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  1. Z

    UK Rccb tripping

    Hello, I have a machine that is only a 3ph motor 4kw with a delta inverter . When i turn off the machine from the plug the rccb (pfim 63/4/003) trips . What is the problem and what can i do about it. Thank you
  2. naylorpd

    3 phase RCCB tripped, won't reset

    Hi, in my garage I have a 3 phase RCCB that has tripped and I just can't get it to reset, even with all the downstream MCBs switched off. Bit of a nuisance really as mother in law has no power to her flat above the garage and the garage door and front gate don't work. I tried uploading photo...
  3. Y

    How do you choose the Rccb Rated Current

    Hi everyone, How do you choose Rccb Rated Current at the your country? Do you have an official document about it? What do you reference for nominal current coordination with mcb before it? How to calculate the rcd rated current and mcb rated current coordination, is there a document about...
  4. L

    Identifying an RCBO from an RCCB (or RCD)

    Hi, would like your professional opinion how to identify an rcbo from an rccd just by looking at it. For example, I have attached two photos, one the ABB (40A 30mA) is an RCCB and the other ABB (10A 30mA) is an RCBO. Supposedly they are both 40A 30mA, how can you tell which is the RCD from RCBO...
  5. M

    RCCB selection for 3 x Solarlake 17000TL inverters in horticultural location

    Hi There Trying to rectify a solar installation also containing a double socket in a horticultural location. Current setup does not have any RCD protection. Solar setup: 3 phase TNC-S supply - 3 x Solarlake 17000TL inverters - 50kW installation The problem I am having is selecting the...
  6. N

    Tripping mcb and rccb

    Hi guys. Just want some advice or thoughts from the pro's. So I'm an engineer who works on espresso machines. Going back a few months ago now I got called out to a machine tripping the power, in my line of work this generally means one loop on the heating element has shorted to ground or one...
  7. N

    Siemens RCCB trips even while inductive motor is off

    Good day everyone This is my first thread here, and I'm writing because I have a problem which I'm not sure how to solve. Since its company money, I just want to make sure that the conclusion to the problem is correct. We have an autoclave that works at 121 celsius to sterilize with steam. Its...
  8. J

    Induction Hob & RCCB

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this please. Wylex split load consumer unit with one rccb, new circuit installed for induction hob on non rccb side with 32 amp rcbo. When the hob is switched on the rccb trips, not the rcbo. The circuit has been tested out and is fine and the neutral for the...
  9. The Mains Man

    RCCB making the Zs higher than it should be

    after finding an unexpectedly high Zs on a shower, I narrowed it down to: Zs at input of RCD (RCCB) is around 0.18 as would be expected but the Zs at the output of the RCD is 0.96! Both tests done with 3 lead low test on Megger MFT with 3 month calibration. It is a split load board and both...
  10. Colin McLachlan

    Domestic New single light circuit tripping RCCB on socket circuit.

    I'm not an electrician, but have been successfully doing DIY electrical work for 50 years, including complete house rewiring before the days of RCCBs. I've just moved to a house built in 2000, and one cupboard (ironically the one with the consumer unit in it) does not have a light. I installed...
  11. Marcus Vaughan

    Crabtree RCCB not tripping -help!

    Hi all. So the Crabtree old style in my hand failed the I delta n test (times 1). But passed the 5 times test. So I have replaced it with the one in the board. Supposedly reconditioned - and that’s failing both tests but mechanical works. I am wondering if I am missing something here with my...
  12. M

    Crabtree rccb 80a 30ma old type

    wanted, anyone got one please?
  13. M

    Siemens RCCB 5 SM1312 25A 30mA

    I have a Siemens RCCB 5 SM1312 25A 30mA and my Fan Assisted Cooker/Grill keeps triggering it. When I first switch on it is fine then after a minute or two the RCCB is triggered and cuts the power. Someone has told me to increase the relevant breaker from 25A to 32A. Could this be a solution...
  14. D

    Cooker install - RCCB tripping

    Morning all, I'm Having an issue with a cooker install and wonder if anyone can help. Every time the cooker is switched on there is a RCCB trip (Rated at 80a 30Ma). The circuit will take a supply but no load of any kind. I connected a DeWalt charger to the socket on the cooker plate (only...
  15. L

    For sale: Crabtree rccb 80A 30mA

    Lots available... Make sensible offer. Post or collection available. Also have loads of RCDs.
  16. C

    Crabtree RCCB and ZS testing

    Hello All, After a bit of help regards ZS testing on a Crabtree Starbreaker board. Have replaced 2 lengths of dado trunking in our office block at work and the measured ZS is coming out much higher than the calculated value. Section 1 - calculated 0.5 ohms, measured 1.92 ohms. Section 2 -...
  17. Electron

    Does Wylex RCCB meet Regulations?

    A customer wants a house refurbished. Attached is a photo of the existing Consumer Unit. three circuits are protected by an RCCB (an old type of RCD) and two aren't. I have recommended a new Consumer Unit with full RCD protection. Is there any way the existing can be made to conform?
  18. F

    Help with RCCB please

    Hello everyone, New here I’m not an electrician but I have an interest, RCCB was tripping at least 3 times a day I couldn't find a fault so I replaced and it seemed to have solved the issues, but 3 days later the RCCB on the other side has tripped, dos anyone have any ideas please? I'm so...
  19. O

    Old Crabtree RCCB replacement?

    Hi, does anyone know off hand if any of the newer Crabtree RCDs will fit this board? Need to replace it & can only find the 100ma ones. Thanks
  20. S

    RCCB tripping when under load problems

    Hello I am new to the forum and was hoping I could pick your collective brains. I am an electrician with 7 years experiance. I have mainly worked for the MOD and on commercial and industrial builds throughout my time. I now do the odd bit of domestic work and need some help on a kitchen ring...
  21. A

    RCCB 100a type s on a TN-S

    i come across this today and it does not sit well with me. so im after a little advice. its a TN-S system Ze 0.12 and Zsdb 0.16 there a type S 100A rccb as a main switch with no RCD's up stream, This does not sound right to me and all the MCB's are C type. all my I.R were greater than 2k except...
  22. M

    Introduction (belated)

    Hello, Just a little about myself. I am currently in the Information Technology Field with a focus on the rapidly developing Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. Personal electrical experience in the UK, the US & Canada. Continuously intrigued by the history of how differing electrical standards...
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