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  1. S

    The fun and stress starts again, planning application submited.

    Next project, this time the house as it looooooong overdue, let the ---- taking start, evens its Tel........ ;o)))) 3 bed converting to 5 bed, may or may not do the rear extension depends on costings, shed to be built in a Shu Sugi Ban way with a living roof.
  2. S

    New Toy just for fun.............

  3. C

    Stripping for fun,or bending over

    wondering what’s being taught in college these days,to the apprentices. Cause when they come on site,they certainly aint being taught like us seniors were. Eg stripping of conductors,many use pliers or side cutters,they do not bend conductors over,up to 2.5mm. Conduit skills to be admired from...
  4. S

    The Fun Starts. The Next Build

    Some rough drawings in, meeting scheduled in for next week. Measured drawings have been done a year to two ago before anyone asks. As is,
  5. O

    18th Edition & OSG - higher or lower - a bit of fun!

    So we all have to start parting with our hard earned monies CEF have just emailed me an offer of £94.95 (they say no VAT) Which is the cheapest I've seen so far .......... Anybody seen a lower price (or higher) :):):):) EDIT: The bundle isn't for both IET books the OSG guide is the NICEIC...
  6. telectrix

    just for fun... favorite hand tool

    as title. what is your favorite hand tool that you've had for donkeys. i'll start with my trusted weller soldering iron, bought in 1974 and still going strong. it's on about it's 12th tip, but can out perform any of these modern wimpy irons. same as this one, but 240V. Weller 8200 k 120-Volt...
  7. Wilko

    80A meets 1mm just for fun

    Just for fun this afternoon I wired an old transformer with 3 turns of 10mm on the secondary. This gives about 2.4V when o/c. A foot of 1mm got attached you can see the result of about 10 seconds of operation. I've put it away for today but I am thinking about tormenting some old 6A mcbs...
  8. pirate

    Registration Plates, just for fun...

    Spotted this today in my local M&S car park
  9. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Worst and Best parts of your day to day?

    Alright guys and girls, Just wondering seen as there are a lot of different types of electrical workers on here wanted to know which parts of the job day to day wise you enjoy and which parts could you really do without? Hopefully get some decent ideas from those doing the designs to those...
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