1. S

    New build query for Scottish based electricians

    Been asked to carry out the electrics in a new build for someone I know. Although I’m a qualified electrician I’m not registered with Select or a similar body, I know it is advised to use someone from one of these bodies to carry out work & sign it off but where would I stand legally if I just...
  2. J

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver / Mate based in Watford looking for work

    Hi, I am a 25 yr old electrical improver / mate with 3 years experience in new builds (inc. hospital, Intu Watford expansion, university accommodation) looking for work in the Watford area or within around 30 -ish minutes of travel. I have an ECS card, 18th ed., IPAF, and NVQ level 3...
  3. Dan

    Forum Trophies changed - now based on 'likes' you've received You now get thousands of points for thousands of likes. :) I need to add some more really. It's very weighted towards members who have been here the longest. Not sure how to give newbies a chance on there to be honest. I think it's...
  4. Andy78

    Home based spray booth

    Just been to quote for an odd job. Fella wants to do a car spraying business from home, in his double garage at the end of the garden. Wants ceiling and wall mounted lighting, provision for a 32A compressor, no mechanical air extraction, random sockets dotted about. Am I right in thinking all...
  5. L

    Industrial Diversity allowance on sockets based on OSG

    Hi, Reading the on-site guide it’s states for socket outlets appendix A table A2 row 9 that 32A ring sockets in an office it can be 100% of the largest circuit and then 50% of the remaining circuits. However I have came across a calculation were the original designer has assumed that they know...
  6. S

    Replacing switch with PIR based switch. Need bit help in confirming wiring

    Hi, I am looking to replace the normal light switch (on/off flick button) with this PIR switch (with On / Off / PIR / MIC sensor) as shown in picture E4 and need bit of help in confirming the wiring as this diagram has confused me. New PIR sensor has only two slots for wire labelled as 'AC'...
  7. J

    Looking for a start in the trade, Kent based. (Lvl 2&3 2365)

    Hello guys, I’ve recently completed my C&G lvl 2&3 2365 and I am looking to get a start in the trade. I’m 35 and my experience is very limited but I am at a stage in my life where I can put in the hours and I would like to learn from experienced electricians in either a mate position or as an...
  8. O

    Based on this a rewire was recommended FFS

    Yes .............. this ............ I was asked for a 2nd opinion So if you operate in the Cobham area of Surrey and think you're about to get an easy rewire off a lady pensioner .......... think again ........ you're not.
  9. David77

    Electrician's Mate based in Reading seeking work in the N.Berks area.

    Good evening all, I am seeking any work opportunity to help me make a career change to become a fully qualified electrician. To begin achieving this goal, I will be starting a Level 2 electrical installation course in 2 weeks time at Langley College. I have my own transport, am ready to start...
  10. D

    Electrician required North West Based

    Electrician required, all commercial work. Mainly testing and remedial. Be willing to work away, individually or as a team. Good rates of pay. PM us if your interested. Start ASAP.
  11. M

    Hi new to group J E A K S SERVICE LTD based in South London

    Hi Newish to group, Electricial engineer for a few years on and off. My Background Computers Satellite installation engineer Air insulation engineer 17th edition engineer with testing and inspection I do subcontracting and private work J E A K S SERVICE LTD Hi Newish to group, Electricial...
  12. D

    Preston Based Electricians Wanted

    Alpha Control Specialists Ltd are electrical contractors based in Lostock Hall, Preston. We specialise in BMS installations nationwide. Currently looking to recruit 2 electricians full-time. -Must have an valid in-date CSCS card (Electrician grade or above) -Drivers license. -2+ years...
  13. S

    ULEZ Zone for the London based Sparkz

    How is this going to affect business?
  14. M

    Newbie on the Home based level 2&3

    Evening all, hope everyone’s well? This is my first post of many to the forum so please be kind At the age of 30, I’ve just signed up to a home learn level 2&3 2365 course with able skills based in Dartford. Just wondering if anyone has done this course as a home learn and if you have any...
  15. S

    west midlands based sparky ?

    hi all Ive just started my level 2 & 3 fast track course full course is 10 months for both qualifications doing it on sat and sun as i work Monday to Friday as a HGV driver and transport manager once I've completed the course it will be time to get the experience working i have family who are in...
  16. seedelectrical

    Electrician Looking for a 17th Approved Electrician with Testing & Inspection: NW Area, based on a Wirral.

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, We are looking for an electrician who has the criteria to help grow our company: • BS7671 17th Edition Approved Electrician. • C&G 2391 Testing/Inspection. • ECS Card. • Clean drivers license. • Experiance with intercom systems. • Commercial and Industrial...
  17. O

    Are you based in Frimley????????

    So I got a call from a customer asking me about something I did in Feb 16 - so I duely paid a visit. Knowing they had had some work done I asked if I could see the certificate..... as I didn't take mine with me! Now bearing in mind a new fuseboard had been fitted, the kitchen had been hacked...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Is Quotatis another leads based extortion racket?

