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  1. M

    Where can I find these electric socket ?

    Hello, Im renovating my flat and I can’t find a new cover for this plug. How is this called ? Where can I find it ? thanks a lot, Merlin
  2. B

    What physical jobs does the NVQ3 demand?

    I've asked several colleges and training providers now 'what is needed to complete the NVQ3' and nobody will actually give me an answer. I keep getting 'portfolio showing comptence'. So....anyone who has done it - what actual jobs are needed to be able to pass the NVQ3? Are there any in there...
  3. B

    Do the standard C&G's at Lvl 3 cover industrial work?

    Just wondering as i see a lot of people say there's a lack of industrial electric knowledge. If they don't, what is the follow on qualification after the NVQ3+AM2 that can get you into industrial sparkying, or would it be just a work-based thing with the same theory but bigger cabling etc? Thanks.
  4. D

    Switch box and cover for L14-20 and L6-20 Receptacle/plug pair

    I posted a question yesterday about sizing an electrical switch box cover. I realize that my question is even more basic than that - its about both a switch box and a cover that can accommodate 220 volt, 20 amp plugs/receptacles. I am retrofitting the electrical supply to an old stand-alone...
  5. D

    Need 2-gang, single receptacle box cover for two 220v, 20 amp receptacles

    I have two 220 volt receptacles (one L14-20 and one L6-20) that I want to mount next to one another in a standard two gang switch box. This would mean I also need a 2-gang, single receptacle box cover (two round holes next to one another, one in the center of each gang. I can find a 2-gang...
  6. D

    Looking for a replacement electrical panel cover 12 space its driving me batty

    I have a small condo and the panel cover broke off the load center/box (i think thats what you call it) It looks like this one...
  7. buzzlightyear

    Plastics tax, carbon-trading cash to cover EU's Brexit gap, officials say

    this what the EU are now getting when the money getting tight .thank god ,and Scotland want to join them .
  8. S

    Electrician Looking for an experienced electrician to cover Electrical Reactive Maintenance in the London area

    We’re looking to recruit an electrician with background in reactive maintenance, primarily on the CIS scheme for a few months on a trial period before coming on Payroll. Excellent salary. Testing and Inspecting knowledge would be a bonus, must have a full UK Drivers License, Candidate will be...
  9. D

    Another Nagy production covers controversy subject

    3rd part work / certification of A another’s job (skip the intro start at 2min45)
  10. GBDamo

    Hey Grandma, this is how you suck an egg.

    Using YT2 lid to pull cables. I regularly use this but my last success was epic, had to pull a HDMI and Electrak tap in (cable end with the 20mm thread and lock nut, not the plug silly) up a double boarded and insulated partition wall 40mm gap. Spent about half an hour with the above, as it...
  11. M

    Bit of a long shot, new cover for 20 y/o contactum board?

    Metal Contactum board installed 1998 according to the labelling. Unfortunately it has a plastic flap covering the front of the devices. Anyone know if it's possible to cheaply get a new cover with a metal flap? Would be much easier than taking the whole board out, and seems silly to update all...
  12. S

    10 way MK insulated CU 16 module - anyone replacing one or have spare cover?

    Hi all, I'm looking for 1x cover + lid and 1x just lid. Does anyone have them spare or a CU change planned soon? I'll cover P&P and name your drink £?
  13. C

    Industrial SPD to cover whole site?

    Hi Guys, Having recently done my 18th, and various reading of SPD requirements, I feel that within the factory where I work (food industry), we should be using SPD's? We have an onsite transformer which we own, 11kV to 400v, which then splits after the meter to two main switch panels, which...
  14. J

    inspection bend cover in outside plastic conduit - top or bottom?

    I have some 20mm black pvc conduit fitted outside for data cables. Should the inspection covers on the inspection bends and elbows be on top or underneath to be waterproof?
  15. G

    Electrical mate job needed cover letter

    Hi , I'm seeking for advise. As I joined course of Electrical engineering at college recently and now I'm thinking of getting some experience as a electrical mate. Could somebody please tell me what they think of my cover letter any advice would be much appreciated. ELECTRICIANS...
  16. The young spark

    Consumer unit cover problems

    hello there I’ve Recently worked in a domestic dwelling and had to take the cover of the board off. When reinstating the cover of the board I was struggling to get the cover on properly. When I eventually did i could only screw one side of the board properly. The left screw was not catching so...
  17. MFS Electrical

    MK Sentry board - the old one with the plastic cover

    Hi guys, Been asked to run a circuit for a hot tub the board is an MK Sentry (the old one with the plastic cover) but all of the RCBOs fitted in the board are Lewden :confused: thoughts on fitting an MK Sentry breaker (cause thats the manufacturer of the board or a Lewden breaker (so they all...
  18. happyhippydad

    Do you have Personal accident cover? Just for those self employed.

    Afternoon all... Just reading through Professional Electrician and got to the article about the self employed chap with the broken wrist. This poll is just for those self employed as if you're employed you can probably get sick pay. I'm considering getting this insurance and wondered how many...
  19. S

    Inspection cert + wiring cover - misleading or not ??

    A recent customer said he would be getting a test of his nice old cottage electrics through cover he has taken out. I had previously mentioned a good MOT of his installation is via a full inspection & test and would take me a good day. When I returned a couple of weeks later I was informed it...
  20. M

    Do these wire caps need to be removed prior to installation?

