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  1. S

    Supply to flats

    So I'm confused... this is a supply cupboard for 6 flats. My understanding is that the red cut outs are supposed to be links.. but some have a "80A FUSE" label on them. Also, if they are links, where is the service fuse? And if I assume they are 80A fuses, the 100A crabtree fuse above looks...
  2. J

    Looking for books that’s go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc

    Looking for books that go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc thanks in advance !
  3. I

    New SWA to flats from head

    Hi Guys, First time posting but I've been commissioned with essentially running new cables from the head to 5 flats, due to the ground floor flat not allowing us to run the cables through their flat to the next one we will have to come out of the basement and upto the roof and then down the...
  4. dc_8769

    Panel heater wiring in block of flats

    Hi, new poster here so hopefully I've put this in the right place! I live in a large block of flats and have noticed that none of the panel heaters or heating rails in my flat are working. I believe they are all on the same circuit, as my consumer unit has a switch for heaters- this hasn't been...
  5. Andy78

    Electric boilers for flats

    Hi all, looking for some advice from those that may have used these products. A landlord is renovating a building with a large shop on the ground floor and 5no. flats being redeveloped above. As no gas is present they are looking at all electric solutions for the flats. Their first idea was...
  6. J

    TV wiring for 9x new build flats

    Afternoon Just so I can agree with the builder- can I get advise on following. What wiring I need per flat to allow for sky and standard tv aerial So per TV position in each flat (average flat 3x TV positions- 2x WF100 cables to flats utility cupboard- so if 3x TVs- there will be 6x WF100S...
  7. T

    Pricing a large block of flats

    Any one on here have experience of pricing or working on large blocks of flats? I have a block of 30 to price for an need some advice! Thanks
  8. Charlie_

    Fire destroys flats in Barking.

    Fortunately, all safely evacuated. Anybody done any work in these flats? Or got any juicy gossip?
  9. phillipdj

    Earthing to 1st floor flats

    Hi, I've come across this strange setup on a set of flats I'm doing work on and wondered what people think. There are 4 flats on the 1st and 2nd floor (ground floor is a shop) with their own supply from the street. The supply enters the building from underground at the bottom of the stairs, a...
  10. C

    PME supply block of flats

    Hello Guys I have a 200a 3-phase supply PME bolted to a large ryefield panel, the ryefiled panel then supplies 14 flats within the same building. Each flat is supplied a 63a from ryefild via meters in the form of a 16mm 3core SWA cable. The furthest away is flat 14 at around 25 meters, seeing...
  11. T

    1 Earth Rod 2 Flats Is this allowed?

    Can 1 earth rod be the sole means of 2 flats which have a shared head coming into the bottom flat? I have been out today and the incoming supply comes into the bottom flat. There are 2 main fuses. 1 for the bottom flat and 1 for the top flat. There is an earth rod installed outside with a 16mm...
  12. P

    Video Intercom for Flats

    Hi All, I have been asked to quote on installing an intercom system in a block of 12 flats but instead of the usual audio only kit I have installed in the past they have asked for a video system. There are obviously loads of suppliers out there for such things but the one other thing they have...
  13. R

    Joining wall between 2 flats, sockets and fire prevention

    On site today and heard the carpenter tell the site manager that all the sockets and switches on the joining wall (flat opposite side) will need to have fire prevention boxes built aroud them. The site manager is having trimber supports added for the sockets and told him there is fire...
  14. J

    intake for 14x flats- meter spacing

    Morning chaps Finally doing my 1st intake on the 19th! It is for 14x flats and 1x L/L supply SSEN are installing the new incoming supply and they said they are also supplying and fitting the Ryefield board and the main isolator (I thought this needed to be done my me as a BNO??) Anyways they...
  15. K

    Price work. New build flats

    Evening chaps. Myself and a pal are keen on price work for new build flats. Has anyone got a good lead in and around the sussex/Surrey areas. We don't mind a bit of travel and are both gold card holders and very experienced in new Builds. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Cheers
  16. T

    Electrical riser in block of flats

    Hi, I live in a 5 storey 1920’s private block of 16 flats. I reported a smell of gas in the communal stairwell, and the gas board identified 2 gas leaks in the riser. Whilst they were there, I noticed there is alot of really dodgy looking electrical work in the same riser as the gas main on each...
  17. J

    max demand for 12x all elec flats

    starting 12x flats next week that will be all elec -with a rather juicy electric boiler (12kw)- havn't won the intake/communal work yet- but just doing my pricing for it ready does my maths look good for working out the max demand and kva of main supply- currently it is only 100a TPN so around...
  18. Doomed

    Gas bonding in block of flats

    Old block of four flats now having gas installed for the first time, all gas meters together just outside front door, main earthing terminal (and earth rosd) just inside front door. Gas pipes run to boiler in kitchen of each flat, less then 1 meter of pipework inside the flat, rest on the...
  19. B

    1st flats with concrete ceilings

    Looking at a job first fixing flats with concrete ceillings, to be lined with mf ceilling system. How do you guys support cables in this scenario? Just clip up to concrete, or some more elaborate solution? Tray seems kind of ott, but would be a good solution. Cheers
  20. Leesparkykent

    Block of flats mains room location.

    I'm starting a block of 15 flats Wednesday, the building is being converted from an old care home. The original wooden staircase is staying in place throughout in the communal area. I've just received a revised set of drawings which shows the mains room mostly situated under the staircase...
  21. R

    Smoke alarm in common area of flats?

