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  1. Lou

    Are you for or against offshore wind farms and tidal barriers?

    Been discussing this in another thread and I thought it would be interesting to see what others thought about this type of renewable energy for the UK. Here is the thread, discussion welcome :) New Offshore Renewable Energy Wind Farms announced in the UK
  2. Lou

    New Offshore Renewable Energy Wind Farms Announced in UK

    The government have today announced new wind farms in the UK at the lowest prices yet. The farms will power around 7 million homes by 2025 and offers investors in the wind farms the lowest prices so far at £39.65 per megawatt per hour. For comparison the new nuclear power station set to open...
  3. E

    Solar PV for charging an Electric car - help with system design!

    Hey! I am designing a solar PV tree able to generate 3400kWh annually / has a capacity of 4kW, as the trees will consist of multiple panels I will need to work out the best way to connect these panels to produce the current and voltage I need (the system will be grid tied). This system will be...
  4. Lou

    Simon Church Electrical Contractor Ltd

    Simon Church are an established Company, with nearly three decades experience in the electrical industry. We offer across the board services, in all disciplines related to electrical engineering and Renewable Energy. We provide a range of services to Industrial and Commercial sectors, but...
  5. A

    I Think I May Have Found Free Renewable Energy

    Hi guys, so a 180 watt motor is powerful enough to spin a 3000 watt generator, meaning that the generator makes enough power to power the motor, and yea I know if you include all the energy losses such as losses from heat, mechanical movement and even sound, then the generator will end up making...
  6. R

    renewable options, which way to go

    Hi all, I'm looking into moving into the renewables market and wondered if anyone has any info/knowledge on the best form of renewables to go into. I know solar PV was big a few years ago, is it big now? I am self employed and would look to take someone on to go into the market. Any advice...
  7. E

    Impact of low oil prices on the uptake of retrofit renewable heating.

    Happy New year all. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this. We've been doing a bit of biomass and have been gearing up for a big year but with the current oil price we're not too sure what to expect. The RHI still makes the transition worthwhile and plenty of customers want to get off...
  8. sjhall

    All things Renewable

    Ground source heat pumps, solar panels, inverters, LEDs & more. Question for you lads in this part of the industry- do you buy off a wholesaler, or do you go direct to the manufacture. Brief background- I've just finished wiring a large factory and part of the deal was that I got one of the...
  9. S

    Renewable Heat Incentive

    Hi Guys, I'm rather confused over the R.H.I. I was under the impression that the payments would be for 20 years but spread over 7. Looking on the MCS calculator as an example it says a Solar Thermal system will generate 1732kW of deemed heat per year. I was working out the R.H.I payments as...
  10. L

    Rogue Traders Renewable Installers

    I have just been contacted by a very unhappy customer of Richard Elliott MD of The Renewable Installers previously of The Solar Installers. It appears he is taking large deposits and either not installing or not paying the MCS sub contractor for the install (and therefore no MCS cert for the...
  11. The Solar King

    Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

    The results of the consultation and resulting proposals have been published today and can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/renewable-heat-incentive-proposals-for-a-domestic-scheme There is quite a bit to digest, but here are some headlines. If I have made any errors...
  12. infinity

    Which other renewable is worth investing...?

    I have been looking at adding another renewable to the business. So far in stalling solar PV i am wondering what is the next best renewable as far as public interest goes etc? What other sources do you install? Solar thermal? heat pumps? Would love to know any pro's and con's of any of these.
  13. The Solar King

    Renewable Energy Roadmap

    The link below takes you to the download for this document published over Christmas. Unfortunately it is too big to attach directly. This is good news for Solar PV. UK renewable energy roadmap - Department of Energy and Climate Change See pages 44 to 53 The potential of Solar PV to make a...
  14. The Solar King

    Renewables Obligation Banding Review - Solar

    This has finally been announced today. Whilst not operating anywhere near this scale, I know there are contributors to the forum whom this will impact on. Attached is the DECC document and the response from my trade body the STA who have been working hard on this one. A bit of a curates egg...
  15. V

    Utilising Renewable Energy: Turning Fresh Air Into Petrol:

    "Air Fuel Synthesis from Stockton-on-Tees has produced five litres of petrol since August when it switched on a small refinery that manufactures gasoline from carbon dioxide and water vapour." "We can convert renewable electricity into a more versatile, useable and storable form of energy...
  16. E

    Leaving renewables for the time being.

    Hi all, just to let you know, well those of you who are left on here that is, that I also have decided to give up on renewables for a while anyway. It is such a shame, with all the time, effort and money that you put into a business only to have it taken away from you. I am pleased that I...
  17. G

    Ploughcroft Renewables

    Hi guys, Anyone had any dealings with Ploughcroft Renewables in the past? I am interested in whether they use sub contractors and how you become an improved installer for them in Scotland in particular Vehicle charging points etc. Any info will be much appreciated.
  18. G

    Renewable Heating Incentive proposals - a guide for domestic solar water heating

    I know it's not electrician specific, but there are enough solar installers on here who also do solar water heating systems, so here's a quick guide I've worked up for the implications of yesterdays 110 page RHI consulation specifically for solar water heating systems. RHI guide for solar...
  19. S

    Renewables Roadshow - Ricoh Arena Coventry

    We will be exhibiting at the first of six "Renewables Roadshows" at The Rocoh Arena in Coventry tomorrow (Thursday 13th). There are demonstrations and presentations along with a good amount of exhibitors, so we are looking forward to a successful event. If any local installers are planning to go...
  20. SolarCity

    The Renewables Event

    Not having much else to do we decided to pop over to the NEC to catch the Renewable Event. It was actually quite interesting and there were some interesting keynote speeches. It was interesting to see that TedM's digression chart was used (and credited) by the head of climate change at CBI...
  21. M

    National Renewable Awards - Ricoh Arena- Coventry 2012.

