1. S

    Alternator Rectifier

    Hello, Does anyone know what the effect would be of replacing a delta wired diode pack/rectifier with a star wired one? Any advise would be awesome. Many Thanks, Alan.
  2. S

    Do I need an inline fuse between my alternator and battery isolator?

    I purchased a 95 amp battery isolator and my alternator pushes 95 amps but I'm assuming that it may spike above that occasionally. Should I put a fuse between the two? I am only aware of 100 amp maxi fuses would that save the isolator for damage or do I need to purchase a battery isolator rated...
  3. T

    Unidentified issue

    Hi Everyone, I am struggling with a problem for what i cannot find any solution. I have an Opel Astra H 1.3 CDTI form 2008 and started to have some issues for a while. The situation is the following: My battery died on a morning, it was strange since the battery is only 3 months old. I took it...
  4. R

    Dc electric

    Automotive electrical issue here. I recently replaced the alternator in my truck, and whenever I ground the alternator to the battery the battery shows 0 volts. What could be the issue?
  5. A

    Alternator wiring

    I am changing the alternator on an old tractor. The old alternator has one D+ terminal that receives power only when the key is on. The new alternator I am retrofitting has an S (sensor) and L (lamp?) terminal. From what I can understand, the wiring for the new alternator is as such; S terminal...
  6. T

    Toyota 2H alternator output

    Hi I’ve got a 1985 HJ75 Toyota Landcruiser with a 2H 4.0 diesel. I’m having problems with either the alternator or the external regulator. Can anyone please help me with what the output should be at the alternator and also the output at the regulator? Both the alternator and regulator are new...
  7. J

    Using an alternator to run a motor

    Hello there.- I have a 550W 3ph electric motor / pump and a VFD which is a 220VAC input to 220VDC which is connected to my motor, so my motor can start at a lower speed until reach 1,390 rpm, also I have a 12VDC to 230VAC pure sine 1000W inverter, my question is: If I use a car alternator that...
  8. A

    A127 Alternator Indicator Light Sizing

    Hi, I'm intending to fit a standard A127 type alternator to my Chinese tractor, replacing the original with it's troublesome external regulator. I'm happy with the wiring and principles except for one thing ... can anyone put a figure to the current needed via the indicator light in order to...
  9. S

    Domestic Hooking up inverter to alternator advisable

    Hi, I am interested in converting my Citoren relay to a campervan. In order for this to happen legally (DVLA requirements) I must have either a gas/electric cooker permantly fixed to the van. I prefer to use electric over gas because I can do it myself and it's less explosive. Is the...
  10. N

    Domestic Help needed to understand an alternator load problem

    Hi all, I am looking for some expert advice and knowledge to help get my head around an alternator load problem. This has been on-going for about 18 months... Vehicle summary; 1993 Mazda MX5 import. Originally a 1.6 but I have put a 1.8 engine in from an early MK2 MX5. I also fitted a UK...
  11. Argcape

    Domestic Alternator Problem Advice needed

    Hi Everyone!! I need some serious advice please History: The Car was working fine and there was no electrical problems Had to repair the alternator / PAS mounting bracket and after putting it all together I accidentally put the battery warning light cable onto the W terminal and it did not...
  12. J

    Domestic Battery Discharging/Charging sporadically.

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased an '04 L200 Warrior from a private seller, and it has a peculiar electric problem that I hope you all might be able to help me get to the bottom of; Within a day or 2 of the acquiring the truck I noticed the battery was losing power while driving, and the warning...
  13. T

    what determine the alternator output current

    Do alternators obey Ohm’s law? The alternator output voltage is proportional to the rotor excitation current. When reducing rotor excitation, the output voltage drops and the load resistance stays constant. Can why still use ohm law to determine the output current. Example alternator 480 v / 4...
  14. O

    Can I connect car alternator directly to the invertor

    Hi, please help! I want to make wind turbine with car alternator and put it on my caravan. Can I connect alternator directly to the invertor? I want to make my heater work from it. Or between alternator and invertor has to be something in between? Please advice. Thanks a lot!
  15. T

