1. T

    Milwaukee super hawg!

    Does any have a Milwaukee super hawg 18v drill? Been trying multiple ways of drilling joists on new builds over the years. Impact drivers, angle drills both 18v & 230v mains drill etc....... (all makita) Came across the super hawg the other day and cant seem to find one bad review on it...
  2. L

    Milwaukee packout modular storage system

    Milwaukee packout modular storage system 3 piece set all inserts included. no tools included Brand new hasn't been used. no daft offers Collection only. £230
  3. J

    Milwaukee M18 Hole Hawg v M18 Super Hawg

    Looking for a new tool for joist drilling- I have killed 2x GSB18VE-2-Li 18V in past few years!! Looking into a milwaukee hole hawg with 9ah battery anyone got one?
  4. B

    Dewalt or Milwaukee tools

    Need some new tools I'm on old dewalts what's everyone else got
  5. R

    Milwaukee m18 opinions ?

    Thinking of getting a new sds impact and pistol drill and really like the look of the Milwaukee m18 fuel range, think from the reviews on the internet it stands pretty superior compared to a lot of other brands on the market. What do you recon ?
  6. Specialist

    Milwaukee six in one pliers

    Just wondering if anyone has these or has used them & what they're like ?
  7. A

    Milwaukee m12 fuel impact drill

    Hi I'm just posting to see if any one else has this problem with the drill, the problem is when the drill hasn't been used for a few minutes I'm finding I'm having to remove the battery and then put it back in for the drill to work,this is happening with both batteries and there both showing as...
  8. PEG

    Tool Fair at Event City,Manchester

    Slid by,today,some good gear and plenty of opportunities for wind-ups. Usual game of engaging the pretty girls,on the Wago stand,whilst pillaging her bowl,giggerty. Bit disappointed that Megger didn't have an example of their new 800 series multimeters...May,apparently,so kid's savings safe...
  9. Vortigern

    Milwaukee cordless.

    Anyone use/used milwaukee? Are they any good. Its just Toolstation are offering brushless hammer drill + impact drill 2 x 4ah batteries for 260 and I am tempted.
  10. M

    help me pick a sds and combi drill!

    Alright guys. im looking for a decent set of drills not to costy but no cheap crap i like the idea of one battery fits all. any ideas guys xD
  11. M

    Cordless sds- Milwaukee 18v or Bosch 36v

    Hi, I'm looking to get a cordless sds mainly doing commercial so don't really need chisel. Mainly be used for fixings, 12mm anchors etc and maybe the odd 20mm hole. Has anyone used the milwaukee m18 sds?? are 18v sds drills up to the job???. Was looking at bosch 36v aswell but there pricey...
  12. A

    Milwaukee drill messed up

    My Milwaukee has messed up since owning it December I am fuming it still works but not properly, you let go of the trigger the drill used to stop straight away now when you let go of the trigger it spins slowly until it stops question is who do I contact to get a replacement milwaukee or...
  13. Eddiesparks

    Cordless stuff, does it really compare to mains??!!

    Ok, so i have mains dewalt skill saw, hitachi 115mm grinder, makita multi tool. Am wondering - if i invest in 18v milwaukee stuff of all the above will i notice a real difference in power?! I'm particularly wondering about the grinder i suppose. Would it just lock up all the time if it was 18v...
  14. J

    2kg SDS hammer drills - what to buy?

    Hi all, im about to buy a sds hammer drill as i have been using my 5kg for most things but its a bit awkward using such a large drill for small jobs. so, options. im currently looking at two drills, makita or milwaukee. im after any personal experiences you may have had with either drill, i...
  15. Eddiesparks

    Brake problem on combi drill

    Now i always thought a combi drill could be used for wood and masonry. I have a mains sds for chasing and big masonry work but Time and time again i use my combi to drill 6mm and 7mm holes for wallplugs. I often question why you would need an 18/24v sds when combi can do the same job. 36v ones...
  16. A

    What makes a good drill

    I need to buy a drill does not know what is good. Last year bought a useless seriously damaged a few months.
  17. E

    work clothes

    Getting to that time of the year were the weather is getting rubbish, wondering If anyone can recommend a work jacket waterproof and warm
  18. L

    What 18v drill to go for

    Hi guys and girls My 18v milwakee drill burnt out today when I was drilling 50mm holes in trunking, so Im in the market for a new 18v drill driver. Does anyone know of any great drills or of any drills to avoid. I can tell you to stay away from milwakee, I never liked the drill from day one...
  19. S

    Whats the deal with drills now, any ideas?

    Evening all, Been having a look at cordless drills for a while now. Im only starting out, so this will be my first :grin:. Im probably going to go with Makita(i think)... but the thing is... The new Li-ion ranges are out across Bosch, De-walt, Hilti etc etc, then there are the old Ni-Cd's...
  20. C

    36v drill

    Just wondering what 36v drills you guys use? Used to have a Bosch 36v which I found good, but have had a shot of a hilti which was excellent! Willing to spend a few quid but not sure if I can justify the price of a hilti!