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  1. Barnaby Stedman

    Running under block & beam

    Has anyone had any experience with running rfc's under a block and beam floor on a hardcore base?
  2. C

    PME supply block of flats

    Hello Guys I have a 200a 3-phase supply PME bolted to a large ryefield panel, the ryefiled panel then supplies 14 flats within the same building. Each flat is supplied a 63a from ryefild via meters in the form of a 16mm 3core SWA cable. The furthest away is flat 14 at around 25 meters, seeing...
  3. D

    Domestic Choc Bloc - Suitable for extending cable to light fitting?

    Hi, I would like to move a light fitting and switch. The switch, about 20cm, the light fitting, about 60cm. I've been looking online and found a product call the choc bloc, would that be suitable for my needs? The cables are in the attic under the insulation material currently. Some previous...
  4. B

    2-way 13a block plug for dishwasher and washing machine

    I'm sure its been asked a thousand times but I can't seem to find it. Just moved into new house and plan on installing a compact dishwasher. Unfortunately there is only one socket available which currently has the washing machine plugged in. How awful would it be to plug a 2-way 13A block plug...
  5. B

    Breeze block voltage conundrum.

    Hi all, Was called to a job today with intermittent RCD tripping from the garage. Standard domestic TNS with three core SWA from the house to an (inaccessible) junction box down the side of the garage where it joins to 10mm T&E which then runs on surface plastic trunking to a metal-clad CU on...
  6. E

    Extended main Earth on connector block

    I was doing EICR on Saturday on the rented flat and apart from other issues I found that The Main Earth it has been extended with connector block so to reach the earth bar.(as to short) The main earth it 6mm,and its the DB been upgraded by electrician 3 years ago. What code would you give to...
  7. T

    Electrical riser in block of flats

    Hi, I live in a 5 storey 1920’s private block of 16 flats. I reported a smell of gas in the communal stairwell, and the gas board identified 2 gas leaks in the riser. Whilst they were there, I noticed there is alot of really dodgy looking electrical work in the same riser as the gas main on each...
  8. Doomed

    Gas bonding in block of flats

    Old block of four flats now having gas installed for the first time, all gas meters together just outside front door, main earthing terminal (and earth rosd) just inside front door. Gas pipes run to boiler in kitchen of each flat, less then 1 meter of pipework inside the flat, rest on the...
  9. Grampabill

    Puzzling connector block.

    Here I am again with another (probably!) simple problem for those who are in the know. I'm having problems at my holiday home with clients continually switching off the plug which powers the shower in the bathroom and being phoned by people, at all hours, to complain that the shower does not...
  10. M

    32A MCB feeding 1.5mm & 2.5mm T&E cables via 30A terminal block

    Quickie - Would you say this is ok? 32A MCB feeding 6mm T&E which is then connected to a 2.5mm T&E & 1.5mm T&E cable via a 30A terminal block in plastic terminal block housing buried in stud wall. The 2.5mm feeds a 3kW immersion heater with 13A SFU at the heater end. The 1.5mm feeds gas boiler...
  11. Leesparkykent

    Block of flats mains room location.

    I'm starting a block of 15 flats Wednesday, the building is being converted from an old care home. The original wooden staircase is staying in place throughout in the communal area. I've just received a revised set of drawings which shows the mains room mostly situated under the staircase...
  12. R

    TV distribution for block of flats

    Morning all, I need to split a TV signal for a large block of flats. Does anyone know who might make a large tv amplifier (4g coax)? the largest I've found is 8 ways. I don't mind taking a feed to 3 different 8 ways but I just wondered if there was a larger unit out there?
  13. Guffer

    Full Apprenticeship C&G 5357 Block Release

    Anybody know if someone up in Lancashire offers this course on Block Release ? Seems quite common on day release but when we are working all over UK to get the lad back for one day a week is nigh on impossible. Long time since I did my training and we had centres coming out of your backside...
  14. K

    Cables run in cavity between block and brick of an internal wall

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of building a side extension. I will be putting in 2 new rings and 2 new lighting circuits. To get them from the CU to the extension I wanted to run them in the cavity of the old external wall (now internal because there is an extension on the other side)...
  15. Spunkywads26

    Henley Block with DNO seal

    Looked at a job today and found something which I believe to be odd. TNCS system with tails out of the new smart meter into a small henley block. Then 1 set of tails only from the henley block into an old square d cu. The thing I found odd is that the henley block has what I assume is a DNO...
  16. C

    Block of flats EICR sub main only?

    Hello Guys I have been asked to carry out an EICR on a block of flat that share the free hold. TN-S system supplying x4 flats, i have never tested flats before so i am thinking i am only testing the sub main section as each of the flats are privately owned and the communal areas? Not carried...
  17. Amar

    New kid on the block!

    Hi All, Just a quick introduction as suggested by Lou! My names Amar, I'm an electrician by trade and run/own an NICEIC Approved contractor electrical and building company called VIVID Design and Build Ltd in Birmingham. Just looking for advice now and again to help when I can. Browsed on here a...
  18. Pete999

    More suffering, sad news about the tower block fire in London

    Tower block fire in London, apparently there are many deaths, some saying the smoke/fire alarm didn't work, our thoughts are with the survivors and Family members of the Dead and injured.
  19. R

    Newbie would like to know more about electrics starting with why is my dimmer connected up wrong?

    Hi forum, I do have a genuine interest with electronics and have successfully installed a dimmer and replaced a light fitting or 2 oh and changed multiple light bulbs! My latest project is a big one a dimmer switch and light fitting! the existing light and dimmer has been up for 10 years with...
  20. B

    shower block supply

    Hi Guys, Looking for a little advise regarding installation of new supply to feed a communal shower block at a caravan site. The shower block will have 7x 8.5Kw electric showers, 2x 2Kw over-sink instantaneous water heaters, a couple of frost guard heaters and lighting with a couple of...
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