    Over the last month I have had a couple of emails from an outfit called Quotatis... Given its Friday and not too busy I actually clicked through to the website and from what I can tell it is another of them leads based websites where Joe Public posts work, you then get told about it for a fee...
  19. J

    Maintenance Man Needed

    Hi All, We are looking to expand our small business and need an experienced all rounder . Doesn't need to be an electrician ,but must be able to think on their feet, not fussed at what they do. We can be doing anything from fixing pipe leaks,replacing taps,light fittings,unblocking sinks etc...
  20. P

    Apprentices We are Looking for an Electrician Apprentice in Leicester

    Is anyone out there seeking an Apprenticship in Leicester? We are based in Enderby. We do a Range of work from small Domestic Jobs through to Shop fitting. Our work is mostly Local but we do work away. Must be willing to work away. Must be willing to work Nights/Evenings. Long term for the...
  21. C

    120volt plug from 240 volt wire

    i HAVE 240 volt wire feeding a submers water pump going down long bottom of hill is a junction box with 4 wire for pump on a dryer of 4 wire feed plugs into it.for pump.i want to hook a 120 volt plug in at this point using the existing 240 volt 4 wire with 2 hots.can i do this...
  22. Rockingit

    WANTED IN BRIGHTON - NOW (20:15 24/03) - 32a Extension cable

    Story short, if any of you SE chaps based around the Brighton area can supply a 40-50m 32a extension cable (so a 4-6mm flex with a 32a blue commando on each end) - NOW, TONIGHT - I know someone who'll gladly part with money for it in a catering emergency!! PM me asap.
  23. F

    Industrial EPC

    Hello, I am having issues trying to find an industrial EPC assessor. The two assessors I have made contact with do not seem to know or experienced EPC's for the factory type of building that I am quoting to Solarise. Are the EPCs for said buildings required to meet the level 'D' ? Could...
  24. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Can I get niceic registered?

    If I fail the 2395 but pass the 2394 will the niceic board still register me because all our work is upgrades and rewires the minimum work we do in a property is upgrade the consumer unit therefore no periodical are done. I have 2382, 2356 level 3 electrical installation and 2394 will they take...
  25. S

    Phono panel supplier

    Can anyone tell me of a supplier of these? Thanks
  26. M


    Hi all Does any1 know what the maximum permitted zs is for a 5 amp 1362 fuse doesn't have it in the bgb Thanks guys
  27. L

    M&E Estimating Service - Manchester - North West

    Gents, I would like to my company to this forum.I am director of Lomax Estimating Services based within Manchester, I Provide a M&E remote estimating service to various contractors pre design and also design & build. If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact me...
  28. Markc

    Quad bike scam

    Thought I'd post about what has happened to my business partner today. Before Easter he was looking at buying a quad bike and had found a supplier called Elite Quads based in Newport. Road legal quad for £1400 ish! They asked for payment by BACs (first alarm bell) and then said delivery would...
  29. TomTrundle

    Wholesaler in North London

    Can anyone recommend an electrical wholesaler in North London? I am based near Turnpike lane N8. Local wholesalers near me don't publish prices. Do most folks order on-line these days? Thanks Tom
  30. E


    Hi all, Just after any advise or feedback that you guys could offer regards training from maufacturers. I am planning on going on the Honeywell wiring systems course next year and keen to take advantage of any other product training available in various areas. Alarms/CCTV etc etc. Any...
  31. P

    Schletter Roof Hook/Wind loadings etc

    Hi does anyone have any information about where I can get technical data on the Schletter roof hooks and rails? I'm trying to determine number of roof hooks etc based on calculated wind loads and want something similar to the Shuco user manual where they specify the roof hook spacings for...
  32. ProbCerts

    Hello from Pro Certs Software.

    Hi every one, I have just joined. My name is Gary, I am an approved J.I.B. electrician based in Milton Keynes, I also develop iPhone, iPad Windows Phone 7 and Andriod electrical based Apps for electricans in my spare time. Feel free to come and say hi.
  33. P

    Solar PV financing

    Hi, I am an MCS registered contractor currently installing solar PV. One of the obstructions I am coming across is the high cost to install. Potential customers are asking me if I can reccomend any finance companies who specialise in this area, with maybe a loan scheme which is tailored around...
  34. S

    Customers Paying By Card

    Hi, does anyone have any experience of customers paying by card? I'm working out how to go about it. Options are mobile card terminal, phone based and internet based. Not sure what the best approach is or even if it's worth it at all? Any thoughts? Cheers, SW
  35. V

    Simple & Stupid Q regarding paper work

    Basicly, on the REAL presentation of performance document it says : A typical ‘x’ kWp PV system generates ‘y’ kWh. Your system is predicted to produce ‘z’ kWh is 'x' the size of the customers system (4kwp) & 'y' the tariff (43.3p/kWh)? and 'z' the yearly power the system produces...
  36. S

    solar in scotland

    im interested in doing a solar install course in scotland im based near glasgow i called sjib they dont offer 1 at moment anyone know of any recognised coursesin scotland cheers
  37. M

    Training Courses and centres

    im 30 years old and am lookin train around my current job, ive done some research and not 100 percent sure what courses i need to take, most courses offer the same but not 2330? do i need this or not? im based in doncaster and have looked at training centres like 'Met uk' however i get the...
  38. P

    funding for testing course

    does anyone know if i can get funding for the 17th and the testing as i am currently out of work. is there any government funding etc.
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