1. R

    Who out of you guys offer finance!

    Hi, My name Richard and I'm new to the forum so hi everyone. I really want to offer finance to customers when I go out to quote work as I think it could give me a higher conversion rate. Do any of you guys offer finance at the moment and if so who with? Also do you think it's a good avenue...
  2. M


    Full time £33k per annum Mon - Fri 8-5pm Offered: van power tools iphone with all parking apps (work in London) credit card work kit Jobe requires dealing with call outs, fault finding (essential!), minor repairs, occasionally helping others on site (high end residential projects in...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    This made me laugh... Anybody had this offer

    Just had this sent me, a link to an article... Anybody want to own up to being offered a bit of nookie in lieu of payment? Haven't myself but have had a few go change into very revealing clothes...
  4. Staceyturley

    Electrician Have a job to offer the right person whos up for a challenge

    I am looking for someone close to the forest of Dean who is willing to help finish wiring up a double decker bus. Upstairs is done it's just downstairs wiring and sockets fitted I have all the wiring just need someone who knows what they are doing to do it please feel free to message me x
  5. J

    UK I was wondering what other Sparks offer standing out from other local competitors? Be good to hear and share to better ourselves 🤗

    I h e been installing emergency lights with Fuseboards that’s are in cupboards, under stairs or just anywhere awkward, on the same lighting circuit as the floor the boards located. many years now on kitchens I’ve been installing all fused spurs into the back of one kitchen cupboard leaving...
  6. BulkWorkwear


    Bag yourself a great deal at Bulkworkwear!!! Intro Offer - For MEMBERS ONLY - 5% off your entire order at Please quote 'member5' at checkout to take advantage of our intro offer. Hurry....Limited Time Only Offer! :)
  7. R

    List of Agencies that offer Electrical Work

    Can anyone recommend a list of agencies that offer work, please.
  8. CBHH

    JOB OFFER: Searching for 10 electricians in greater London area

    Hi all! I am new to this forum and have signed up because I am looking for 10 handymen/electricians in the area of London. The job is fairly simple. Our client has installed hundreds of small cell boxes throughout the city of London (from North to South, East to West) and I am looking for...
  9. Andy5678

    1651b fluke for sale. Give me an offer

    Would like to test the water, see if I can get a good price, or will just hold on to it. I currently use an issued one from my work. Bought it new in 2016 for a couple of jobs and haven’t used it since. Calibration will be out of date. This is still like new and has been stored in the house.
  10. Rockingit

    500m drum FP 1.5 2c - and it's in my way!

    Getting massively in my way is a brand new, shrink wrapped, 500m drum of NoBurn Enhanced 1.5 2c + e and nearly 2000 7mm red P clips to go with it. Make me a sensible offer and it's likely to be yours and an absolute bargain buy!
  11. telectrix

    i got a job offer. weee heee. NOT.

    job for virgin installations £22,000/annum. ( hasten to say this from an agency. no disrespect to virgin ). here's my reply to the email.... thanks for the offer but.... 1.I don't live in the specified areas 2. the wages are rubbish anyway. 3. had dealings with your agency before. I packed...
  12. Electrical2go

    October Special 10% Off Click Scolmore Inceptor Omni Colour Selectable LED Downlight

    The Inceptor Omni is the latest addition to the Inceptor range of cost effective integrated fire rated downlights. The Omni allows the installer to select the colour of the light upon installation ranging from warm white, cool white all the way through to daylight. We're offering an extra 10%...
  13. S

    CPC screwdriver special offer

    For anyone interested CPC have a Wera 7 piece VDE Insulated screwdriver set on offer @ £12.98+ vat
  14. T

    Forum Exclusive Offer from Vansdirect!

    Vansdirect brings you a new van offer specific to the Electricans forum! Renault Trafic SL27 Sport 120ps Excellent top spec medium van designed and built for professionals, your perfect business partner! ONLY £900 deposit ONLY £219pm FREE Ply-lining If you have any questions on the offers...
  15. T

    Special Forum Exclusive Offer from Vansdirect

    Fully Loaded Fiat Fiorino Cargo with only £500 deposit, ONLY £145 per month! Fully Loaded extras included in the Fiat Fiorino: USB, Rear parking sensors, Bluetooth, 5” touchscreen Sat Nav, Cruise Control, Alarm, Air Conditioning, Panelled bulkhead, Front fog lights and Ply-ling If you...
  16. Lou

    D. Holt Electrical Services

    Who are we? D. Holt Electrical Services are trusted, fully qualified 17th edition and full Part 'P' electricians. We are happy to offer any electrical solution for your home, office or business at a sensible and fair price. What we offer → We offer outstanding service for all your electrical...
  17. Lou

    Complete Electrical Solutions

    Complete Electrical Solutions is a Cambridge City centre based electrical firm serving domestic and commercial customers. We are Part P registered and offer full warranty to our customers. We carry out a full inspection & testing service and take pride in our work which is always completed to...
  18. Lou

    M J Electrical Engineering

    Home As a well established family business, we take pride in our work and are pleased to offer a comprehensive electrical service. Large enough to undertake significant house build projects or shop/restaurant refits in the south-east and London, yet small enough to provide a flexible local...
  19. R

    Electricians Mate Electrician's Mate/Labourer Available! - Berkshire + West London