    Alternator wiring

    Just acquired a Reliant Scimitar...SE6b ....fibreglass body so earths are all over the place. .. waiting for carb to get it running but meantie the seller says it fries alternators. There's a three way connector on the back of the alternator and a spade terminal unused marked B+ ..I thought...
  16. C

    Voltage issues

    Hi got a r32gtr and having voltage issues I've tested alternator direct 14.5v tested battery 12.6 battery has been relocated into boot but I do a voltage check engine running 13.2 at batttery if I connect meter at connector in engine bay for battery live and earth to body 13.2 if earth to...
  17. D

    Domestic generator/alternator to inverter wiring?

    Hi all and thanks for reading. i am a novice at electrics so your help is greatly appreiciated right i have an inverter (110v 5kva) for my van and it runs off its own alternator. there are six wires which are 12v negative, 12v positive, these i understand and are used just to power the...
  18. J

    something is sucking my battery down!!!!

    Someone please help,i have a 99 f150 4.6 v8 and my guages went crazy one day,my lights Went dim and then my truck i thought is was alternator,i was wrong but i put a new alternator and new battery On it anyways.(thank god for warrantys)something is still drianing my battery.i pulled...
  19. I

    Flashing orange LEDs turn on and off randomly.

    Hello all. I work at a rescue boat and we use a converted Thwaites 5 ton dumper truck as our launch vehicle. It has orange flashing LEDs on the front but sometime they will just turn off. Obliviously theI sea water has its effects on the tractor but it seems at low rpms the lights turn on and...
  20. D

    Generator light problem in my 65 Buick

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site as I'm experiencing a problem with my electrical system in my 65 Buick Sportwagon. This is what I did. The car was charging fine but at idle the light would flicker and the GEN light would lightly glow, which would go out once I gave it gas. So I took out the...
  21. M

    Alternator giving out high voltage but low current. Why??

    My friend's alternator (Lucas 40A I think) is connected to one battery. It does get excited and produces 14.4V, and it gave out about 15A for a few seconds, but then the current went down to 3A within one minute, which is too low. What are possible causes of this behaviour?
  22. T

    2 Panels, 1 Alternator & 1 MPPT. How To?

    I need to wire up my solar panels to my motorhome leisure batteries. I have a 160W permanently mounted panel that will be hard wired to my MPPT controller. I will occasionally wish to add a portable 100W panel to the setup. Can I connect this portable panel directly into the MPPT as well when...
  23. H

    Bosch Alternator wiring

    Hi Can anyone confirm this is where this brown spade connects too on a late bay vw alternator diode holder? (Never let your dad dismantle your alternator then leave the country) Alan Or
  24. D

    Domestic Laguna new battery discharging

    Renault Laguna Estate Mk1 1997 2litre. Had it for about 10yrs. Still 83000 kms on clock. Fanastic car. Husband formally a car mechanic now disabled with dementia ! Problem now – Bought new battery because the other one although only two years old appeared to be failing. However the new...
  25. R

    Domestic Battery Not Charging

    Hi guys I have Nissan N15 SSS 1995 model and recently my car started to have battery issues where it won't charge so I went and bought a new battery and as it happened it wasn't the battery that was faulty it was the alternator. So I bought a new alternator and installed it properly but now the...
  26. I

    vectra battery light

    vectra 2.0l diesel 03 plate my brothers vectra the dials kept dropping and battery light flashing on , few weeks later it happened again and stayed on so he called out the RAC And the boy told him it was the alternator so he got one from the scrappys and got it fitted , a week later the same...
  27. H

    transit minibus flat battery

    Transit minibus Flat batteries in the morning Alternator working correctly With vehicle idle & all of there is a discharge if 0.31A Is this correct ? Is there anything which could cause a draw in the battery like this ? Would a draw in the batteries of 0.31A be enough to drain a charged...
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