1. Ruairi Hansen

    Max zs readings for TT

    Hi just wondering what people are noting as there max permitted zs reading on test results sheet for TT systems? 200ohms or 1667ohms?
  2. H

    Dead short readings on TNS

    Evening all A few weeks ago we were doing an Eicr and were getting dead shorts on every circuit between neutral and earth. In the end it was believed that the fault might actually stem from the incoming earth. I understand you will get a short if it was tncs but not usually tns. However the...
  3. B

    3 phase test readings help

    Hi have wierd dilemma, looks to be 3 phase - 4 wire system so testing am getting this L1-L2 Nothing L2-L3 450v L1-L3 450v L1-N 230v L2-N 230v L3-N 230v Why no L1-L2?
  4. B

    High TNS readingssssss

    TNS system 60947-2 main switch 60898 double pole 63amp MCBs that feed some caravan boxes now some circuits I can get below the disconnection times of 0.56 ohms but some are 1.22 ohms now I’ve tried changing glands anything else I can do apart from TT the hook up unit? Or do you need upfront RCD...
  5. B

    Caravan site readings on TT system

    Hi, have a distribution unit which feeds some caravan boxes TT system, it has upfront 300mA RCD and double pole 60898, now I’ve been sent to re gland as the disconnect times wasn’t met, but I’m getting readings of 0.30 ohms when max is either TT 167 ohms or if you go by MCB then 0.59? But the...
  6. happyhippydad

    Increasing Zs readings on a ring as I progress through the house.

    I have just fitted a new consumer unit into a house which previously just had a fuse box BS3036 with no RCD protection. Whilst doing the testing the Zs readings were not as expected. They are around 1Ω throughout the house but at one socket they are 3.7Ω. The customer states this was the socket...
  7. B

    Meter readings helppp

    Got various types of meters, some that show available balance like KWH available and some that show £££ available, it’s 0.11p for 1 KWH How would I go about converting the KWH to ££ And ££ to KWH So I have a figure for both Thanks
  8. gazdkw82

    Strange voltage readings - broken earth

    Was fixing a broken twin florescent fitting today and came across something I couldn't work out. First thing I did was measure the incoming voltage. At the fitting I measured L-E =190, N-E = 90v. Scratched my head for a minute until I realized the Earth's coming in from the numerous (4) twin...
  9. P

    Varying continuity readings

    Hi all, I am using a Fluke 1662 with fused test leads. I find when doing continuity tests such as R1+R2, as the test button is being held the result fluctuates dramatically. Both increasing and decreasing. Seems to happen on insulation resistance as well however not so much. I also find after...
  10. P

    Strange readings on ze and zs

    Studio flat recently re-wired. Ryfields board with main earth coming in and connects to side of ryfields (sealed unit). Flat’s own head outside has main isolator, from there 25mm tails to inside and then in main switch on DB. With 16mm earth feeding board. Ze at main switch on DB with main...
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    fluctuating readings on a tt rod

    Been at a rural cottage today doing a pre install survey for a EV charger, House is 400 and something years old and situated on a hill with lots of rocky ground, mainly limestone based rocks. Owner tells me the rod is in his own words ' two joined together to make a long one' as he helped bang...
  12. F

    high zs readings on site cabin

    carried out dead testing on new site accommodation,all dead tests were fine however, when I conducted live testing I got high zs redings on lighting circuit 22 ohms, fused spur for heater 21 ohms so I thought maybe its a tt system but when I tested sockets I got a reading of 0.69 ohms ze at...
  13. Jonathan Wilcox

    Measuring component readings

    I'm fixing a turntable and want to know how to test individual components on a circuit board. Can anyone advise me on what are the most important parts to test and how? I have watched a few videos and have figured I need my multimeter on diode mode, wires on pos/neg and reading should be...
  14. N

    Insulation resistance - strange readings

    Im getting some strange reading on a new circuit(ring main) ive installed and i was wondering if anyone else had experienced the following. insulation resistance at 500v on L-N is >500mQ (which is fine) then insulation resistance between N-E starts at 400 then climbs to 500mQ then insulation...
  15. P

    Socket voltage readings

    Hi all, Never seen this before. I am getting a red LED appearing on my socket tester without the socket being switched on, and then a 'No earth' from one socket tester but 'Live Neutral reverse' from another socket tester. I am also getting the following voltages at one of the sockets: Line to...
  16. B

    Multimeter false readings

    Friend had a multimeter, not a very dear one just £30, was testing an outside light and said he tested the whole light inside belled everything out and tested the ballast which has built in ignitor and came to use his multimeter and it’s coming up with weird readings could this be why?
  17. B

    High ze readings. Even higher zs?

    testing a TNS installation today, found a high incoming ze of 1.14ohms, in my head putbthis down to incoming earth issue as all terminations tight, but when I test any subsequent circuit I’m getting much greater zs readings approx 4.0 ohms. I was expecting high earth loops as my incomer was high...
  18. C

    problems with test results

    Hello, Im confused as to why I'm getting a high zs value at the socket but all r1 rn r2 ze is 0.5 but zs is .98 The other problem is a had a rcd won't trip but for some reason when something is plugged in it trips the other rcd. All circuits bell out and test fine so could it be the rcd...
  19. G

    Bizarre Wiring And Readings Through Upstairs Windows

    Hi I don't know if anyone can help, but I'm very grateful to anyone who can provide input. I won't go into the full story, but my windows upstairs appear to have an electrical current running through them. It's only the windows upstairs. They also set off a radio frequency detector. Even if...
  20. L

    Head scratcher!! Strange Zs readings

    Evening all, bit of advice needed please. First time posting in this section because I don't really seem to come up against things that baffle me like this. The job is an EICR on a production plant. Main supply to the plant doesn't have a neutral so someone has installed a 3 phase to the phase...
  21. SparkyChick

    Interesting IR Readings - Any ideas?