    Hi, I have a common area above a shop which is a small hallway leading to 2 flats. Each flat has 3 smoke alarms, one behind their front door, kitchen, hallway, these are hard wired back to their consumer unit. The common area has 2 emergency lights installed but i have seen nothing on the...
  22. R

    Landlords supply - flats

    I am coming to the final stages of a project, 2 flats, communal lighting in the hallway and staircase outside plus car park bollards for the 2 flats. The main contractor (who i work for) has refused to install a landlords meter and said the developer doesn't want one installed. They have...
  23. R

    TV distribution for block of flats

    Morning all, I need to split a TV signal for a large block of flats. Does anyone know who might make a large tv amplifier (4g coax)? the largest I've found is 8 ways. I don't mind taking a feed to 3 different 8 ways but I just wondered if there was a larger unit out there?
  24. Soulsurfer

    5 Flats and a maisonette renovation / rewire.

    Hi all as above I have been given a job different to what I usually do from one of my friends / builder. Normally just do separate houses etc.. but this is an older property that has been owned by a bank before and rented out as separate flats. I haven't got hold of dno yet but there is only a...
  25. sevuk

    Implications of Bonding in flats when the others are not up to standard

    Flats, just thinking of the implications of bonding. This is in response to looking at a flat here for a refit. My background is wiring churches and have never really been involved in premises that involve multiple occupancy, but the principle is simple. Landlords area needs the services bonded...
  26. I

    Taking on 9 flats

    Hi This is my first post and looking for some advice. I have been offered the job of wiring 9 new 2 bed flats just about to be built. I have not taken on anything this big before and not sure how many extra Electricians I will need to keep up with the builders. Anyone done this level of work? As...
  27. C

    Block of flats EICR sub main only?

    Hello Guys I have been asked to carry out an EICR on a block of flat that share the free hold. TN-S system supplying x4 flats, i have never tested flats before so i am thinking i am only testing the sub main section as each of the flats are privately owned and the communal areas? Not carried...
  28. C

    Electrician Supply to flats using Ryefield boards or mccb panel

    Hi all We are doing wiring to 6 flats.DNO will provide 200 amps service head on ground floor.All Swas for flat submains come to the intake area on ground floor. What is the best option for termibating those SWAs into individual switch fuses after Ryefield board or can i use MCCB panel.Do the...
  29. J

    bonding- flats gas/water

    got a job starting next week 5 flats within a old house each flat has there own water and gas incoming feed -I remember seeing blue plastic pipe for each flat then copper after stopcock -I know technically I don't need to bond the water- but would you bond each in 10mm at the stop cock (ground...
  30. S

    HMO conversion

    Hi Guys, After a bit of help in regards to sub main runs for some flats which are on dual tariff for storage heaters. Ive been asked to take this job over by the client and first fix has been done already. I admit I have limited experience when it comes to dual tariff supplies installed from...
  31. J

    flats supply volt drop

    afternoon chaps estimating for a job for a communal area and 3 flats (3stories) only been emailed the drawings by the contractor so far so no site visit yet -assume there is a 3ph supply was thinking to have 1x single phase DB local to the income- to cover the communal lighting and small...
  32. B

    Load concern

    Hi All and thanks to those who take the time to reply. My concern is the amount of current the building could pull in use. I will try and give some salient facts. 160 flats over 8 floors. The landlords areas per floor consist of 20 x 20W led lights and several occasional cleaners sockets hence...
  33. M

    Upgrade to three phase supply

    Hi all, Newbie here with no electrical experience so please be gentle! :blush: I am currently refurbishing my basement flat and during this we have discovered that the supply to the four flats is single phase. I have been told this is unsafe and insufficient for the four flats. U.K. Power...
  34. yly

    New meters in a house conversions

    Hi guys, I need a little help from the more experienced Sparkies, had a job a couple of months ago, a house conversion in to 6 flats, got a new 3 phase supply in, reyfield board after to split the supply. EDF came and connected the meters straight after the reyfield. Now have another job...
  35. dlt27

    EICR Help!

    Hi all, Any avice on the following would be appreciated. The buildng is a listed building that has been converted into 4 flats. All flats have KMF with 16mm t+e to each flat fed from cupboad outide bulding. Gas meters are in the cupboard as well.(PME system) 1 what I would like to know is does...
  36. R

    Communal heating bonding

    Hi all, need to do main bonding in a flat that has none at the minute. It is on communal heating and the hot water has two entry points. Also the heating pipes enter the flat in numerous positions in the rooms and leave to feed other flats. My question is do all these need bonding? Thanks in...
  37. B

    mains linked smoke detectors within flat entrances

    I have been asked to install mains interconnected smoke detectors in the entrance lobby of flats that are linked together with the common ways detectors. the common way detectors are already installed using the existing lighting circuit. Is it okay to use the supply from the detectors in the...
  38. Soulsurfer

    Smoke alarms existing builds ?

    Hey all I have just been given a load of flats etc and owners home etc to look after, replace cu's and generally update with ongoing maintenance but as it's the first work of this kind I've done I am wondering what requirements are regards smoke alarms etc.. as only places I've installed before...
  39. Leesparkykent

    Ryefield board prices

    After a 24way.....just wondering where other sparks buy from? My normal supplier has come back to me with a price of £1700 inc.
  40. D

    Domestic Is a mother board first fix or second fix

    Hi I am a property developer currently doing a development of some flats. The contractor was to provide first fix electrics. He is saying this doesnt include the mother board and all the bit within it (I am not sure of the technical terms). but it seems to me that a mother board should be...
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