1. westward10

    I have no interest in politics but.....

    Simple survey on whether you are going to vote in the upcoming general election.
  2. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Just out of interest

    Was anyone that did an Apprenticeship back in the day ever get taught how to solder splices like these shown in the vid? Only asking for interests sake, no other reason.
  3. pirate

    Just for interest, Spanish CU

    A few years ago my supplier in Spain decreed that new cabling was required into my apartment..upgrading the supply was the best I could learn. They fitted new supply and, at the same time, took out my old, all metal, CU, and fitted this plastic I am expecting them to tell me I must...
  4. Pete999

    Got this in my in box today may be of interest

    Gmail -
  5. telectrix

    just for interest and 20 characters.

    What Are Centrifugal & Centripetal Forces? -
  6. gazdkw82

    Solor PV grants/schemes

    I have made some enquiries about Solor Panel installation on my house. It’s something I know very little about tbh. Anyhow iv been forwarded to a company called project solo. They inform me there is a scheme running (not sure if that’s the right term). There scheme is not based on renting the...
  7. G

    Offering Finance to customer .....

    Pricing a few jobs lately that got me thinking. Customers desperately needing their home rewired ( both very unsafe ) but finance is a major sticking point. JRC Finance ? Interest obviously added on cost with staged payments. How does the legal side work ? Would it become a complete headache if...
  8. E

    Domestic Adding a spur to an existing circuit on a BS3036 CU

    Hi there, I'm a newly trained electrician with limited experience and could really use some expert advice. I've searched through the forum about this but have only managed to confuse myself further. I have been asked to add a double socket to a living room ring circuit. My plan is to spur off...
  9. infinity

    Which other renewable is worth investing...?

    I have been looking at adding another renewable to the business. So far in stalling solar PV i am wondering what is the next best renewable as far as public interest goes etc? What other sources do you install? Solar thermal? heat pumps? Would love to know any pro's and con's of any of these.
  10. N


    I am trying to build a home automation system using my raspberry pi. I have it set up to turn on an led bulb via basic web page I have designed. So the next step is to control something bigger. I am looking to control the ceiling light on my sitting room. I believe I need a relay to control...
  11. K

    SMA 2500HF Inverters - Overstocked items for sale

    I have 3 x 2500HF SMA Inverters that we overstocked on and would be happy to move on for a suitable price if anyone is interested. These where originally purchased from Segen and i am able to provide original paperwork for these. Can sell individually or as a job lot. If they are of use to...
  12. T

    hi 3rd year improver looking for work eas sussex area

    hello just finished level 2 2330, and am looking for work have been working with an electrician for last 2 years but he is now selfishly going to university !! Worked in domestic, commercial and industrial, am female with own tools and nearly a driving licence
  13. M

    Hi all from manchester. :).

    I'm James, a cctv installer, whose always had a n interest with electronics. Hoping to make friends and share some knowledge, Ohmmmmm
  14. D

    does bni work

    hi all iam about to join a bni club but not to shaw about it as i will be the only electrician has any one else been a member and has it got them work i will have to get work for ever one else whos in it as wel which might be hard any info would be great
  15. Markc

    Installers interested in a group website

    Hi all, There's been some interest via a thread on forming a group website to promote your own individual website. A sort of lead/enquiry website that links to your own if a potential customer clicks to that area and one that has been optimised etc for high search engine prominence etc...
  16. R

    how do you deal with Non paying customers?

    Just out of interest as i have one or two being a real pain in the behind who owe me money and i've done the job and paid for the gear...and i need my brass!
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