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  1. D

    "The Great Debate" - Plug Top or just Plug?

    plug top or just plug
  2. essex

    Great Quotes...............

    Let’s try and lighten the mood a bit. Please add your favourite quotes. Must add whom orginally said it. “Never trust a man, who when left alone with a tea cosy does not try it on as a hat” Billy Connolly.
  3. J

    Hello there, what a great forum

    Hello, my name is Juraj(your eye) and i'm an improver electrician. Only got qualified in May of this year, so still a fresh meat:). So far i've done 2nd fixing new builds, some minor alterations to final circuits and testing. Only found this forum today and already spent 3 hours browsing. What...
  4. P

    Aren't professional photographers great.

    Saw an article on BBC news site today that a photographer took 2 million photos of President Obama during his time in office. 2 million? That means if you looked at each photo for 2 seconds, 24 hours a day it would take month to look at them. How on earth can you be classed as a real...
  5. happyhippydad

    Plumbers are great!!!

    Today I was in a customers house. I had to take up some chipboard flooring in the bathroom. I set the circular saw so that it will cut to the right depth and not too deep.... I think some of you have already guessed where this is going :D .... and start cutting. Now in the five years I have...
  6. Murdoch

    The once great BBC......................

    So I've wondered about the impartiality of the BBC for a while and things do seem a little odd: This is a photo of an article in yesterday's Sunday Times: And then there is this too: Words fail me.
  7. L

    Hey guys I am new t o this forum, its great place well done Admins!

    Hey guys this is a great plae to be, its awesome to be part of this comunity, where everyone is helping each other, this is what the world needs. A bit about myself, I am soon to be Electrician, just finishing my NVQ, I care about my work, tryng to do my best delivering hight quality of work...
  8. D

    For Sale [North]: For Sale. Megger Pat tester. DV\3 great condition

    Hi I've got a pat tester for sale, It's in great condition and great working order. Comes with all leads. Not sure if it's calibrated. Any questions just ask
  9. D

    Glad to part of great team

    hello I am Don 42 years as an Electrical Engineer, semi retired now just gonna do a few days a week on my own to top up pension for a few years. I have great experience in industrial installations and distribution systems. I may need some help on domestic as I have not done it for a few years.
  10. shinypen

    500v Insulation Resistance Test ok?

    Hi all, still training so please forgive my very simple question. Why is it ok to test an appliance at 500vdc when PAT testing but great care should be taken to remove all equipment when IR verifying a new circuit installation? Is it simply just because connected equipment will make a nonsense...
  11. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Does anyone use Jarsoft Cable-mate

    I have and normally use Castline, but I found this online for £19.99 and while it's got it's bugs, it's not bad. Has anyone else used it?
  12. Dan

    New Facebook Group - Trade Talk

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/214225459029066 Get yourself over there. :)
  13. J

    AM2 exam

    hi all Ive got my am2 exam 5th december and was wondeding if anyone could offer any notes or a outlook on the exam do you get wiring diagrams for everythink you do or only the heating system? Also do you get told what size breakers to use? Thanks Joe
  14. M

    New Member

    Hi all I'm Ash a qualified electrician aged 30 mainly in domestic/commercial. Found this really helpful & informative forum with some interesting opinions so thought I'd become apart of it. Great work guys
  15. GMES

    Games for Sale or Swaps

    I just thought it might be of interest to some of you guys, a place where you can off load any games you no longer want and either sell them to other members or even swap for a game you haven't got. If it becomes popular we will either make it a sticky or give it a sub section within the Gaming...
  16. Dan

    Girl / lady electricians....?

    Do we have any female electricians on the boards?
  17. GMES

    Rip Darrel Ward

    Sad news , The Montana legend has died in a plane crash. I have watched every episode of Ice road Truckers and he was a Great Trucker and a great part of the show he will be missed and was only 52. What is sadder is the fact that he was just returning from filmin the pilot episode for a...
  18. LeeH

    Domestic Need a nice to work with CU

    Seeing the PV install is going to be starting soon I thought I'd treat my bungalow to a new CU and replace old 3036 one with an 8 way RCBO board. The only RCD's in the place are the plug top type I have on the extension leads. (Only been in here for a year) I haven't had any dealings with a...
  19. A

    RCD Problem - HELP NEEDED!

    First off I dont claim to be great with electrics! I have installed a new consumer unit today, from the meter it has some 16mm T&E tails at considerable length - maybe 10 meters where I have put a KMF switch with an 80amp fuse. The board is a 2 way split, when i open the main RCD switch at...
  20. happyhippydad

    Any ideas for a small rain shelter to work outside?

    Morning everyone. I was wondering what you guys do if you need to work outside in the rain? I dont mean if it's a torrential storm, just some rain. In paricular I just want to be able to cover a small area and have one or two tools with me. It would have to be something that just pops up or...
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