding 1st and 2nd fix of...
  12. D

    400 watt low bay fitting with energy saving bulb for sale

    Low bay light fitting used but checked and tested with new 85 watt spiral lamp, equivalent to 425 watt, using 80% less energy 6390 lumen, warm white 2700 kelvin light colour for sale at £36 including tracked 48 hour postage by UPS
  13. V

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Does anyone know if the niceic are moving the goalposts on April 6th?
  14. H

    How many 50w equivalent LED downlighters to use in a 12'x10' kitchen

    I am planning on using GU10 2800k 35 degree Megaman LED lamps which are claimed to be equivalent to 50watts. The ceiling height is 2.5M and the ceiling area is 3.0Mx3.7M or 10'x12'approx. I understand that within a kitchen (as a rule of thumb) that 2watt/ft square is required for adequate...
  15. P

    Circuit design - SWA R1+R2

    Hi all This has got me thinking. I am designing a circuit using 3 core 2.5mm SWA and using table 11 in the OSG on page 182. With an R1 of 2.5mm and the same for R2 I know what the milli ohms per metre is. That's all well and good but I also know from experience that when uisng the armour as an...
  16. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Technician Grade

    Hi Guys, Ive been looking at the JIB technician grade, it says the 'City & Guilds of London Institute Electrical Installation Work Part III Course Certificate (or approved equivalent)' is required I cant seem to find any details/info on this course anywhere. Does anyone know if it has been...
  17. J

    LED GU10s

    Recently I keep getting asked about LED GU10s, and I don't know if they are any good, I have heard they aren't, but don't really know enough to recommend or not. If I were to swap 8 x 50W GU10s with the LED equivalent would they be as bright, and how long do they last? and is the quality of...
  18. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Which course for JIB recogniton

    Hi, Have worked as an electrician since 15th edition have my 236 pt1 & 2 just updated to 17th edition have worked on industrial,commercial and domestic .I was looking into applying for a JIB card in the hope this would improve my chances of getting work as getting the 17th hasnt, regardless of...
  19. E

    RLC circuits

    Hello to all! could you please tell me if these two RLC circuits are equivalent? if no,how is the kirchoff law in the first one? thank you in advance!
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