1. R

    renewable options, which way to go

    Hi all, I'm looking into moving into the renewables market and wondered if anyone has any info/knowledge on the best form of renewables to go into. I know solar PV was big a few years ago, is it big now? I am self employed and would look to take someone on to go into the market. Any advice...
  2. J

    Domestic Which Switch do I need for a 7.2kW Rated Induction Hob?

    Hi, I was looking at the MK switches as we wanted them to match with the sockets. But they only have a 32A switch which matches, the 50A switch is quite large. Will the 32A switch be ok for this induction hob?
  3. J

    ATL Practical Training...

    Hi Chaps, I've been working as a mate/labourer with my dad (spark) since I was 15. I'm now 21 and need to get my qualifications. College was out of the question this year, due to up front financial requirements, so I looked around a bit and stumbled across ATL Practical Training. I know...

    theres some rite DIMMERS about...

    Well...... Take a peek at these pics boys: The cover was nearly off on this...its a dedicated cooker feed and none of the cables were terminated....yep, its still energised.... Found this CPC out of the earth bar upon pre-board change inspection...turns out theres 55 volts sitting on...
  5. wackyracer

    Bosch GPL5 Laser Level

    Has anyone tried the Bosch GPL5 laser level, is it any good and how does it compare to the Dewalt DW088K/DW087K that a lot of people seem to use. They are both around the same price just wondered which would be the better buy. :confused:
  6. O

    DNO Fitting Isolator

    Hi, anyone had the pleasure of having the DNO fit an isolator between the cutout and the consumer unit? I'd be grateful to hear of the costs involved and the amount of time it takes them to sort it. As we all know, only the DNO can pull the bomb so i'm curious as to costs of an isolator. While...
  7. P

    getting back to work

    I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2004. It's now under control with med's. Thank's to it my memory has been damaged (Don't worry I know the difference between live neutral; a plug and a light). I was looking for a copy of the 17th edition to go and do the course when I came across a digital...
  8. I

    baumatic extractor hood faulty

    my daughter just bought a kitchen from a kitchen company thats closing down. they included a baumatic BT066ME extractor hood but nothing happens when i turn it on? theres power going through to the connector blocks then nowhere else, on the switches are extra terminals but i dont want to move...

    visual prep for part p assessment

    Afternoon boys n girls..... Just been having a quick look round the install at my mothers house as this will be the site for my part p assessment.....a few things here.....some cables clipped on edge (2)...a 1.5 radial unsupported near the ceiling in the kitchen feeding a surface mounted socket...
  10. D

    Why to buy cable NW london

    Hi Working in NW london (camden) tomorrow and need to get hold of a few meters of 10mm earth. Any suggestion? Early start so will need to be local to there! Thanks
  11. D

    live to earth on light circuit only getting 25v any ideas

    testing live to earth at different light points in a circuit only getting 25v is it because theres no earth present any ideas
  12. P

    how much to charge for this job

    I been to look at a job today, for myself. The guy has a room about 6 X 4 metres with a false ceiling consisting of old victorian style timbers supporting it. Theres 3 doors.. 2 into other rooms and 1 leading outside and theres two seperate lights in the room.. one is controlled by a switch...
  13. G

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Ecs & jib

    Theres always a lot of confusion with regard ECS & JIB matters, hopefully this will help out a bit.:) Also, the ECS card has a new website, with a lot of useful and more importantly understandable info on it. Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) card
  14. I

    2330 level 3 question book

    hello there peeps for some of you undetaking the 2330 level 3 online exam this year i think this may be a great study aid for anyone wishing to complete there exam this year , i mananged to aquire a 2330 level 3 question book saved to disc format, complete with all answers with over 300...
  15. S

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Pass

    I would like to thank Jason and all the regulars on the forum for the help amd advice I have had from this everyone over the last few months. I had my Elecsa assessment today and passed with an A! Now its Beer 'o' clock :D:D:D:D Thank you all and good luck to those that have theres coming up...
  16. S

    dewalt combi charging probs!

    hi everyone, not sure if any of you lot will be able to answer this but you never know!! just bought a 14.4 dewalt combi today (was a good deal as i normally prefer bosch!) thing is ive just charged the batteries and one is ok with the constant red light on the charger indicating its...
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