    Hello Sparky's, My name is Richard Tate. I am letting you know that I am available as a very reliable electrician’s mate/apprentice/labourer. I have some previous building site experience, can work well with my hands and power/hand tools and am a very practical person. I am currently located...
  20. G

    Fluke 1653 for sale with leads

    Hi all, Title says it all really, I have the above for sale it was last calibrated on the 15th June 2015 and has not been used since. Think the leads could do with replacement as they look kinda old lol. Any questions or to make me an offer PM me. Photos are avialable on my google drive at...
  21. Lou

    MacClaren Electrical Services

    Finding the right electrician in Stirling can seem like a daunting task when there are so many to choose from. MacLaren Electrical Services offer electrician services from LED lighting to CCTV installation at affordable prices. Our services are available on a domestic or commercial basis and we...
  22. Lou

    Alistair Grant Electrical Contractors

    Our business was established in 1982 by Alistair Grant who has 40 years of experience in the Electrical trade. We have gained a first class reputation throughout the local area during our 30 year establishment, a fact of which we are very proud of but we still like to raise the bar to offer the...
  23. Lou

    Simon Church Electrical Contractor Ltd

    Simon Church are an established Company, with nearly three decades experience in the electrical industry. We offer across the board services, in all disciplines related to electrical engineering and Renewable Energy. We provide a range of services to Industrial and Commercial sectors, but...
  24. Lou

    Ball & Lawton Ltd

    Ball and Lawton Electricians have been established as electrical contractors for over 25 years, with a wide experience in domestic and commercial installations. We also offer a first class maintenance service. We are able to offer a pre-arranged breakdown service outside hours. We are...
  25. Lou

    D Holt Electrical Services

    D. Holt Electrical Services are trusted, fully qualified 17th edition and full Part 'P' electricians. We are happy to offer any electrical solution for your home, office or business at a sensible and fair price. We offer outstanding service for all your electrical needs in the shortest time...
  26. A

    JF Horton & Sons (Electrical Contractors) Ltd

    JF Horton & Sons (Electrical Contractors) Ltd are highly qualified and professional electrical contractors based in Banbury, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Stratford Upon Avon, Oxfordshire. We offer best quality electrical services for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Our...
  27. F

    L&C Electrical Installations Ltd

    We are a diverse team of electricians and electrical contractors operating throughout Surrey and Sussex, offering electrical servicing, maintenance, testing and installation. Solar photovoltaic installation, maintenance and repair are offered as part of our service and we are Rolec approved...
  28. M

    Delta training/NU Training/ New Delta/Tom Harvey

    Hi guys, I was with delta doing my NVQ and tore recently a guy called TOM HARVEY contacted me and has continued my NVQ. Everything has been fine but now it's time to issue the cert, I just can't get hold of him. I've tried ringing his mobile left emails and voicemails but to no avail! Can an...
  29. T

    Panel heater recommendations?

    Alreet. I always use Dimplex heaters but a customer has asked if i can have a search around for a cheaper option. I need 1 x 3kw and 2 x 2kw panel heaters with 24h timers built in. Can anyone recommend any cheaper brands they have used? Max
  30. IQ Electrical

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Partner with Rated People!

    From their email this morning: We are delighted to announce that NICEIC have partnered with Rated People to offer you a one month free trial, helping you find work all year round. What a dark day.

    NIC approved contractor assessment

    Just had assessment: passed.
  32. S

    Complete solar roof

    Hi, Any ideas what sort of system is used to completely cover a roof? Is this permitted in uk, as this was taken in France! Thanks
  33. A

    jobs in Plymouth/Cornwall

    Hi I am looking for work in these areas. Full time if possible :-) I am still only training so would only expect a small wage compared to someone who is qualified. Thanks
  34. R


    I was booked onto the 2394 course at my local college. They have cancelled due to lack of numbers. So I tried two others and they said they will run it when they have enough interest. Anybody else having these issues? I know training centres do the course but they don't seem to do evening and...
  35. C

    Sunny Beam wireless piggyback for sale

    I have a SMA wireless piggy back part number BEAMPB NR I ordered it in error, and just want to get rid of it. If anyone has need of it please PM me and make me a sensible offer. It is brand new boxed. Cheers
  36. S

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa useless!!!

    More of a rant than a question, elecsa part p assesment booked for this morning, 45 mins before i get a call saying the guy is sick and have to wait another 4 weeks!!! If i would of been sick this morning i would have to pay another 300 quid for another aseesment, do you think they would give me...
  37. T

    Winter Workwear

    10 X Polos 4 x Jumpers 2 x Fleeces 2 x safety Boots £249 + vat Logo embroidered to left or right breast Free Delivery Free Set up If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]
  38. P

    Lost books

    Just noticed my 17th and OSG has gone missing.........Ahhhhhhhhhh :annoyed: Bugger, I had all my pages marked up for quick reference etc. Where's the best place to purchase new, ebay amazon??
  39. D

    Inspection camera recommendation

    Anyone use one of these items? think it would be a handy bit of tackle to have if not essential narrowed it down to a Bosch 10.8v,ridgid ca100 and a sure sight one cheers in advance dcf
  40. S

    questions to ask the scam assessor

    I posted my scam day soon what should i ask him feel free to comment this is going to be a laugh!!!!
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