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  1. Michaelp

    A good way to lower the grid voltage for economy purposes

    I have seen few cases where the owner of a factory uses transformer after the grid to lower the voltage, from 240 to 220v as a way to lower the consumption and at the end to save money. I was wondering if an inverter will do much better the job instead of a simple transformer as you can keep or...
  2. S

    12500 new electricians required. Does this mean even lower wages

    Over 12,500 electricians needed for new technology skills demand - The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership - This is what an industry training organisations TESP is saying, bit of course they...
  3. I

    Domestic Voltage lower than nominal

    Hi All, I've been called to fit & connect led strip lights in the living room. Full rewiring has been completed recently and two switched T&E cables were left in the ceiling cavity to wire led strip lights Client told me that electrician who did full rewiring in this house supposed to do led...
  4. R

    Lower the voltage of a three phase 220v delta wiring system with auto transformers

    Hi all, I have a three phase 220v delta wiring system but the real voltage is about 240-245V by measuring between the pairs RS, RT, TS. I want to lower it to about 220V so I was thinking to use three auto-transformers 240-220V wired like this: I expect to find 220V between the transformer...
  5. A

    12v car battery. How to lower amperage output for a device?

    How do I lower the amperage output best for a device that will suck my car battery dry without loosing too much energy? There are several methods but I would like to know a way to say get around 1 ampere max out to my device the most energy efficient way. Not loosing too much to heat. The...
  6. O

    18th Edition & OSG - higher or lower - a bit of fun!

    So we all have to start parting with our hard earned monies CEF have just emailed me an offer of £94.95 (they say no VAT) Which is the cheapest I've seen so far .......... Anybody seen a lower price (or higher) :):):):) EDIT: The bundle isn't for both IET books the OSG guide is the NICEIC...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Lower Ze reading than expected

    On a job today and when testing got a Ze of 0.03 ohms on a tncs. Using a Kewtech 64DL. Installation has main fuse in hallway outside the 2 bedflat then a switched fuse feeding a submain cable to the actual CU. I did Ze at both immediately before switched fuse and in CU with earth disconnected...
  8. S

    buzzing led problem , thinking of using lower watt bulbs

    i put in a ring of 12 leds in a room (too many in reality) put in a good dimmer meant to be able take load but lights causing horrible buzz i am currently using 5w bulbs if i replace the bulbs for 3w should that reduce the load and stop the buzzing, trying this before having to take lights...
  9. P


    So what spotlights is everyone installing?
  10. L

    Zs of circuit higher than maximum values allowed?

    Hi there, I have a ring circuit where the Zs reading taken is higher than maximum allowed values. the circuit is protected by a 32a RCBO type C device, Zs = 1.43. I have currently have tightened terminations which has brought it to its current value. as i have been out of the game for a while...
  11. J

    d type breakers needing a low zs

    im a 1st year apprentice thats why im asking this question, from what ive gathered the higher the current it takes to trip as in 10 times the rated current etc... for that you need a lower zs than if it was a b type why is that? my thoughts on it is that becuase you have a higher current so...
  12. G

    Recycle Asymmectrical Time Switch

    I'm working on a job where I need to make a pump switch ON for 15 seconds then OFF for 45 seconds then repeat ON for 15 seconds and OFF for 45 seconds etc...At the moment the pump is switched on by a contactor that is permanently energised while ever the plant is operational. Can anyone...
  13. R

    Domestic Distribution board height when replacing original ?

    Replacing a dis board at a house its 6ft up inside a cupboard . What height does this have to be for the new board ? Do i have to lower it for part M ? I`m using this for one of my assessment jobs so i want it to be right All answers appreciated ( even the smug ones )
  14. F

    Fault current

    Can someone explain why fault current is higher when your zs is lower trying to write down reason but struggling on what to put
  15. G

    TT network

    Have recently been on an industrial job where a 3 phase 200A supply is distributed as a TT network between DB's in 1 large building and subbed out to others via 5 core cables, ie The cpc is continuous throughout.There are stakes at the origin and at all db's outside the eq zone.There is an S...
  16. N

    r1 r2 through conduit

    Hi guys, as the title suggest how do u test the R1 R2 value or R2 continuity if the sockets are earthed via the metal conduit? Thanks guys
  17. Amp David

