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  1. Lister1987

    Best clamp meter to get started?

    As title, budget of 100 arm. Ideally want something I can use as an earth clamp meter (assuming it's not just a clamp meter with better range.
  2. R

    Question about clamp meters

    Well, I say that because I don't think there is a problem other than perhaps my meter reading. Then again, it might not be a problem at all. So I had an oil heater that was tripping the RCD. Element was leaking so replaced it. Also did a complete check of all switches, terminal blocks and...
  3. B

    Clamp meter and earth leakage tester

    How do you use clamp meter? Do you just clamp the line? Or line and neutral? Also been working with a couple of guys that have earth leakage meters and one clamps the line and neutral and the other clamps the earth? Can someone tell me the correct ways? Thanks
  4. H

    Clamp meter that will measure milli amps

    Afternoon all. I’m looking to invest in a clamp meter but want want that will measure milli amps (nuisance tripping etc). The megger 305 seems the best about; is there any others out there? TIA.
  5. D

    Current Clamp Question

    I have a Megger MFT1741 with current clamp, also a Fluke 117. As the MFT can't record min/max, I'm using the current clamp with the Fluke multimeter, following Megger's instructions and understanding the 1000:1 step down ratio. Just taking some basic readings on known values, the results are...


    I am looking at buying an earth leakage clamp meter AMECaL ST-9810 (£59) or a Megger DCM305E (on offer at £194). The only use will be mainly domestic fault finding. Any opinions will be most welcome.
  7. Bobby34

    Good mid range earth leakage clamp meter

    Could anybody reccommend a good earth leakage clamp meter, specifically one that measures low mA's to find any small earth leakage current that may cause nuisance tripping? Megger is my usual go to but don't want to fork out more than around the £100 mark if I'm able to get something pretty...
  8. Marcus Vaughan

    BS951 Bonding Clamp on the Incoming Supply

    Hi all, Just been to look at a job for a consumer unit changeout, checked the supply and, Not sure you can see it too well but TNS system with older earthing conductor in green kind of sweated onto intake (connection does not feel too good), but disconnected at the other end (goes into that...
  9. GBDamo

    Earth leakage clamp meter

    Anyone got one they recommend. Looking to spend upto £120. Would like micro Amp resolution if possible single digit milli Amp a must. Ta muchly. Edit: only looking at testing appliances and 240V circuits. (did a search but no conclusive answers found)
  10. D

    Fluke 322 Clamp Meter - near mint

    I have a Fluke 322 clamp meter for sale. It was my spare so it's unused and in near-mint condition. Comes with Fluke case and leads. Might have the instructions somewhere. Located west London, can post for a few pounds. Looking for £60, offers accepted for quick sale.
  11. K

    Commercial Anyone know of a multicore clamp meter?

    Evening all I find myself in need of a multicore current meter, much like the old Megger MMC850 (now sadly discontinued) for use at a data centre where I work. Anyone have any ideas at all, I'm stumped! Megger stopped producing the MMC850 some years back (apparently due to lack of sales...
  12. sjhall

    Megger DCM305E earth leakage clamp meter

    As above New in box £165 POSTED £160 collected No offers thanks Located in Formby Mersyside
  13. sparks55

    Domestic Earth Clamp On Oil Feeds

    Just had a customer request to ensure his installation is correctly earth bonded prior to install of Water Meter Now we all know that water is Bonded near to stop cock and gas is before 1st joint on the outlet But where do we bond Oil Feeds as not in BS7671 ??
  14. M

    Earth clamp for TN-S lead sheath supply cable

    Hi Does anyone know where you can purchase the earth clamps that the DNO use on their lead supply cables? I used to have a few but cant find them anymore and Im not sure of the correct name for them. Cheers Martin
  15. joel89

    Isotech Clamp meter with case

    Isotech 3090 clamp meter for sale comes with carry case and capable of measuring currents up to 400a also has continuity & voltage functions. £25 posted in the UK
  16. 123

    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter...Why do I need one?

    I've read various threads on faults and it's been suggested that an Earth Leakage Clamp Meter is an essential bit of kit and some suggesting it is the first go to bit of kit in fault finding. What am I missing out on then? I do numerous call outs, and have yet to be beaten on one. What's it...
  17. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Amprobe AC 50A Earth leakage clamp meter

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, PM any questions. Offers around £90.
  18. Marvo

    Clamp Meter / Voltmeter Recommendations

    I'm looking at purchasing a CATIII clamp meter. I need one that can give accurate current readings on dimmer panel leading and trailing edge outputs. I also need it to be accurate on PWM (DC) dimmer outputs up to around 40KhZ. I'd like the usual continuity/ohms/doide test facility as well with...
  19. Soulcraft Electric

    Recommendation required: Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

    Torn between the Fluke 368 (pricey) and the Megger DCM305E. Anyone have any preference/horror stories? Default is "Yellow" but the price is scary...
  20. T

    TNS earthing & clamp

    Hi all, just looking for a bit of advice with regards to a new earth on a tns system. Should I take my new earth down to the clamp on the incoming cable or just to the met? I’m just wondering if I should be touching the clamp at all as it’s probably property of the dno? Ze is measured at 0.44...
  21. Midwest

    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

    Seems I've fallen foul of this poor quality product; Dilog dl6507 beware! - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/dilog-dl6507-beware.101199/ And I was so cock sure here; Earth Leakage tester - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/earth-leakage-tester.108917/ Mine was the CM...
  22. Loki

    Megger MFT 1721 - black/white clamp setting on dial?

