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  1. Baddegg

    Max permitted Zs values...

    Anyone know where I can find max Zs values for these?.....and the 6a LN 5906....
  2. L

    Max Zs Permitted by BS7671 value

    Hi All, Thank you for welcoming to this forums I just want to clarify that the Value I need to enter 100% or 80% in the last column "Maximum Zs Permitted by BS7671" is it 80% from the table 41.3 from 18th Edition Regs - Page 62 or the value from Pocket Guide 18 Thank you Loges
  3. J

    Max Permitted Zs for 3036 semi enclosed rewirable fuse...

    I'm just hoping I can cross reference my knowledge or be corrected by someone on a quick query. It's a test question I'm doing but I'm querying the answer I've been given. I want to find the Max permitted Zs on a 3036 45A fuse. I was under the impression that I should reference table 41.2 in...
  4. diyterry

    Are mains sockets permitted in bathrooms?

    Hello. I am extending my bathroom, but one of the walls that will be incorporated into the bathroom has a socket fitted. Is this allowed in a bathroom or is it best to remove the socket and fit a cover?
  5. L

    Is surface mount cabling permitted?

    Forgive me if this is a dumb idiot question, but I'm not a sparky and I have a need to know. My wife and I are in a 15th Century cottage and most of the electrics is the original wiring from when electricity came to the village in the early '50s - lead covered stuff for the most part. We had a...
  6. F

    single or double pole sockets

    is there a requrement to install double pole sockets as to single pole sockets
  7. S

    Faults on inverter

    Looking for advice/help I have have been getting a number of faults on a G83 3600TL Powfutuer inverter, one fault that keeps coming up is“Grid Voltage Fault” The gird voltage has exceeded the permitted range according to local gird regulations. Following causes might lead to this error: ...
  8. S

    panels on barns

    ive just been to look at a job where there are several barns. The customer is wanting a 11kw system installed, is planning required for the panels? any information would be gratefull!!
  9. S

    Planning Permission for Commercial Roofs

    I've just been told by our local authority that we need planning permission for any agricultural/commercial buildings, that it doesn't come under permitted development. Has anyone else come accross this????
  10. S

    Zs live Testing - does everyone do it?

    Zs live Testing - does everyone do it? Or do you use a calculated Zs instead
  11. B

    Max neutral/earth voltage

    Hi guys, It's been 10 years since I was a sparky so I am out of date with current regs. Can anyone tell me the max permitted neutral to earth voltage at a spur. I think it is 1.25v. Please help!
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