1. L

    Energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches?

    Is it possible to energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches in a way similar to 3-way switches? If so, what components and setup would do that? The purpose is to control lighting from several sources and the reason for not using simple 3-way switches is that the...
  2. P

    wired switch to remote?

    hi all, i have a garage door wireless remote clipped on my motorbike. it's too large to attach anywhere near the handlebars so i'd like to add a small button on the handlebars that is wired in to said wireless unit to send that signal when pressed and in range of the receiver....does anyone know...
  3. MarkRibbands

    Domestic New 4mm T&E feed to existing remote 2.5mm ring. OK or not?

    I'm building a small rental annexe at my own house, which will be supplied by a new local sub-main, with local metering. This includes one existing bedroom which will become part of the annexe. This room has an existing ring final in 2.5mm, all in good condition. Rather than run two new 2.5s, a...
  4. K

    Remote mains switching/control options?

    Hello there, I have a property located in a very rural area that's only partly occupied, its also rented out for short periods. I live 2 hours drive from the property and the issue I have is that people keep leaving electrical items switched on which of course poses a huge fire risk. It can be...
  5. T

    Domestic Daikin EKHBRD016ACV1 remote loses time instantly

    Hi there. I have a Daikin EKHBRD016ACV1 heat pump at home. This year I noticed that as soon as the power goes out (we have a standby generator; so the power comes back in 1 minute), Daikin's remote starts flashing 0:00. I contacted its repairmen and they said this model does not have a battery...
  6. M

    Relocating a remote wireless thermostat to somewhere out of range of boiler?

    Hi All, hope you can help. I've inherited a fairly stupid CH setup from the people who "renovated" my house before I bought it, and need to do something about the CH. Its 3 floors - "basement" with bedroom, shower room & access to garden. 1st floor - main living area, kitchen, sitting room...
  7. B

    Remote Isolator On Locked Disboard/CU

    Afternoon All, Maybe an odd question. For the last 8 years I've been in this industry I have always fitted single and 3 phase disboard/CU's with locks and no remote isolator other than on a locked main panel. I'm on a new job where we are using a mix of Siemens 3 phase boards and Crabtree...
  8. multimick

    bonding thoughts with a sure stop remote tap fitted

    hi all terrace house lead water incomer with old stop cock which i assume is redundant as plumber has fitted a surestop stop tap the one which works by air pressure switch,,i put the main bond on incomer before sure stop (only about 2 foot of pipe) he swopped it to after the sure stop...
  9. H

    Ceiling fan and light with remote

    replacing the r7s lamp holder on a ceiling fan and light with remote. The connectors have two white wires in each side of the R7 bulb. There is two white wires coming down, but one seems to have a black sleeve. Should both the white wires from the lamp holder be connected to both wires coming...
  10. T

    Honeywell G4 Accenta Remote Keypad

    Hi all, just powered up a G4 Accenta and I'm having trouble with the remote keypad. The red and green indicator led's are lighting up,but thats it. Nothing on the lcd display,no backlighting and no response to putting default code (0123) in. This is a brand new system,straight out the box. I've...
  11. T

    Honeywell Accenta G4 Remote Keypad problem

    Hi all, just powered up a G4 Accenta and I'm having trouble with the remote keypad. The red and green indicator led's are lighting up,but thats it. Nothing on the lcd display,no backlighting and no response to putting default code (0123) in. This is a brand new system,straight out the box. I've...
  12. A

    Shunt trip in a domestic CU? Looking for a complaint way of remotely switching off power

    Hi. A thought of a domestic fire in my house terrifies me, so I installed a really sophisticated fire alarm in my house. This system optionally can even turn off the gas valve (it has a motorized arm which is installed on the main valve) and switch off electricity in case if the fire is detected...
  13. B