    Hi, Just a quick question. On the Megger MFT 1721 that I have on the left dial their is a black/white clamp setting. Is this for the Iclamp? Can you use this say for earth leakage or just current usage test? Thanks Michael
  23. I

    Name that mounting Clamp

    Hello Group Trying to find out which manufactuers clamps were used on my install in 2014, as one Mid Clamp is broken (found with cam-out on the star torx stainless screw and the aluminuim sheared) so i can replace. The installer is nolonger trading. The installer told me they used Renousol...
  24. A

    Sensitive DC clamp meter

    Hi, I have a budget AC/DC clamp meter but have found it disappointing on low current testing. The lowest range is 40A with four digit display, meaning the lowest reading is 10mA. However the spec for the meter quotes an accuracy of 5% (or something) +/- eight counts, meaning it's claimed...
  25. dnjr

    Earth bond clamp for oil pipe

    Dear All Got a board change to do where there is an incoming oil pipe. Plastic tank with PVC covered copper pipe most of the way. Comes inside and its just copper coming up through the floor. Did an IR test and got 0.00 so it needs bonding ( as I understand it its got to be under 0.02 to not...
  26. Sparky_marky2

    Hidden Earth Bonding Clamp

    Hi all, I visited a site today and the earth bonding clamp for the water intake pipe was hidden behind kitchen unit/work top, the actual bottom of the earth conductor could be seen running under the kitchen unit as it was raised off the ground on legs, I've tested earth continuity so there's a...
  27. haptism

    Where can I buy a pyro earth clamp

    Hi looking at an earlier thread here earthing micc cable - http://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/earthing-micc-cable.90299/ Anyone know where i can buy such a pyro earth clamp? Theres not much room to change the pot, and a standard earth clamp would be too large. Thanks
  28. M

    Earth leakage tester

    Thinking of getting a earth leakage tester , any reviews of any you own would be appreciated (the cheaper the better ) .
  29. D

    No MET at TN-S supply?

    Been asked to carry out a fuseboard change and various other remedial works in a house that is to be rented out. Everything seems pretty straight forward however there is not a main earth terminal to speak of, just 3 earth cables conected to the SWA - see pic. Is this a common occurrence in...
  30. R

    Thermal imaging what do you guys think of this picture

    Hi all, A company had some minor problems with a bussbar fitted, all got renewed and working completely fine but as a precaution they wanted a test on the bars (IR,Zs etc) whilst i was there i used our thermal imaging camera on the joints just to check no loose connections etc and i noticed...
  31. Leesparkykent

    Veto Pro Pac MC for sale

    good condition...Tiny white paint mark that can be seen in pic. Looking for £40 plus postage.
  32. BigSpark

    Earth Leakage Tester

    Hi, im looking for a bit of advice on what kind of earth leakage meter i would need. I will be using it mostly for domestic work to help with any rcd tripping issues. Just seeing so many to choose from varing hugley in price depending on make and sensitivity, just dont want to splash out on...
  33. J

    Alphatek tek837 clamp meter

    I've just got the Alphatek Tek837 clamp meter as it seemed a good price compared to others with the same features, does anyone have any experience with this meter, since i ordered it i've learnt it's been sold under different brand names, Metrel tek837, Alphatek tek837, Di log DL6404 and...
  34. trypod

    For Sale

    All New Unused: Fluke True rms clamp meter 323 £48.50 with postage Fluke Voltage / Continuity Tester T110 £27 with postage Socket & See VIP Pro kit Voltage tester & proving unit kit £ 60 with postage Socket & See VIP Pro kit Voltage tester £17 with postage HT 9012 Current clamp £28...
  35. G

    Hager J803

    It says on the manufacturers website that you can connect 4 cables using the J803. In the lid it says you can put two, 1mm2 wires per hole. Does this mean you can connect up to 8, 1mm2 cables? Also do you have to turn the cable grip around if you are only securing one cable by the grip?
  36. M

    Where to find "square headed" bolts for battery terminals?

    Hi, I am trying to find a place where to buy "square headed" bolts for battery terminals? Like the one on this battery terminal: http://www.pcscables.co.uk/images/1802/main.jpg Obviously, if I buy new terminals I will get these bolts on them. But I would like to buy the bolts only, and...
  37. G

    Fluke T5-600

    I'm on the lookout for one of these, been told there is a few fakes knocking about... How can they be distinguished on the second hand market? Also, what's the best price for a new one? Ta.
  38. O

    L2, L3 N & E IR test showing dead short, so why is the system working

    Hello All, I've been call to a small chapel as the power goes on and off once or twice a week. Cable is a 50mm 4C fed from a 100A 6kA MCCB 50-60m away. 4pole RCD in Chapel. Load on each phase is about 20-35A when the A/C kicks in so MCCB and cable OK for that. IR at 500V Fluke 1653B. Results...
  39. happyhippydad

    Best way to bond metal framed building?

    Evening.. I have been trying to think of the best way to attach a bonding clamp to a steel structure and could do with some opinions please. At present I am thinking of a bolt through one of the steel columns and attach the clamp to this, but I'd rather get the clamp on a smooth surface...
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