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  1. Doomed

    One from the states

    So who would take the socket cover off?
  2. R

    How to gain qualifications to install charge points

    Hi all. Looking to install EV charger points mainly on domestic properties does anyone have info on any courses and how I could become a registered installer with gov. On it states to receive a grant to install a point a house hold would need a registered sparks. Looking further
  3. S

    Work in Sydney, Aus

    Hi All, I'm a rencently qaulified spark with a good bit of commercial and domestic experience. I'm off to Australia at end of October and will be based in Sydney. Anyone working or been working out there? Looking for info on best places to find work, are agencies the go? How do I become...
  4. W

    I am wanting to work in the USA

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some advice if any of you can help, I will get straight to the point! I'm an american citizen living in the uk, I've been living here since the age of 3 since my parents divorced. I also have sisters and family members who I've just recently connected with...
  5. E

    Domestic Condition report

    Guys advice please on a report that has come my way to undertake remedial action, there is one item I'm not sure on how to approach it states " No RCD protection on cables buried less than 50mm from surface of wall" The ring circuits have RCD coverage, so it's the Lighting that this statement...
  6. M

    3 wire American hot tub with American instructions!

    Hi ive been asked to quote to install a second hand hot tub and it all seemed straight forward at first, the plate on the side said 16A so i done my quote and calculations based on it needing a 16A supply etc. Ive since looked into it and been sent some instructions which the customer thinks...
  7. D

    relay question

    I have an octal base 11 pin relay RS, from a boiler installation strip out. I dont use these in my every day work and am just curious as to the rating label. It states 230v 14mA. Could someone please enlighten me to what this refers to. Thank you very much
  8. O

    Rented accommodation - 5yr or 10yr interval for EICR????

    Got some serious debate going on about this. For domestic installations, Guidance Note 3 states "Maximum period between inspections and testing as necessary" = Change of occupancy/10 years. For commercial installations, Guidance Note 3 states "Maximum period between inspections and testing as...
  9. W

    Domestic Bonding and RCDs

    I have a customer who wants an extractor fan in her bathroom. I visited and noted lack of main bonding to gas and no RCD protection for the property. Due to cost she does not want extra work done (yet). As the gas bonding is very straight forward (1 meter of 10mm and a clip) I would be happy to...
  10. I

    cooker circuit

    hell there just after a little clarification really ,when wiring a seperate hob and oven as i understand it both units can be wired directly from the ccu via outlet points for both hob and oven. if the oven is below 3kw and (manufacturer states needs to be fused at 13A if plugged into a...
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