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hi everyone, not sure if any of you lot will be able to answer this but you never know!!

just bought a 14.4 dewalt combi today (was a good deal as i normally prefer bosch!)

thing is ive just charged the batteries and one is ok with the constant red light on the charger indicating its charged, the other one tho does a quick flash followed by a long flash? looked in me book that came with it and theres no mention of this sequence and i cant find anything on the interent!?

hope some hardcore dewalt owners can help out!!




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no its a brand spanker mate from me wholesalers! any idea what this flashing thing means?


I don't remember but it will tell you in the instructions as there are different flashing sequences to denote different things such as battery too warm etc


if you look on the charger itself, just where the flashing light is, theres different lines, dotted like this: - - - - then a symbol to tell you what it means. just lookee on my charger, there ain't 1 for a long dash then a short dash tho!


If you allow the batteries to be left unused for some time. The Dewalt charger is not capable of charging a totally flat battery.
Solution use a booster jump start 12volt charger, which there are many makes on the market.
Forward contact is positive, rear is negative. Just boost for say 30 seconds, repeat increasing amounts untill Dewalt charger is capable of charging.
That sequence normally happens if the battery is too hot, but it may happen if theres a fault as well.
Are they NIMH batteries? as I had a couple of dodgy ones doing something similar last year


I think there is a moral to this story coming.......... Back to Bosch???


Untill recently i was in the mobile phone business. It was a common practice for us to give a flat NMHI battery a quick boost, to get the battery charging again.
I have a 14.4 volt cordless drill with 3 batteries supplied a number of years ago.
Two of the batteries were left uncharged for months. The Dewart charger flashed rapidly but would not charge either of the 2 batteries.
After a quick boost as my earlier post both batteries are now fully charged.
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Reply to dewalt combi charging probs! in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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