    Voltage Optimiastion units

    Hello All anyone out there got into this home voltage optimisation ? with any regular business It all seems very good - quite expensive - very hard to sell, or am i missing something I have fitted a few by request (not fitting vpahse unless paid lots of money) Voltis home is a nice easy one.
  18. S

    Multi-installation FiT Rate

    The Phase 2A consultantion is not clear on the multi rate, i.e. above 25 installations. Does anyone know whether you would receive the higher rate for installations 1 to 25 (i.e. those registered first) and then the reduced rate for those instalations 26 onwards OR the lower rate for all of...
  19. S

    Uses of solar energy

    Solar energy, glowing, heat & light, room the sun has been connected by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar energy technologies can support solar heating, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal electricity and solar architecture, which can make large...
  20. SolarCity

    Renusol Intersole on plain clay tiled roof

    Has anyone installed a Renusol Intersole system on a plain clay tiled roof? I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be ok, but it's just that every example I've ever seen of it shows it installed on thicker pan tiles. Presumably it would be ok but would sit a little higher than normal?
  21. I

    interconections/bridges on ring circuits

    hi after a little advice re testing to find an interconnection or bridge on a ring circuit, Now a bridge is really a series of spurs that has eventually been reconnected to the ring.the resistance readings at these points (sockets) would be higher than at other points in the ring would this be...
  22. S

    Thin-film panels, anyone using them?

    Before crystalline panels had started dropping in price there used to be a lot of interest in thin-film... Usually lower efficiency (which doesn't actually matter if you have space) but also lower price than crystalline... Just curious whether any of you use thin-film panels and whether you...
  23. G

    Wake Fronius IG TL Inverter to check software version?

    Has anybody updated the firmware on a Fronius IG TL inverter via USB? I've read a Fronius PDF guide that states if the software version of the 'Display Software' is lower than SW V1.1.1.0 and the software version of the 'Power Stage Software' is lower than SW V1.1.0.0 then an update is...
  24. S

    Fault finding issue help please

    I have installed two strings of eight panels on a single story building. The top row of eight seem to be performing well. But the bottom string performs only about half to two thirds of the top. Midday results yesterday which was sunny ....... String 1 240v and 1113w String 2 261v and 493w...
  25. S

    Petrol generator frequency

    I'm considering buying a used petrol generator but there seems to be some confusion as to what the output frequency is, 50 or 60 Hz. Is there any way of finding out the output frequency of a generator? If it did turn out to be 60 Hz, could it be changed to 50 Hz, and if so, what needs to be...
  26. E

    Leakage Voltage

    Guys I was tracing a fault out in the garden of a client today and came across a set of driveway drive over lights, This isn't the LED type but a replacable GU10 lamp. I noticed that one of the Stainless covers was loose and found that it had come adrift from the fitting letting moisture onto...
  27. D

    Minimum start voltage & operating voltage

    My latest customer asked me a goodun: He noticed from the SMA SB2500HF installation manual that its "startup voltage (adjustable)" was 220V but the "minimum voltage" was 175V. His question was why not make the startup voltage as low as possible so the inverter kicks in earlier.. I promised...
  28. sythai

    Bit of help please.....TT - PIR

    Hi Chaps... Just a few questions need a bit of help on please, just completed PIR on TT system this morning: 1/ BS3871 mcbs? Code 4 ? 2/ Readings on ring : r1=0.57 rn=0.57 r2=0.20 ? Any idea what may have happened here, somebody done a bit of an alteration maybe ? Code 2 ? 3/ Zs lower then...
  29. P

    Jb's behind kitchen wall cuboards

    Given job to lower sockets in kitchen to allow for new wall units. The cables won't reach the lower postion and lifting up the floor boards above to pull back and jb isn't included in the price.If I were to put the jb behind the wallcuboard would that classed as accessable? Really cant see any...
  30. La Poste

    TT Earth and Neutral voltage.

    Just out of interest if a TT system is installed with a decent earth rod what sort of voltages exist between the Neutral in respect to real earth potential of 0 Volts? What's the average Neutral to Earth voltage, does it fluctuate from time to time? Does it get dangerous??? Thanks.
  31. S

    Zs live Testing - does everyone do it?

    Zs live Testing - does everyone do it? Or do you use a calculated Zs instead
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