    5 Wires to go - Help required to remote fire up the boiler

    Hello all, I've found myself left with a small amount of wiring to do to complete an installation. It's a Heatmister UH8-RF unit being wired to a Drayton 2 way valve. The boiler engineer has done 95% of the wiring and has not gone sick long term. I'm left with only the remote 'fire the boiler...
  14. Andy78

    Isolator when inverter is remote from consumer unit

    I have never done PV but a customer has had a system installed and has a few issues with it, most of which are being sorted out. I have a question, should an isolator be positioned next to the CU when the inverter is in the loft ? I have never seen one without, and had advice from other...
  15. Jay89

    Virgin remote signal extender

    Hi all, I’m after the virgin equivalent of sky’s magic eye. I have a TV to be installed up on the wall of a clients kitchen, breakfast bar below and was hoping to site the virgin box in the cupboard below the worktop. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  16. TonyJohnson

    Remote colour changing light bulbs and neutral fault

    Adding a socket to a ring today, the socket fitted correctly, the ring with correct continuity and IR results OK but.... Plugging in the socket tester brought up a neutral fault?? The house has remote control lamps that change colour, can this electronic device effect the neutrals.. it seems to?
  17. N

    Light switch wiring for rf433 remote switch

    Hello all, My first post on this forums. I've installed couple of those remote control (rf433) light switches in my house but having trouble with the wiring in my bedroom. Most of the other switches had live and neutral but my room switch (1 way 1 gang) has a different wiring, picture...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Product recall of remote control plug adaptors

    Had an email pop up in my inbox announcing a product recall of some remote control plug adaptors. They were sold in B and Q until recently. Have attached the email in a pdf below. In all honesty I am surprised not to have more of these emails given the poor quality and cheap tat a lot of the diy...
  19. J

    PIR switch remote overriding

    Hey guys, On a job at the moment where the customer wants an LED flood on the end of a farm building, Seems straight forward but he has now decided he would like the light to be PIR operated, Manual override inside the building, AND a remote to switch the light on from his house about 10-15...
  20. S

    Remote control 2 way switching.

    I've seen a couple of kits for doing this advertised. Any recommendations or products to avoid?
  21. P

    Hoist control wiring help please!!

    Hello all, I'm hoping some clever person can please help me... I have an electric hoist set up and I would like to have another one to lift at the other end. I don't really want to operate 2 remotes so I want to wire them both into a terminal block and then into 1 remote.... That sounded simple...
  22. Bob Geldoff1234

    Remote controlled light switch

    Could anyone recommend a remote controlled light switch? It must be able to dim and switch up to 320 watts,preferably not be too deep at the back and not cost a fortune.Also there is no neutral at the switch so it would have to be a live in and live out one. The ones i have looked at on Ebay...
  23. rolyberkin

    Screwfix or TLC LED PIR

    Hi All Not bought an LED floodlight for a while, looking for a mid priced recommendation has anyone any recent experiences fitting either the Screwfix LAP or Luceco brands or the LEDlite from TLC? Thanks.
  24. S

    Portable tool station electrics, Saftey advice help

    Hi all, I am building a portable workstation to hold 4 power tools IE: Router, Saw, Disc sander (Drill powered), Small Drill Press. The idea I would ideally like is for each unit to only be powered at any on time without the others being able to switch on until the one in use is switched...
  25. J

    cctv novice

    Want to be able to add cctv installation to what I can offer on rewires etc. never done anything cctv related or read much about it before now If I was to buy this kit: 4 Camera IP Eclipse CCTV Kit With 1080p IP Anti Vandal 2.8-12mm Varifocal Dome Cameras in Graphite -...
  26. Y

    Timer module Run on fan timer

    We have a number of inline fans which we would like to repurpose for bathroom ventilation. We are looking to find switch/permanent live timer run on timer modules to facilitate these fans being used to vent bathrooms. In particular, we are hoping to source modules capable of being set in excess...
  27. R

