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  1. T

    UK Higher than expected Zs

    Hi, I did my first EICR on a TT system today and the Zs was a lot higher than Ze+R1+R2 on everything. Zs was around 3.5 ohms on all of the ring circuits and the oven circuit and lighting circuits were between 3-4.5 ohms. The Ze was 1.1 ohms and R1+R2 was between 0.9-0.23 ohms at the various...
  2. L

    discharge higher than 3kw with ac coupled 3 phase

    hi guys i'm trying to get my head round the following setup growatt TL3 5kW 3 phase string inverter 14 panels @ 395W Spa3000 TL ac coupled controller - unless there is a alternative mcs approved one available growatt ark 4x2.5's with bms will i be able to draw 3 5 or 8kw with this setup please...
  3. barisk

    Higher amps in my garage

    Hi , I’ve just bought a welder i will attach specifications and i has a round pin power adapter, how can i use that in my garage with a regular house socket . I also found a convertor from 13a to 16a , not sure if that’s the way to do it . Many thanks
  4. Highspark24/7

    Rcbo with higher than permitted zs

    Hi I was testing a large holiday let property which has a three phase supply and dB Now the original install was in 2012 and electrically is well done but poorly designs on socket circuits all rcbo are type c and only on socket circuits I am over the max permitted zs I would recommend change...
  5. Dartlec

    Higher rn than r1

    Where is the point at which a higher (but continuous) conductor reading should be considered 'OK' on an EICR? I know the theory is that it should be between 0.05 ohms, but when it falls outside that, how do others decide when it becomes an issue that must be resolved? Checking a small flat...
  6. B

    Moving the drop higher on mast

    A tree limb has grown in diameter and is rubbing against the line that comes in from the pole. As you can see in the photo I could move the clamp on my mast higher. This would free the line from contact with the tree. Is there any reason I shouldn't do this? (The limb in question is 20 feet...
  7. S

    New Zealand Fuses replaced with higher amperage. Thoughts?

    Background: House was built early 1980s, fuse board is mostly the old school ceramic fuses. The wiring is said to be of modern design with 'tough plastic sheathing' according to a pre-purchase inspection. The previous owner has replaced a 5 amp fuse for the lights with an 8 amp circuit...
  8. M

    TN-C-S with Ze higher than 0.35 ohms

    Hello! Where do I start to troubleshooting with issue of higher reading of Ze 0.45ohms with TN-C-S earthing arrangement. Thank you!
  9. A

    Domestic High voltage plug sockets

    Recently changed plug sockets and light switches. Have noticed before this was done we were burning through light bulbs. A few of our plug sockets are high voltage 250 -270. Any ideas
  10. The Mains Man

    RCCB making the Zs higher than it should be

    after finding an unexpectedly high Zs on a shower, I narrowed it down to: Zs at input of RCD (RCCB) is around 0.18 as would be expected but the Zs at the output of the RCD is 0.96! Both tests done with 3 lead low test on Megger MFT with 3 month calibration. It is a split load board and both...
  11. O

    18th Edition & OSG - higher or lower - a bit of fun!

    So we all have to start parting with our hard earned monies CEF have just emailed me an offer of £94.95 (they say no VAT) Which is the cheapest I've seen so far .......... Anybody seen a lower price (or higher) :):):):) EDIT: The bundle isn't for both IET books the OSG guide is the NICEIC...
  12. B

    High ze readings. Even higher zs?

    testing a TNS installation today, found a high incoming ze of 1.14ohms, in my head putbthis down to incoming earth issue as all terminations tight, but when I test any subsequent circuit I’m getting much greater zs readings approx 4.0 ohms. I was expecting high earth loops as my incomer was high...
  13. K

    Higher Education (HNC/HND)

    Hi All, new to the forum. My names Kris, I'm 29 years old and i'm a fully qualified Electrician, including City & Guilds Level 4 Design & Verification. I really want to further my knowledge and after some research the only route left, I can see that is left to take whilst working at the same...
  14. L

    Nest Pro Installer

    Morning everyone, just wondering if anyone has any experience with being a Nest Pro Installer and what is involved in getting set up and if it was worthwhile, many thanks.
  15. B

    Tungar battery charger

    Saw this on ebay VINTAGE BATTERY CHARGER | eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142209979231?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Did a bit of research on the net seems it has a mercury rectifier in it. Built in the 1920s. Anyone remember seeing one before? only thing I...
  16. J

    Alphatek tek837 clamp meter

    I've just got the Alphatek Tek837 clamp meter as it seemed a good price compared to others with the same features, does anyone have any experience with this meter, since i ordered it i've learnt it's been sold under different brand names, Metrel tek837, Alphatek tek837, Di log DL6404 and...
  17. M

    Help with sourcing replacement power adapters

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice from all you guys who know your stuff when it comes to everything electrical. I'm a creative filmmaker so naturally not clued up on adapters and things but I have LED lighting panels we use to light scenes and interviews and things and...
  18. Pat H

    Domestic Upgrading supplier fuse

    Got a job with a 60amp supplier head fuse. Contacted Eon re upgrading to 80amp or 100amp. Their reply is they don't do that I need a qualified electrician!
  19. L

    Zs of circuit higher than maximum values allowed?

    Hi there, I have a ring circuit where the Zs reading taken is higher than maximum allowed values. the circuit is protected by a 32a RCBO type C device, Zs = 1.43. I have currently have tightened terminations which has brought it to its current value. as i have been out of the game for a while...
  20. N

    Domestic Guidance needed on moving sockets higher up

    Hi I moved to a new detached house which is ~90 yrs old. It has RCB switchboard outside (Kitchen, lights, smokealaram) but I am not sure when the house was re-wired last. My problem is that I need to lay a new floor. However the current sockets, sits just above the old skirting board which is...
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