1. Electrical2go

    Green2go Your Destination for All Things Renewable

    We're pleased to introduce Green2Go, the newest addition to the Electrical2Go family! This dedicated platform is the ultimate destination for our renewables lineup, featuring quality products like EV chargers, solar panels, inverters, and battery storage solutions. Green2Go embodies our...
  2. GreenHomeUtopia

    Electrician Jobs Technical Co-Founder Wanted | Renewable Energy Startup | Solar PV

    Renewable energy startup is seeking a Technical Co-Founder to help create a company that is both socially and financially rewarding. The Co-Founder will have the opportunity to work with a team of successful innovative entrepreneurs and will become an integral part of growing an exciting new...
  3. R

    Ireland How do I get into doing renewables?

    I’m a qualified electrician and I’m just wondering what ways I can get into doing renewables is there a small course I can do or what are my options?
  4. D

    Can you use a single phase motor to create three phase power.

    This might sound like a stupid question so apologies in advance. So I had a random thought in my head. So I was wondering if I was to use a single phase motor to spin a three phase generator to create three phase power, would you be able to create more power then the single phase motor is...
  5. Lou

    Are you for or against offshore wind farms and tidal barriers?

    Been discussing this in another thread and I thought it would be interesting to see what others thought about this type of renewable energy for the UK. Here is the thread, discussion welcome :) New Offshore Renewable Energy Wind Farms announced in the UK
  6. Lou

    New Offshore Renewable Energy Wind Farms Announced in UK

    The government have today announced new wind farms in the UK at the lowest prices yet. The farms will power around 7 million homes by 2025 and offers investors in the wind farms the lowest prices so far at £39.65 per megawatt per hour. For comparison the new nuclear power station set to open...
  7. E

    Solar PV for charging an Electric car - help with system design!

    Hey! I am designing a solar PV tree able to generate 3400kWh annually / has a capacity of 4kW, as the trees will consist of multiple panels I will need to work out the best way to connect these panels to produce the current and voltage I need (the system will be grid tied). This system will be...
  8. Worcester

    Great News for Small Renewable Heat

    The government published their response to the RHI consultation today, and generally its good news for small systems ASHP - capped at 20,000 kWh gross tariff to rise to 10.02p/kWh GSHP - capped at 30,000 kWh gross tariff to rise to 19.55p/kWh Biomass - capped at 25,000 kWh gross tariff to rise...
  9. Lou

    Simon Church Electrical Contractor Ltd

    Simon Church are an established Company, with nearly three decades experience in the electrical industry. We offer across the board services, in all disciplines related to electrical engineering and Renewable Energy. We provide a range of services to Industrial and Commercial sectors, but...
  10. K

    Electrician Jobs Renewable Solutions Team - Electrician wanted to cover wales and north, s and y plan heating systems

    Electrician Salary :£27,000 Work Based: Cover areas in the North east, North West, Midlands and Wales. Your appointments are based in one area per day. Days of work: Monday to Friday 8-5 with optional overtime to increase your wage Role : A strong back ground in wiring a variety of heating...
  11. A

    I Think I May Have Found Free Renewable Energy

  12. A

    I Think I May Have Found Free Renewable Energy

    Hi guys, so a 180 watt motor is powerful enough to spin a 3000 watt generator, meaning that the generator makes enough power to power the motor, and yea I know if you include all the energy losses such as losses from heat, mechanical movement and even sound, then the generator will end up making...
  13. R

    renewable options, which way to go

    Hi all, I'm looking into moving into the renewables market and wondered if anyone has any info/knowledge on the best form of renewables to go into. I know solar PV was big a few years ago, is it big now? I am self employed and would look to take someone on to go into the market. Any advice...
  14. Energetic

    Impact of low oil prices on the uptake of retrofit renewable heating.

    Happy New year all. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this. We've been doing a bit of biomass and have been gearing up for a big year but with the current oil price we're not too sure what to expect. The RHI still makes the transition worthwhile and plenty of customers want to get off...
  15. sjhall

    All things Renewable

    Ground source heat pumps, solar panels, inverters, LEDs & more. Question for you lads in this part of the industry- do you buy off a wholesaler, or do you go direct to the manufacture. Brief background- I've just finished wiring a large factory and part of the deal was that I got one of the...
  16. S

    Renewable Heat Incentive

    Hi Guys, I'm rather confused over the R.H.I. I was under the impression that the payments would be for 20 years but spread over 7. Looking on the MCS calculator as an example it says a Solar Thermal system will generate 1732kW of deemed heat per year. I was working out the R.H.I payments as...
  17. L

    Rogue Traders Renewable Installers

    I have just been contacted by a very unhappy customer of Richard Elliott MD of The Renewable Installers previously of The Solar Installers. It appears he is taking large deposits and either not installing or not paying the MCS sub contractor for the install (and therefore no MCS cert for the...
  18. The Solar King

    Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

    The results of the consultation and resulting proposals have been published today and can be found here: There is quite a bit to digest, but here are some headlines. If I have made any errors...
  19. infinity

    Which other renewable is worth investing...?

    I have been looking at adding another renewable to the business. So far in stalling solar PV i am wondering what is the next best renewable as far as public interest goes etc? What other sources do you install? Solar thermal? heat pumps? Would love to know any pro's and con's of any of these.
  20. The Solar King

    Renewable Energy Roadmap

    The link below takes you to the download for this document published over Christmas. Unfortunately it is too big to attach directly. This is good news for Solar PV. UK renewable energy roadmap - Department of Energy and Climate Change See pages 44 to 53 The potential of Solar PV to make a...


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