    Hi all, Well, this one is interesting and I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this. Just added a PIR to a lighting circuit, very simple, disconnect the lamp and move the feed cables to feed a PIR and then onto the lamp itself. Nice straightforward. Doing my testing for the minor...
  22. D

    high Zs readings

    Did an EICR in a domestic property, earthing arrangement was a TN-S with a Ze of 0.51 ohms. There are 2 ring final circuits protected by 32amp 60898 type B mcbs. Both circuits have additional protection from a 30mA RCD. My Zs readings for the circuits are 1.63 ohms and 1.89 ohms. My question...
  23. telectrix

    code query

    just done a EICR. good installation, approx. 10 years old. 16th ed.split board, lighting circuits non-RCD, on TT earthing. my query is this: the Zs readings are high, due to the high Ze, insofar as , e.g. lighting circuits on 6A MCB each have a Zs higher than the max. permissible . should I...
  24. J

    Insulation resistance testing Lighting circuit

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for advise on how to test IR on commercial lighting. There's so many lights on 1 circuit , do I have to take out all the lamps in all the lights to perform the test or can I simply test between LN -E ? Even though I have spent lots of time testing domestic installs and...
  25. PhilCumbria

    Domestic Off peak and standard

    Hi I have just changed both an off-peak CU and a normal CU. I have tested both. Can i put them both on the same cert or do they need to be on two different EIC's ??
  26. R

    what to suggest when no circuits have rcd protection

    I carried out an eicr and no circuits have RCD protection. There are 3 dbs all have federal elec type 3 mcbs in. Would you recommend changing each db and rcd only the sockets or rcbo everything as its all T&E less than 50mm. One db is lighting and power the other is convector heaters and hand...
  27. M

    IR testing result

    Hi all, I have come across an issue that i know others would have..... I done an Insulation resistance test on a lighting circuit with no selv or pelv just regular pendants circuit. Now the customer informed me they had a leak from a bathroom a few months ago and when i tested this particular...
  28. R

    Domestic Ze

    hi all, I posted about this recently and didn't manage to get back online till now. I've got a Fluke 1653b multi function meter. In the last few weeks it has stopped recording Ze and Zdb readings ( readings on L-E setting) are 0.00 and on L-N reading are0.00 and PFC is 10kA ( this only happens...
  29. P

    Zs Testing Tt

    Hi Guys Job - semi detached with a TT earthing arrangement. I used the Z loop function on my MFT to check the earth at the DB. Reading 164 ohms - ok. Same reading with earth reconnected. However if I do the same test with the Zs RCD function, I get 204 ohms. Why? Do I have a MFT fault? I need...
  30. leep82

    DB change/EICR

    Hi all, yesterday i went to a property to do an EICR in preparation for a DB change next weekend. The existing DB has six circuits, cooker, 2 x rings and 3 x lighting circuits. Bonding to gas and water is in place and adequately sized so providing everything tested out ok a relatively straight...
  31. P

    Megger MFT1730 2016

    I am thinking about buying the Megger MFT1730, I have read bad reviews (before 2014) on the no trip test and z readings being off. Does anyone know what the 1730 is like now in 2016? is it worth buying? has there been any software upgrades to fix the issues? any info is appreciated
  32. H

    WANTED: Meter Calibration NE

    Best place to get meter calibrated NE (Durham/Newcastle) - any thoughts? It's Metrel if that makes any difference.
  33. J

    Low Insulation resistance readings when connecting final socket on ring?

    Hello All wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem i have with my IR readings. I recently rewired a house.. took care pulling cables in etc . finished 1st fix, checked cables by looping ring main in connector blocks and doing continuity and IR test . continuity was ok, IR read...
  34. gazdkw82

    Socket tester adapter thingy

    I thought having one of those socket adaptors that allows you to push your testing leads directly in. What's the general consensus? Do they conflict with testing resulting think the one Iv looked at is made by kewtech
  35. P

    TT Zs Readings and Tripping RCD?

    Afternoon. Did a PIR on a TT installation yesterday with some confusing results. Ze/RA was recorded as 116Ohms so as expected thereabouts. When Zs was tested it was found to be just 1.01 Ohms and 0.97 Ohms at a several points with just a few reading high as expected. As Zs = Ze+(R1+R2), it...
  36. rustynails

    Continuity Testing reliability

    Friday I was getting continuity readings from my tester which start with a reasonable figure then drop off the scale to 0.00. This tended to occur more on the existing circuits rather than on new circuits. can someone shed any light on this?
  37. F

    ring testing

    whlist testing a ring final socket circuit r1, rn and r2 end to9 end had all the same readings found a spur taken from the ring for an electric towel radiator remove the cpc from towel radiator and end to end test were spot on reconnect towel radiater and r2 end to end was reduced to virtulally...
  38. S

    Checking loop tester readings from a sample socket.

    After calibration of my loop tester,I am considering using a socket in the house for future calibration checks and to connect various low resistances in series with earth via a rotary switch to give a range of readings,and if so what value of resistors?Thanks for any advice...
  39. D

    suppliers fault

    hi, Popped round in laws house last night as they were having power loss issues. As I pulled up noticed the utility guys on their road hard at work sorting it out. So out of curiosity I thought I'd check the voltage readings as they had power but you could tell the voltage was low. I was...
  40. 5

    megger 12552

    someone to probably point out the obvious please. its a few years old and was last calibrated 2013. I have purchased the elecsa test card to avoid paying another £100.00 to calibrate, but i fear its now buggered. testing on the low ohms range, seems to be all over the place. join the leads...
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