    I am installing a new electric hob, the wiring came with these cable caps at each end. Its a single phase installation so I'll be combining L1 & L2 at the junction box. Do these cable caps (silver colour) need to be removed? See picture. I assume so, but if you could confirm it would be...
  21. S

    cover plate for downlights

    hello i want to remove some down lights from a room before i remove the fittings and reskim ceiling etc i was hoping to take out the bulbs and find some blanking plates to fill the holes do these exist as i cant find them ? i suppose the market for this product is pretty small ! cheers
  22. P

    Old Wylex 6 way fuse board cover want

    Hi All I'm looking for an old cover, cream if anyone has one kicking around. Have an old Wylex unit on a renovation project working on and know the board should probably be changed but over budget! Happy to send some beer tokens if anyone has one. 6 way. Cheers Pauly
  23. L

    Galaxy 2-20 does not trigger when bellbox cover taken off

    Hello all, When moving the location of the bellbox yesterday (see my previous posted topic), I noticed that alarm does not trigger when the bellbox cover is taken off; i've tried this with the alarm both armed and not. The bellbox does sound in a normal alarm situation however. At first I...
  24. N

    insurance tax increase prompting money grab by money grabbing insurers

    yeah so the liability insurance went up, not by much, but i didnt expect it to go up at all given that i never claimed etc. My insurance only cover public liability and it also cover legal fee up to 100k. its £159 year Where do you get your insurance? and how much should insurance cost? Im...
  25. C

    Stickers on board

    I have an on going job at the moment and I am hoping to use this for my certified scheme assessment, just a quick one with the stickers; RCD test quarterly, Periodic inspection and mixed colours (existing installation) Can these be on the underside of the cover that you open for the CB's or do...
  26. M

    Advice on tax free allowance of up to £2500 for mileage, tools and PPE.

    I am on the books at a firm as "transport provided" but very regularly use my own car with no mileage paid whatsoever, only single time rate after 15 miles one way. I also provide the majority of my own hand tools and power tools, as well as things like work pants. I understand you can do a...
  27. charlie76

    Anyone help me out with a MEMERA 21 CU Cover

    Evening all. On a job today i've cracked the front of the customers consumer unit because some muppet has put an overly deep MCB in which clashes with the front cover. I hadn't noticed initially as they had obviously not tightened the screws fully previously. I was putting the cover back on...
  28. Dan

    Worst Consumer Unit Pictures Thread!

    Heard about one CU being wallpapered. Wondered what the worst you've seen is, and pictures win prizes.
  29. Lou

    Vanda Electrical

    Vanda Electrical are family run business founded by Chris Jones. Chris has over ten years of experience working for Cardiff Council on planned electrical maintenance and testing. Using the skills acquired with the Council, Chris decided to start his own company. We value old school values and...
  30. S

    2357 portfolio HELP!

    Has anyone done NVQ 2357 portfolio with Not A Chance? I'm just starting my portfolio bridge units 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 and 318 but really struggling how to start. It's really hard to understand the concepts of how they put their wording. My assessor doesn't explain it really well :(...
  31. E

    Bonding of drain cover in tanked basement

    Doing some work on a building with a tanked basement. In one corner there is a drain cover that is an extraneous conductive part so I need to attach a bonding conductor. I was thinking of something I could bolt on to the rim (about 5cm wide) that wouldn't interfere with taking the cover off...
  32. T

    2394 And 2395

    Hi all. I'm booked onto the 2394 and 2395 combined course next week. Obviously I'm swatting up on Regs book and guidance note 3, but I would greatly appreciate and advice from anyone who recently taken the course. Cheers
  33. D


    Hi guys I'm new to this forum. I was working along side this guy doing a rewire on a 3 bedroom property. As everything was getting ripped out, he left the fuseboard connected live, which he then connected a temp socket off a breaker which was fixed in order to use power tools etc .... An...
  34. D

    Part P Visit/assessment

    Dear all, I've got my Competent Persons Scheme assessment with Stroma coming up and I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on what their hot topics are. I'm flapping a bit because this will be the first time I've been through this as I've always worked with someone else.
  35. A

    tradesman saver PLI

    Anybody with these? I have been for two years and recently called to change policy cover to include 3 phase. Woman on the other end didn't understand the difference so I explained and she held me on hold while she spoke to the underwriters. When she got back to me she said as long as you are...
  36. uksparks

    Efficacy Insurance

    Hi, Just about to renew my insurance, for PL and PI and Tools. I am currently with Ageas via the NICEIC, and with the above, i also get £100k of Efficacy Cover. The current policy is £690 per year, and the new company, via simply business, works out at £390 a year, so quite a big difference...
  37. M


    Hi All I'm in the beginning of trying to build a business for myself after 14 years in the trade. I'm struggling a little bit on trying to formally a pricing structure. I want to be competitively priced while making a good profit. Any tips on how to go about this. I'm currently going in at...
  38. G

    Vokera 29e fault

    Hi all i am having a bit of bother with a vokera compact 29he ,the boiler wasnt firing up the fan was just running and not trying to fire up so i thought there was a fault at the air pressure switch so took the cover off and checked the tubes were clear and the switch was clickin then turned the...
  39. L

    Public and Employee liability insurance and running a business from home. Help!

    Alright People, So I've been working for an installation company for the last 5 years and I've decided to go out on my own. I need some help setting up. I'm wondering who you guys use for your public and employee liability insurance, what extra cover you might have found appropriate and how...
  40. J

    Plugged in burglar alarm

    Does anyone know if there are any regulations when it comes to plugged in burglar alarms to prevent them being pulled out accidentally. Someone told me in the US they have brackets to avoid it happening but couldn't see anything in the UK. Thanks all.
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