    This years National renewable awards will be hosted by Gabby Logan . September 13th 2012 Over 5000 MCS installers and over 150,000 renewable projects and we got shortlisted in top eight in two categories ! Energy Efficiency Project - Bents Cottage, South Shields (Real Renewable Energy &...
  22. jason121

    Renewables Obligation

    Is the above like MCS, dont know much about it, can anyone explain Thanks
  23. C

    considering career in renewables/pv

    hey guys firstly my name is Charlie im a Royal Navy leaver and am currently considering starting a course with ATL as Domestic Renewable Energy Engineer with PV. i am a qualified marine engineer but i want to live in northern ireland were im from so thinking of going down this route. As im very...
  24. S

    EU wants to increase VAT rate on Solar to 20%

    Was reading yesterday that the EU says our 5% VAT rate on Energy Saving products is 'illegal' and they want to force us to increase it. Adding 15% onto the price of Solar could be a killer and I won't even go there with the Green Deal and the Golden Rule. Any thought...
  25. SolarCity

    Advice on general renewables

    Hello people, I'm after a bit of advice. A friend of mine has just bought a very large house in Solihull. He is looking at ways of cutting his fuel bills and we're installing a 4kWp system for him. However, he is also talking about other solution to help. Garden is finished so ground source...
  26. P

    Goldman Sachs banks on renewable energy

    Goldman Sachs banks on renewable energy: pv-magazine
  27. V

    Deborah Meaden Campaigns For Investment In Renewable energy

    BBC News - Deborah Meaden campaigns for investment in renewable energy
  28. SolarCity

    FITs rates on combined renewable installations

    I think I already know the answer to this but I'd like it confirmed. Assuming a home already has 4kWp of solar power installed on its roof, adding another, say, 1.5kWp wind turbine would not affect the original FITs from the solar, would it? I am aware that this would require DNO prior...
  29. S


    Hi Guys!! Got a potential customer got 4 BIG houses behind some private gates each house costs 4,000 per year on gas and electric.Hes got a (paddock) few acres on the back of his garden (very nice) its classed as farm grazing land he wants me to put together a project so he can have a mix of...
  30. G

    Whats the next big thing in Renewables

    HI all, What do you guys think the next thing will be with renewables, or what other areas are there thats worth it now, Heat Pumps,Biomass?? looking at something else other than PV now that seems dead, i assume that if you have the quality management system in place its pretty much the same...
  31. S

    renewable energy

    As above just looking for some information as im quite interested in this side of things but have never touched it at work, what courses would i need to do for say e.g. solar, ground source heat pumps and the link, any information and relevant links to recommended training centres would be great...
  32. T

    How much damage has been caused to the Renewables Industry?

    As a company already in the home energy market we got accreditation for PV and solar thermal about 3 weeks ago. This was seen as the first stepping stone in taking the business into most if not all of the renewable technologies. We were just finalising our marketing plans when the government...
  33. Worcester

    An Apology from Worcester Renewables

    Guys, I know I've been outspoken over a few issues, however I hope you have found my contributions valuable. Due to the FiT changes, I am going to be unable to contribute much to the forum over the next 6 weeks, as we have now got 5 months scheduled work to fit into 6 weeks. This has left me...
  34. S

    CPS For Renewables ?

    Hi All, Anyone have any information on the 'new' CPS for renewables? It is referred to in the DTi PV Guide, 3rd edition which granted is still in draft, but after contacting the NICEIC again today they still don't have any information on it. The consultation on the DTI guide ends soon, so...
  35. P

    Career change from IT to Solar PV and other renewables, also need installers

    Hi all, Been reading your posts here with interest. I am researching the market at the moment as looking to change career, I have a well paid IT job but not finding it fulfulling and getting fed up making other people rich. I read the PwC report recently and they are forecasting huge growth in...
  36. S

    Is the solar/ renewables market saturated yet

    As someone who is just going through the registration process(in partnership), I wondered if the renewables market is saturated yet? Or is there still masses of potential in this market. The plumber/builder I am in partnership thinks there will be ongoing potential in this market. I also see a...
  37. N

    Looking for work

    Recently completed a renewable energy course at Gateshead College on renewable energy. Covered everything from FIT, Surveying and panel install to isolator. Now looking for work...ANYWHERE. Need to start making some cash to pay for part p and 17th ed. Anyone out there who needs an oppo, please...
  38. sjhall

    The Sharp Renewable Energy Academy

    Any of you lads been on any of the pv courses at The Sharp Renewable Energy Academy ? How did you find the training ? >>Sharp Renewable Energy Academy - Sharp Cheers Ste
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