    Remote control ceiling fan stopped working

    Hello, I have a remote control ceiling light fan which has stopped working via the remote control. The light still comes on and off when using the main wall switch but that is it. The remote used to control the light and the fan movement but now nothing. I did the obvious and replace the...
  28. Hellmooth

    Remote controlled lighting

    Customer is looking to control some lighting from a remote/button, has anyone fitted anything similar, it's only for 1 circuit. I've installed universal receivers that can control garage doors and gates, I have used these to switch a contactor to control outside lights, was hoping for something...
  29. uksparks

    Pulling contactor on with a remote control light switch

    Hi, Can you see any potential problems pulling a contractor on with a remote control light switch? basically got a summerhouse that the customer wants to easily be able to isolate in a fancy way such as this and I said I do t see why not. its a load of say up to 32A through a contractor etc...
  30. G

    Strange fluke 1653b question

    Hi all, Firstly hello and thanks for making this site so helpful, I'm trying to make a career change to be a domestic electrician and this site as been brilliant, so thanks. Now for my question, I have recently purchased a fluke 1653b off eBay and I got it calibrated straight away for...
  31. M

    Mi-led controllers

    Hi I am struggling with a 4 zone mi-light controls setup. I have email them but they are useless. Has anyone managed to get one of there colour led wifi controllers working. If no I am will to cut my losses and get another setup. Can anyone recommend a good make Thanks
  32. C

    Domestic Looking for a remote switch to control light switch downstairs

    Hi there, apologies if I am posting in the wrong section but this looks like a fantastic place to get an answer! I have two light switches downstairs about five paces from one another that control the same hall light downstairs. I want a switch upstairs but it is a horrible run for an...
  33. P

    texecom pir

    Hi, I fitted a texecom veritas excel alarm to a friends house last year, he has a garage that is now being used as a store for his business and wants this protected. Do any of you know if a remote pir is available for this alarm. Getting a cable over to the garage would be a bit of a...
  34. L

    Dimmer keeps blowing

    Any advice is much appreciated. I have a new light fitted, 10 x E27 40watt filament bulbs. Its this one: 10 Lights - Edison Chandelier Pendant Lamp Ceiling Light Bulbs Remote Control | eBay I have now fitted 5 dimmer switches and not found one that works. Leading edge dimmers buzz really...
  35. C

    wireless switching

    Hello i have a son who has special needs and needs help playing with his toys, To enable him to use his toys i have rewired the toys switch to a big button type switch which he can press more easily (see attached pic) Now what I would like to do is make the switch wireless so there's no...
  36. E

    RELAYS - Latch V Momentary types

    Hi all. Wondering if you guys can help me. I'm creating a very simple motorcycle loom and have run into one area where I'm not 100% clear on what to do. I have a remote triggered relay board which can trigger / switch 4 things. The board is continuos feed, 12V and 20amp per output. I have a...
  37. P

    Relay help

    hi guys just after a bit of help with which relay i need i know what i want it to do but might struggle explaning it lol. basicly i want it to work like a two way switch. i want push a button which will switch it to load 1. then when i push the same button i want it to switch it to load 2. i...
  38. P

    lighting automation (disabled home)

    Dear All, i am trying to automate the kitchen lighting system for a disabled person, converting it to an automated system. An infrared remote transmitter will replace the switch and remote will be with the user (wheelchair) to switch the kitchen light on/off. Attaching image of the...
  39. dlt27

    Master/Slave dimmer wiring help!

    Hi hope somebody can help. I have currently just 1st fixed a very big house with over 200 led spots in it. Some rooms even have 4 gang switches 2 wayed. Also nearly every room has dimmable switches. Now on the original drawings the wiring shows conventional dimming. ie dimmer one end rocker the...
  40. D

    Radio Controlled Boat

    Well I bought this thing a while back and never got a chance to use it. Today was the first time I've vet had it out. Superb fun! It's a Joysway Super Mono X for anyone that's interested!
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