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    DIY: Kobalt 18v drill battery charger blinks red

    I place the battery on the charger and it is green for about 10 seconds, then flashes red. I placed the same battery on my kobalt 18-20v universal battery charger and it charges to completion. Anyone have any ideas on how to service this charger……IT’S NOT THE BATTERY(s). Any ideas? Thank you.
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    Mercedes GLC 2016 no charge

    Hello, i have a problem with mercedes glc 250 cdi 2016 it drained my battery once and when i tested it with multimeter i found it is not charging battery. I first changed voltage regulator then the whole alternator then the agm battery and still no charge, there is 0 trouble codes in ECU or SAM...
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    Hilti battery charger or adapter

    Hi, I have been looking for a hilti Ca 7/36 battery adapter or a TCU 22H 120v charger or a TCU 12/24M 120v charger. Without one of the above I am unable to charge the batteries for my drill. Can anyone point me in the right direction, where I could purchase any one of the above? Preferably I...
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    How do I make a mini wind turbine safe from lightning

    Hello Have purchased a 500 w mini wind turbine to help charge leisure batteries in our temporary mobile home. I have sourced and fabricated a sturdy metal bracket to mount it 6 metres in the air. It's connected back to the batteries in the Mobile which is connected to an inverter to provide...
  5. P

    UK tool repair advice for a battery charger

    I have a mapole 12/24v battery charger 2014 model will not charge it switches on and lights up the transformer is buzzing but no life at the 12/24v have cleaned all connections I removed the rectifier so how do I test it or just buy a new one thanks petekay
  6. M

    UK Campervan 230V Install Advice

    Hi, I am doing a self build campervan conversion and currently in the process of doing the electrics. I'm confident with the 12v circuit design but after some advice on the 230V. I have 200aH AGM batteries at 12V then a 600W inverter. Plan is to fuse the 12v positive lead input to the...
  7. A

    No Power to Golf Trolley Battery Charger

    Hi All, I'll add some pics as soon as I can but just to get the thread started, I have a golf trolley battery charger that doesn't have any power. The unit has a light that should light up when plugged into the power socket however this doesn's light up and no power goes to the battery. I have...
  8. F

    Iota battery charger/ conditioner question

    These are installed in firetrucks. They are Iota DLS-45 battery charger/ conditioners. I need a way to install...
  9. N

    Charge battery via fusebox with solar charger

    Good moaning all, I want to install a solar charger because my MK1 1997 Clio 1.8 RSi seemingly has a parasitic draw and counteracting it is probably better than trying to find and fix it given the car's age. If anyone wants to buy it in September let me know! The problem is that the cigarette...
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    Keeping a Battery Charger Always in an Electric Outlet

    I need to know whether a battery charger can be kept in an electric outlet all the time or whether it should be disconnected every time after a smartphone has been charged. It is not convenient for me to have to disconnect it from the electric outlet every time. Does a battery charger...
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    Black and Decker Lithium Battery Charger Cable Torn and Repaired and but not working!

    Hi guys the thin wiring cable on my Black and Decker lithium battery charger for my power drill and saw was accidentally cut and I tried to rewire it back together (see photos). When I plug it into the wall outlet, the red light doesn't turn on which means it's not charging. What am I doing...
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    What would experienced electrician do in such situation:

    There is a need to power a battery charger, which requires 3 ph 480V 20A circuit. There is no 480V available at this location, however there's an electrical panel 120/240V where 3 ph 240V is available. Loads in that panel are connected by 100A breaker (installed inside the panel). There was a...
  13. C

    18 volt solar battery charger

    Hello, hoping for advice on this... We intend to use 18volt Makita power tools high in the Khumbu mountains near Everest. With no mains power on site I’d appreciate any advice on an affordable yet lightweight, portable and efficient set up to recharge batteries. Probably x10 4.00 Ah units per...
  14. G

    AEG Multi-voltage battery charger

    Hi Folks :-) got a query. Can my AEG AL9618 Battery charger that came with my BSB 18STX-R drill, also charge Li-Ion batteries? The drill originals are Ni-cd 2.0ah, and I wish to upgrade to 3.0ah Li-Ion ones. The front of the charger does show various images of what the lights should do. And it...
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    Battery charger switch over system

    I have a 4kW solar pv installation that has a 6kW lead acid battery storage. In the summer I am constantly exporting and in the winter not much is generated. I was wondering if its possible let go install a second battery store which runs from solenoid of some sort such that when I e battery is...
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    Cordless drill battery charger

    Might be the wrong forum but here goes. I`ve 2 Parkside drill/drivers 10.8v not had a lot of use but come in handy because they are quite small and do the job. Problem is I`ve lost one of the chargers and the remaining one has given up. I`ve inserted a pic of the circuit board, no sign of any...
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    Using a Ryobi battery charger from the US in the UK

    Hi, I just received a brand new Ryobi hand vac as a gift from the US. What is the best way to charge the 18V Lithium battery that powers this? The charger says Input: 120V~ 60Hz 7W Output: 18V 250mA I bought a Maplin Voltage converter 240V to 110V 45W but I'm not sure if that will work, since...
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    Antique Battery Charger tidy up.

    Hi all. New to this forum so hi. I love tinkering and stuff so looking for advice on this one. I have a battery charger from my old gramps. It's old but I love it. It still works great and charges but I wondered if I could or should replace the transformer coil bit inside.? Is it Easy to...
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    Tungar battery charger

    Saw this on ebay VINTAGE BATTERY CHARGER | eBay - Did a bit of research on the net seems it has a mercury rectifier in it. Built in the 1920s. Anyone remember seeing one before? only thing I...
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    Pat test on Battery Charger.

    Morning all. I have a battery charger for a 9V drill. It's double insulated and i'm treating it as IT because of the electronics inside. I believe the only test I can carry out is the Leakage test (which is satisfactory at <0.1mA) I'm new to pat testing but thought I'd got it sussed! I've...


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